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On Canonical, Red Hat, and their communities

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Ubuntu It just so happens that several of TLLTS regulars had attended the Southeast Linuxfest the weekend prior and one of the conversations that Dann encountered there was about Canonical and Ubuntu.

Review—Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal

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Ubuntu The latest and greatest version of Ubuntu, 11.04 Natty Narwhal, was released on 28th April 2011. Ubuntu is now the most popular desktop operating system, and with this release, Canonical has made some major changes—both up front, and under the hood. Read on to learn more.

2 Reasons Why Google Should Buy Ubuntu

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Ubuntu In its apocalyptic battle with both Microsoft and Apple, there is one thing that both companies have that Google does not: a desktop OS.

Ubuntu To Support Hybrid CD / USB Images

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  • Ubuntu To Support Hybrid CD / USB Images
  • Ubuntu...why are you so newsworthy this week....
  • Ubuntu 11.10 Development Update
  • 30 Days Ubuntu: Day 15: Ubuntu One
  • Interview with Alan Bell
  • Ubuntu Gets Some Love
  • New requirements for Ubuntu Certification

Why Gnome, Ubuntu and the like don't understand "usability"

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Ubuntu Lately there has been some uproar about the 'dumbing down of interfaces'..KDE4 didn't offer the settings 3 did, Gnome dumbs everything down, and maybe Apple did the same the last decade. I couldn't tell because I never touch anything Apple, and the only time I did the software crashed and all this dumbing down for the sake of usability!

Ubuntu Software Centre 5.0 designs hint at greatness to come…

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Ubuntu The Canonical design team are currently hard at work designing, testing, evaluating new layouts for the Ubuntu Software Centre version 5.0.

30 Days w/ Ubuntu: Day 14: I'm an Ubuntu Unity Convert

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Ubuntu After poking around the Unity interface a bit, I had switched back to the Ubuntu Classic desktop at the urging of some reader comments. But, today I decided to take a close look at Unity, and what unique features and functions it brings to the mix.

Bacon: Standard Ubuntu Gaming Platform: Sink Or Swim?

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Ubuntu I was traveling into San Francisco the other day, and I had an idea I wanted to share. This is very much just an idea, and given I don’t have the time to work on it, I just wanted to share it so if someone else wants to run with it, they can.

10 ways in which Ubuntu can improve Unity

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  • 10 ways in which Ubuntu can improve Unity
  • Chrome may replace Firefox in Ubuntu
  • Ubuntu will ship with Firefox until at least 12.04

An introduction to Ubuntu 11.04

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  • An introduction to Ubuntu 11.04
  • 30 Days Ubuntu: Day 13: Playing Tunes in Banshee
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