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Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin - Five years of excellence

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Ubuntu I am officially kicking off the start of the spring hunting season with a long review of Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin. 'Tis a silly name, but it's a five-year Long Term Support (LTS) release.

7 Reasons to Like and Dislike Ubuntu Unity

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Ubuntu In its latest release, Unity is neither as hopeless as its detractors insist nor as extraordinary as its supporters claim.

Kubuntu 12.04 Updates Offer Stability

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  • Kubuntu 12.04 Updates Offer Stability, Performance Increases
  • Ubuntu Linux 12.04: Microsoft's Worst Nightmare?
  • Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 263
  • What's Coming Next for Ubuntu Linux?
  • Upgrading to Precise
  • Getting involved in Ubuntu by programming IS EASY!
  • Ubuntu 12.04 vs. Windows 7: Intel Sandy/Ivy Bridge Loses On Linux
  • How to Enable Hibernate in Ubuntu 12.04

The Perfect Desktop - Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin)

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This tutorial shows how you can set up an Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) desktop that is a full-fledged replacement for a Windows desktop, i.e. that has all the software that people need to do the things they do on their Windows desktops. The advantages are clear: you get a secure system without DRM restrictions that works even on old hardware, and the best thing is: all software comes free of charge.

Xubuntu 12.04: don't fix what is not broken

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Ubuntu Canonical’s flagship is Ubuntu. The recent version of Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin was released on the 26th of April 2012. But Ubuntu 12.04 is not the only operating system from Canonical.

Also: Blue Systems: ‘No Plans’ to Change Kubuntu

Shuttleworth: We felt Blocked By Red Hat

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Ubuntu Ubuntu founder Mark shuttleworth has again taken a jab at Red Hat, the world's most successful open source company. In a recent IRC when he was asked about the relationship between Ubuntu and Gnome teams Mark Shuttleworth replied, "We felt blocked by Red Hat on specific parts they control."

Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin review

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Ubuntu Linux may only run on a tiny sliver of consumer PCs, but the number is growing and one of the biggest players propelling its popularity is Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Reveals Its Yearly Spring Awakening

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  • Ubuntu Linux Reveals Its Yearly Spring Awakening
  • How to Install & Use GNOME Shell on Ubuntu
  • Ubuntu 12.04 review
  • Press Reaction to Ubuntu 12.04
  • Ubuntu 12.10 Open For Development With GCC 4.7

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS - Scorecard

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Ubuntu Well, you can't swing a dead cat without hitting an Ubuntu 12.04 review, with pictures, videos, step-by-step instructions and everything else imaginable. So rather than write yet another, I am going to take a different approach -

Try 'Precise Tweak' to Customize Ubuntu Linux 12.04

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Ubuntu Customizability has always been one of Linux's best defining features, and the newly released Ubuntu Linux 12.04 “Precise Pangolin” is no exception.

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