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Ubuntu 12.10 review: finally growing up

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Ubuntu After reviewing the last version of Ubuntu 12 a few months ago I wasn’t too impressed with the OS in general. Ubuntu kept loyal to its obscure following by not dipping its toes into the real reason Windows and OSX are popular. And I’m happy.

Ubuntu 12.10: More to Um Bongo Linux than Amazon ads

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Ubuntu A second beta of Ubuntu 12.10 has arrived and its biggest feature has proved its most controversial: the integration of search results on your desktop.

Ubuntu ‘Won’t Fix’ NSFW Content

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  • Ubuntu ‘Won’t Fix’ NSFW Content in Amazon Unity Results
  • Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 285
  • Lost Ubuntu Password Recovery
  • Fallout from Ubuntu's New Shopping Lens

Ubuntu has a bigger problem than its Amazon blunder

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Ubuntu Sending search queries to Amazon by default is bad enough, but backing it up with haughty statements is worse

Ubuntu 12.10 Beta 2 Screenshots

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  • Ubuntu 12.10 Beta 2 Screenshots
  • Unity 6.6: Still Regressing On Performance?

7 Things About Gnome 3.6 That You Will Love

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  • 7 Things About Gnome 3.6 That You Will Love
  • Getting Gnome 3.6 Live Image!
  • What users like
  • Ubuntu Gnome Remix beta is out
  • Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) Beta 2 Released
  • Meet The Ubuntu Women

Ubuntu 12.10 Beta 2: Preview

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  • Ubuntu 12.10 Beta 2: Preview
  • Canonical adds a 'kill switch' for Ubuntu's Amazon search
  • Full Circle Magazine Issue 65

I Feared Uncertain Doubt

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  • I Feared Uncertain Doubt
  • Desktop Dis-Unity: Ubuntu Adds Web-Search to the Desktop
  • Ubuntu Sound Not Working Troubleshooting Tips
  • Ubuntu Studio: A Distro for Recording
  • 5 Best Free Apps For Ubuntu 12.04 – Part 1
  • 12.04 Music Player Review – CPU Usage
  • Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 284
  • Useful Ubuntu One Tips and Tricks
  • How I Saved a Mac Using Ubuntu
  • Ubuntu Made Easy Shortens the Learning Curve
  • Pre-release Ubuntu 12.10 has partial support for manual LVM and disk encryption

Canonical loses Ubuntu marketing exec to Mozilla Firefox OS project

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Ubuntu The marketing manager from Canonical's OEM department is set to join Mozilla's team from next week, where it is widely expected that he will be working on the organisation's Firefox OS project.

Ubuntu: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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  • Ubuntu 12.10: What to Expect
  • Ubuntu: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
  • Ubuntu 12.04, Amahi, and Not Detecting Disks
  • Ubuntu: Re-Doing the Possible
  • Ubuntu 13.04 Release Schedule
  • Jono Bacon: On The Recent Dash Improvements
  • All your base are belong to Canonical
  • Ubuntu on Air!: Beta
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The bigger you are, the more small efficiencies add up. Manivannan Selvaraj's talk from LinuxCon North America gives us a detailed inside view of how PayPal cut operating costs by a factor of ten, while greatly increasing performance and user convenience. Everything has to be fast now. We can't have downtimes. No going offline for maintenance, no requesting resources with a days-long ticketing process. Once upon a time virtual machines were the new miracle technology that enabled more efficient resource use. But that was then. Selvaraj describes how PayPal's VMs were operating at low efficiency. They started with a single giant customized Jenkins instance running over 40,000 jobs. It was a single point of failure, not scalable, and inflexible. Read more

Turn Raspberry Pi 3 Into a Powerful Media Player With RasPlex

I have hundreds of movies, TV shows and music that I have bought over the years. They all reside on my Plex Media Server. Just like books, I tend to buy these works and watch them once in awhile, instead of relying on "streaming" services like Netflix where content isn’t always available forever. If you already have Plex Media Server running, then you can build an inexpensive Plex Media Player using Raspberry Pi 3 and RasPlex. Plex Media Server is based on open source Kodi (formerly XBMC), but is not fully open source. Plex Media Center has a friendly interface and it’s very easy to set up a media center (See our previous tutorial on how to install it on a Raspberry Pi 3 or on another dedicated Linux machine). Read more

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GTK Graphics

  • GTK Lands A Big Refactoring Of OpenGL Code
    In addition to Red Hat's Benjamin Otte working on a Vulkan renderer for GTK4's GSK, he's also been working on a big refactoring of the OpenGL code that's now been merged to master. OpenGL is very important for GTK4 as it will play a big role in rendering with GSK. With this "large GL refactoring", a big clean-up was done of the OpenGL GDK code, affecting the X11, Win32, Wayland, and Mir code too. Some of the specific work includes no longer using buffer-age information, passing the actual OpenGL context, and simplifying the code. More details via this Git commit.
  • A Vulkan Renderer For GNOME's GTK+ GSK Is In Development
    A Vulkan back-end is in development for GNOME's GTK's tool-kit new GTK Scene Kit (GSK) code. Benjamin Otte has begun experimenting with a Vulkan back-end for GTK's GSK code with GTK Scene Kit being one of the big additions in development for the major GTK+ 4.0 milestone. GSK implements a scene graph to allow for more complex graphical control of widgets and other improvements to its graphics pipeline. GSK was merged back in October and currently uses OpenGL for rendering while there is now a branched Vulkan renderer.