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New features in ubuntu 11.10

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Ubuntu This is the list of new features in ubuntu 11.10, such as Improved handling of 32-bit compatibility and Interface updates.

Ubuntu 11.10 Beta Released, Reviewed

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  • Ubuntu 11.10 Beta Released, Reviewed
  • Ubuntu 11.10 Development update
  • Unity Contributor Report for Beta 1
  • Canonical Targets Embedded Devices with Its Ubuntu Core
  • Jono Bacon interview (video)
  • Ubuntu 11.10 Beta Has No Power Regression Fix

Mea maxima culpa

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larrythefreesoftwareguy.wordpress: My friend Amber Graner, an editor at Ubuntu User magazine, took Jim Zemlin out to the woodshed over the topic of yesterday’s blog item, saying yesterday in a Google+ post to me:

Unity? Thanks, but no

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  • Unity? Thanks, but no
  • Bisigi Themes Add Ubuntu 11.04 Support
  • How do I benefit from Ubuntu Pre-Install?

Don’t Hate the Playa…Hate the Game!

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undacuvabrutha.wordpress: So I was reading a recent article in NetworkWorld where once again, the “Canonical doesn’t give back” bullshit is raised. The author seems to take a couple “jabs” by bringing up Greg K-H’s infamous plumbers rant talk, the fact that Microsoft is in the top 10 of kernel contributors (and Canonical isn’t even top 30).

Quick Look: Ubuntu 11.10 Beta

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  • Quick Look: Ubuntu 11.10 Beta
  • Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 230
  • 44 Community Wallpapers Shortlisted for Ubuntu 11.10
  • Series: Introduction to Ubuntu Development – Part 1
  • 10 Reasons Why I’m Done With Windows
  • Picturing the end of the road for another cycle
  • The Graphics Stack, Requirements For Ubuntu 11.10

New Distribution: Dream Studio Introduced

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Ubuntu Lost in all the news of and attention paid to Mandriva 2011, a new distribution was added to the Distrowatch database. This Ubuntu-based distribution is designed to provide users the means to "create stunning graphics, captivating videos, inspiring music, and professional websites."

Is This Ubuntu 11.10′s Default Wallpaper?

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  • Is This Ubuntu 11.10′s Default Wallpaper?
  • [Ubuntu In the Wild] Knitted Ubuntu Hat
  • Ubuntu-powered Tablet Computers: Will they work?
  • Ubuntu 11.10 Alpha 2 Review (video)

12 Things New in Ubuntu 11.10

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  • 12 Things New in Ubuntu 11.10 [Screenshot Tour]
  • Full Circle magazine #52 is out
  • Ubuntu One Developer Evening In Manchester On Thursday

Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot frozen

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Ubuntu Ubuntu 11.10 "Oneiric Ocelot" has been frozen: now that the beta and user interface (UI) freezes have been announced, any further changes to the range of new features or user interface will require explicit approval by the release team.

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QNAP and Canonical Optimize Ubuntu For IoT Purposes

The Internet Of Things movement has attracted a lot of attention in recent years. Not just enthusiasts, but also major firms in the technology sector are working on developing new IoT initiatives. A Partnership between QNAP and Canonical will help optimize Ubuntu on NAS systems for Internet of Things applications. Read more

Mozilla turns Firefox OS into IoT hub

As an operating system, Firefox OS has undergone a massive transformation in the past 24 months – it’s far more than just a web browser nowadays. But now Mozilla is looking to take Firefox to the next level by using it as a hub for a plethora of Internet of Things projects. Mozilla is currently working on four IoT projects behind the scenes: Project Smart Home, Project Link, Project Sensor Web and Vaani. Each of the projects will deal with IoT technology in different ways, but all are aimed at making the end consumer’s home and devices smarter. In a blog post, Mozilla’s SVP of Connected Devices, Ari Jaaksi, posted: “Everything is connected around us. This revolution has already started and it will be bigger than previous technology revolutions, including the mobile smartphone revolution. Internet of Things, as many call it today, will fundamentally affect all of us.” Read more

Kicking the Tires on Arch Based Antergos

We decided to take the Arch Linux based distribution Antergos out for a test drive. Here’s how it handled, out in traffic and on the track. A few months back, a fellow tech writer mentioned in an email exchange that I might try using the Arch Linux based Antergos distro as a way to grab the latest and greatest versions of popular software titles for review. Mainly because of Arch’s community repositories, in which users suggest and vote on packages to be included, many popular software titles are available within days after a new release. And since Antergos is a simple install compared to Arch, it would be easy to quickly throw up an installation on a test machine just to look at the latest and greatest from LibreOffice, GIMP and the like. Read more

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