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Burned by Ubuntu?

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  • Burned by Ubuntu? Try it now.
  • This Is What Awesome Looks Like
  • Ubuntu 9.10 CD/DVD Label | Cover art
  • Ubuntu 9.10 Software Store Video
  • Karmic Koala (Beta) with ATI Radeon HD3650
  • Ubuntu Linux 9.04 by Dell

Ubuntu Got it Right with Sudo

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prairiepy.blogspot: The compelling thing to me about Ubuntu was that I kept seeing information on the web about how to do various things in Ubuntu. One issue that previously gave me reservations about Ubuntu was the whole thing with disabling the root account in favor of extensive use of sudo.

Dell: Ubuntu Desktop PC Is Back

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  • Dell: Ubuntu Desktop PC Is Back
  • What’s the deal with Ubuntu? Why bother?
  • New Linux User

Ubuntu Netbook Remix review

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  • Ubuntu Netbook Remix - Short review
  • Ubuntu Cola vs. Windows Cola
  • Staying With Ubuntu
  • Personalities behind the Fest - Jono Bacon
  • A Linux In Winter
  • Karmic GDM Gets New Glowy Icons

Shuttleworth: Will Ubuntu Lead Free Software?

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Ubuntu On the surface, Shuttleworth's suggestions are hard to dispute. However, as I analyze his keynote more closely, I wonder whether a couple of his suggestions may not be in the interests of free software, even though he clearly meant them that way. Still others seem to be more in the interests of particular sections of the community than those of free software as a whole.

Karmic Koala: The best Ubuntu Linux ever?

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  • Karmic Koala: The best Ubuntu Linux ever?
  • Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope on Lenovo G450
  • Why Matt Zimmerman must not quit Ubuntu.
  • Screenshots Tour of Ubuntu Karmic Koala 9.10 Beta
  • Fixing Packaging in Linux #1

What makes Ubuntu so user friendly?

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Ubuntu Of all the Linux distributions, the consensus is beginning to become clear that Ubuntu is, hands down, the most user friendly of the Linux distributions. Naturally there are people that claim other distributions like PCLinuxOS, and Linux Mint are even more user-friendly than Ubuntu. But what exactly makes a Linux distribution user-friendly?

Linux Mint, the perfect starter OS for Mac and Windows refugees.

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"The window effects are exactly what a Mac user would expect, and pressing the big green button at the bottom-left corner of the screen reveals a Windows-like Start Menu -- but better. Much better." Read more...

A Netbook/UMPC hybrid from Sharp

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Ubuntu Part Eee PC, part Samsung Q1, the Sharp NetWalker comes off like a computer with an identity crisis. It sports a 5-inch touchscreen, a measly 512 MB of memory, and wireless LAN and runs Ubuntu.

Why Newbies Should Choose Ubuntu

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beginlinux.wordpress: The first question I hear Linux newbies ask is what is the best distribution to use? I think right now plenty of linux desktop options exist for newbies however a few things set Ubuntu ahead of the pack in my opinion.

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ChromeOS 42.0.2311.87 (Official Build) (64-bit) – A brief look

ChromeOS is a crafty devil. If you are not paying attention you can miss the fact that you’ve received an update. Its a little like a dog near to a buffet table, turn away and it will have a cake off there and carry on as normal without you being any the wiser. I decided to pen a few thoughts on the latest build which has found its way through the interwebs and landed on my HP 14″. When I say land, the image I’d like to convey is not so much a smooth journey opening up a wealth of treats but more of a thump and an exercise in wasting my time. These are the things I’ve noticed within the first few hours of the update. There will be more. Read more

Debian 8.0 Installer RC3 "Jessie" Officially Released

Debian Installer, the official installation system for the Debian distribution since the Sarge release, developed the Debian Installer Team, has been upgraded to version 8.0 RC3 and is now available for download and testing. Read more

LibreOffice 5.0 to Arrive in July, Bug Hunt Organized

The Document Foundation is preparing the groundwork for the next major version of LibreOffice, 5.0, which should be available by the end of July, if everything goes according to plan. Read more

KaOS 2015.04 is here -- Download the KDE-focused Linux distro now!

There are too many Linux distributions nowadays. Choice and variety is wonderful, but in this case, it spreads resources very thin. Linux-based operating systems might be further along by now if more developers came together to work on projects. For someone new to Linux, finding a distro can be a daunting task. Many of the releases are simply noise, making it hard to find the quality operating systems. KaOS is one of those quality operating systems. It is a wonderful Linux distribution that focuses on KDE. Quite frankly, if you are a KDE purist, this should be on your radar. To cerebrate the two-year anniversary of the distro, the team releases 2015.04. Whether you are a Linux noob, or even an an expert, you should give it a try. Read more