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Ubuntu Desktop Convergence

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  • Ubuntu Desktop Convergence
  • The sorry state of services in Ubuntu
  • How to Change System Language in Ubuntu
  • System76 introduces new high-end Ubuntu Linux laptops

Ubuntu/Unity on 32bit

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  • Can you run Ubuntu/Unity on 32-Bit?
  • Lubuntu 13.10 To Have Firefox by Default, Disregard its Daddy
  • Get Rid Of “System Program Problem Detected” error

Shuttleworth’s case can devastate South Africa

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Ubuntu Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth’s bid to have South Africa’s exchange control system declared unconstitutional could have a devastating effect on the country.

Things to Consider when Purchasing Ubuntu Laptops

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Ubuntu Should you buy a laptop with Ubuntu pre-installed, purchase a Windows system or go for a PC without a pre-installed operating system?

Mark Shuttleworth takes SA government to court

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Legal Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth has taken the South African government to court to have the country’s exchange control system declared unconstitutional.

Ubuntu holds its own

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  • Ubuntu holds its own
  • Canonical's free Ubuntu Operating System breathes life into old PCs
  • Enable Hibernate Feature In Ubuntu 13.04
  • Ubuntu 13.10 Readies Arrival of Smarter Unity Dash
  • Automount partitions in Ubuntu & Mint
  • Ubuntu Phone Demo

DreamHost Gives Debian Wheezy Linux the Boot in Favor of Ubuntu

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Ubuntu Dreamhost isn't making the move to Wheezy which was recently released. Instead Dreamhost is moving to Ubuntu - apparently because they see it as being more stable.

30 Things I did After Installing Ubuntu

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  • 30 Things I did After Installing Ubuntu 13.04
  • shuttleworth: mobile android replace ms as top challenges
  • Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 319

Since When Was Ubuntu A Community Distro?

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  • Unity 8, Mir Changes Landed Last Week
  • The Ubuntu PC Case Mod
  • Since When Was Ubuntu A Community Distro?
  • Ubuntu FOSS Community: Merely Chumps Looking In

Ubuntu Opens Portal to Rejected Community

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  • Ubuntu Opens Portal to Rejected Community
  • Surface Pro Owner? Here’s How to Install Ubuntu
  • Printing with Ubuntu and Why Microsoft Will Never Be Obsoleted
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Android Leftovers

New/Imminent Releases: Black Lab Linux, Exton|Defender, Mageia

  • Black Lab Linux 8.1 Released
    Today we are pleased to announce the release of Black Lab Linux 8.1. Our first incremental release to the 8.0 series. In this release we have brought all security updates up to Feb 15, 2017 as well as application updates.
  • Exton|Defender Super Rescue System Is Now Based on Fedora 25 and Cinnamon 3.2.8
    GNU/Linux developer Arne Exton is announcing the availability of a new build of his Exton|Defender SRS (Super Rescue System) Live DVD/USB designed for those who want to do various administrative tasks on their PCs. Based on the 64-bit version of the Fedora 25 operating system, Exton|Defender SRS Build 170218 comes with up-to-date tools that let you administrate and repair your operating system after a disaster. It's now powered by the Linux 4.9.9 kernel and uses the gorgeous Cinnamon 3.2.8 desktop environment by default.
  • Mageia 6 Has Been Running Months Behind Schedule, But It's Still Coming
    Samuel Verschelde of the Mandrake/Mandriva-forked Mageia Linux distribution has put out a blog post concerning the state of Mageia 6. The last Mageia 6 test release was in June of last year and their next Mageia 6 "stabilization snapshot" has been repeatedly delayed for months.
  • So where is Mageia 6?
    There is no mystery about it, we are totally off schedule. The last preview we published for Mageia 6 was Stabilization Snapshot 1 in June 2016, and Stabilization Snapshot 2 still hasn’t been published, although we have been saying “soon” for weeks, or even months! So what’s going on? Is Mageia dead? Fortunately not. But it’s good that you worry about it because it shows you like your Linux distribution. We need to communicate about the state of things so that you can stop worrying, so here we are.

5 Signs That Show You’re a Linux Geek

While Linux is certainly very easy to use, there are some activities surrounding it that are seen as more complex than others. While they can be all be avoided easily enough, they do have a certain, geeky appeal. How many of them do you follow? Read more

Top 5 best rising Linux distros in 2017

Linux is built for tinkering and experimentation, which means it’s always morphing and changing. New distros are popping up all the time, because all it takes is a little bit of determination, time and effort to create a custom operating system. Not all of them hit the mark – there are stacks of Linux distros that have seen little to no action, and we’re almost certain that some have been released and never installed by anyone other than their creator. Other alternative distros, though, fare rather better. Look at the success of Linux Mint, which spun off from Ubuntu to become (at times) arguably more popular than its own parent. Indeed, Ubuntu itself grew from Debian, and its niche offshoots (distros like Ubuntu Studio) have seen good movement. If there’s a market out there for your distro, there’s traction to be had. So let’s look at our pick of the five distros moving up swiftly through the ranks as of early 2017. Some of these might become the best Linux distros out there, some might turn out to be awful – but it won’t cost you a penny to try them out. Read more