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In response to "the libappindicator story"

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  • In response to "the libappindicator story"
  • Timeline: The Greatest Show on Earth
  • Six Conceptual Unity behaviour mock-ups

Ubuntu Linux and GNOME: The Disputes continue

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Ubuntu No matter how you measure it, Linux has never how more than a tiny share of the desktop market. Why? Well, I can give you lots of reasons, but one that Mark Shuttleworth founder of Canonical, the company behind the popular Ubuntu Linux distribution, has pointed out that there’s a lot of disorganization and disorder in Linux desktop developer circles.

10 Ubuntu re-spins I'd like to see

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Ubuntu Jack Wallen let’s his imagination go wild and creates some Ubuntu-based distributions that could have real world applications. Along the way, he creates some just for fun.

All the other guys are not wrong

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  • Shuttleworth: All the other guys are not wrong
  • Trying Unity

My Thoughts On Unity

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  • My Thoughts On Unity
  • Big dreams for Ubuntu Ocelot
  • Leaving Ubuntu
  • The libappindicator Story
  • GNOME vs Canonical, - A Neutral Observation & Summary
  • shoot the messenger

Testing Ubuntu 11.04 “Natty Narwhal” Alpha 3

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Ubuntu At this moment i’m testing the Ubuntu 11.04 “Natty Narwhal” Alpha 3 and wanted to give you a short heads up on my experience so far.

Wayland For The Ubuntu Unity Desktop Redux

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Ubuntu While there have been some battles waged recently between Canonical and GNOME developers, a more positive and productive note: how's the Wayland plans coming along?

Canonical Is Not Killing The Ubuntu Netbook Edition

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Ubuntu You must have heard that Canonical has killed the netbook edition of Ubuntu also known as UNR or Ubuntu Netbook Remix. Before you reach any conclusions, let me make it clear that Canonical is not withdrawing from the netbook segment.

15 Very New and Unique Ubuntu Wallpapers

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  • 15 Very New and Unique Ubuntu Wallpapers
  • Ubuntu 11.04 will be multi platform
  • Xubuntu Natty Artwork
  • Speed Up Your Ubuntu Install With Ubuntu Minimal
  • 5 Tips & Tricks When Using The Ubuntu Software Center

Ubuntu Linux 11.04: A whale of changes

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  • Ubuntu Linux 11.04: A whale of changes for Canonical's user base
  • Funny Ubuntu Codenames
  • Ubuntu Netbook Edition folded into Ubuntu for next release
  • Gallery: Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha 3
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Long time no Snappy Clinic

In our next session Sergio Schvezov is going to talk about what’s new in Snapcraft and the changes in the 2.x series. Be there and you are going to be up-to-date on how to publish your software on Snappy Ubuntu Core. There will be time for questions afterwards. Read more Also: Get Acquainted with the Latest Snapcraft 2 Features on February's Snappy Clinic

Fairphone 2 Ubuntu Touch Port Is in the Making, Here's What Works

While Canonical employees are working hard these days on the enablement of the Ubuntu Tablet device, it looks like we're getting the Ubuntu Touch mobile operating system on the Fairphone 2 smartphone. How did that happen? Well, you might have heard of Marius Gripsgård, the skilled developer who managed to port Ubuntu for Phones on the OnePlus One smartphone, right? Sure you did, and today we're informing you that he is currently working on porting Ubuntu Touch to Fairphone 2. Read more

BakAndImgCD 16.0 Data Backup and Disk Cloning Live CD Is Available for Download

Today, 4MLinux founder Zbigniew Konojacki has informed Softpedia about the immediate availability for download of his BakAndImgCD 16.0 Live CD, a fork of the 4MLinux operating system used for data backup and disk imaging operations. Read more

4 open source tools for Linux system monitoring

This article discusses some of the interactive command line interface (CLI) tools that are provided with or which can be easily installed on Red Hat related distributions including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Fedora, CentOS, and other derivative distributions. Although there are GUI tools available and they offer good information, the CLI tools provide all of the same information and they are always usable because many servers do not have a GUI interface but all Linux systems have a command line interface. This article concentrates on the tools that I typically use. If I did not cover your favorite tool, please forgive me and let us all know what tools you use and why in the comments section. Read more