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Ubuntu 13.10 Wallpaper Contest Kicks Off

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  • Ubuntu 13.10 Wallpaper Contest Kicks Off
  • See your photos and illustrations in Ubuntu 13.10
  • Remove The Unity Lenses On Ubuntu 13.04

Ubuntu App Charts June '13

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  • Ubuntu App Charts in June 2013
  • Latest Compiz gaming update to the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
  • Bacon: Mir for Everyone
  • Fix the “can’t find command drivemap” Error After Installing Ubuntu
  • Quick and Easy OpenVPN With Ubuntu
  • How To Install LiVES On Ubuntu 13.04

Is Unity bashing a hobby?

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Ubuntu This article is in response to an article in Linux User and Developer magazine which gives a glowing review of Linux Mint 15 whilst making some fairly derogatory and unnecessary comments about Ubuntu. Is Ubuntu bashing a new sport?

Two weeks with Mir

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  • Shuttleworth: Two weeks with Mir
  • Shuttleworth Says Mir Is Faster than X
  • Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 324
  • Canonical Puts Out Mir 0.0.6 Release For Ubuntu
  • Ubuntu 13.04 Keyboard Tricks and Shortcuts

Ubuntu versus Linux Mint: Who's the desktop champ?

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Ubuntu Today in open source: Linux Mint takes versus Ubuntu on the desktop, linux distros battle for tablet supremacy, linux is here to stay

Linux Desktops: Ubuntu vs. Linux Mint

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Ubuntu Ubuntu targets new and casual Linux enthusiasts with its Unity desktop environment, and Linux Mint says the same about its Cinnamon desktop. Which one will come out on top in the end?

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 323

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  • Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 323
  • China Unicom Signs Up to Ubuntu Touch Advisory Group
  • Burning Circle Episode 121

Dell XPS 13: Free as in Freedom

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Ubuntu Dell has long been one of the most Linux-friendly PC manufacturers. But with its project Sputnik, Dell has really embraced open source software in a way unique to all PC makers. Sputnik is the nickname for Dell’s newest Linux laptop — the XPS 13 Developer Edition.

Canonical's Charm contest commences

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  • Canonical's Charm contest commences
  • Ubuntu 13.04 – The Dash
  • Bacon: Ubuntu Weekly Update videocast

Ubuntu's Mir plans cause divisions

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  • Ubuntu's Mir plans cause divisions
  • Oops! Walmart Website Pimps Ubuntu Touch on Nexus 10
  • The Ubuntu PC Case Mod Pt.4 DVD stealthing
  • Canonical Hiring to Advance Ubuntu Smartphone
  • Canonical and KDE/Kubuntu Developers Finally Confront Each Other
  • Installing and testing Ubuntu's Mir server
  • Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 323
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More in Tux Machines

Releases: Linux From Scratch 8.0, LEDE 17.01, 4MRescueKit 21.0

  • Linux From Scratch 8.0 and Beyond LFS 8.0 Land with GCC 6.2, GNU Binutils 2.27
    Bruce Dubbs from the LFS (Linux From Scratch) and BLFS (Beyond Linux From Scratch) projects that allow experienced users to build their own Linux-based operating systems from scratch announced the release of Linux From Scratch 8.0 and Beyond LFS 8.0. Both Linux From Scratch 8.0 and Beyond Linux From Scratch 8.0 major versions are available with and without the systemd init system, and they offer support for some of the latest GNU/Linux and Open Source components, including GCC (GNU Compiler Collection) 6.2.0, GNU Binutils 2.27, and Glibc (GNU C Library) 2.24.
  • OpenWRT-Forked LEDE Releases 17.01, Presents At The Embedded Linux Conf
    This week marks the 17.01.0 final release of the Linux Embedded Development Environment (LEDE). They also presented at this week's Linux Foundation Embedded Linux Conference about their project that's a fork of OpenWRT and aims for router/embedded use-cases. LEDE 17.01.0 final was released on Wednesday and modernizes many parts of its OpenWRT stack, switches to the Linux 4.4 kernel (from Linux 3.18), updates many pieces of key software, adds additional security features, improves networking support, and has a wide variety of other improvements.
  • 4MRescueKit 21.0 Has Antivirus Live CD 21.0-0.99.2, 4MRecover and 4MParted 21.0

Linux Kernel News

  • Linux Kernels 4.9.13 and 4.4.52 LTS Bring Updated USB Drivers, Networking Fixes
  • Linux Kernel 4.10 Gets Its First Point Release, It's Now Ready for Deployment
    Well, that didn't take long, and it looks like the recently released Linux 4.10 kernel series just got its first point release today, Linux kernel 4.10.1, marking the branch as stable and ready for deployment in stable OSes. Linux kernel 4.10.1 comes only one week after the release of Linux 4.10, which is now considered the most stable and advanced kernel available for any GNU/Linux distribution that wants to adopt it for their users, so you can imagine that the changes are quite small in number. According to the appended shortlog, a total of 21 files were changed in this first point release, with 259 insertions and 52 deletions.
  • GNU Linux-libre 4.10-gnu is now available
  • GNU Linux-Libre 4.10: GPU Drivers Remain The Most Frequent Offenders
    The GNU Linux-libre 4.10 kernel was released last weekend just after the official Linux 4.10 kernel release while I hadn't noticed the de-blobbed kernel release until today. The Linux-libre folks continue to criticize the open-source GPU DRM drivers as being offenders for using binary blob firmware/microcode. GNU Linux-libre for those that don't know is the FSFLA effort to de-blob the mainline Linux kernel by removing support for loading binary-only modules as well as stripping out drivers or portions of driver code that rely upon closed-source/binary-only firmware/microcode images, which is quite common among newer hardware.
  • AMD's Ryzen Will Really Like A Newer Linux Kernel

Today in Techrights

FreeBSD-Based TrueOS Operating System Gets New Jail Tools, Automounting Feature

The developers of the FreeBSD-based TrueOS operating system (formerly PC-BSD) announced the release and general availability of a new stable build versioned 2017-02-22. Read more