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Ubuntu 12.04 Development update

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  • Ubuntu 12.04 Development update
  • Full Circle Podcast Episode 28 A Year in Comedy
  • Unity’s Dash to Ditch Giant Shortcuts

Do Fewer Spinoffs Signal a Waning in Ubuntu’s Popularity?

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Ubuntu Granted, it’s not too surprising that there are so many variants of Ubuntu. What’s more interesting to consider than the number of Ubuntu variants is the role they play in the broader channel.

Canonical backtracks on deleting Oracle's Sun Java

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Ubuntu Canonical has announced that it has decided not to push empty versions of the Oracle's Sun Java JDK packages into their partner repositories for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, 10.10 and 11.04. The company will now only remove the packages from the repository.

Linux should copy Apple on user rapport

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Ubuntu The Linux operating system and other open software projects are under threat because they've failed to develop the sympathy for users manifested by companies such as Apple, according to luminary Bruce Perens.

Is Ubuntu Trying to Act Like Google?

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lostinopensource.wordpress: Ubuntu the brand, and Canonical as a company, is seriously confusing to me. What exactly is it there for, outside of being the backing for the Ubuntu distro?

Ubuntu TV vs. Google TV: Battle of the Linux-based Smart TV

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Ubuntu Google TV, despite being launched and relaunched with much pomp and expectations, has not quite managed to reach the market it intended to. Last week, Ubuntu’s own little warrior came sauntering into this hallowed market.

My Unity 5.0 Experience

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Ubuntu Yesterday I installed Unity 5.0 and I was pleasantly surprised by some of its new features:

Interview with Quackers

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Ubuntu 2. When and how did you become interested in computers? in Linux? in Ubuntu?

Ubuntu — Traitors of Linux, Open Source Software and The Community

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Ubuntu For me, it was Ubuntu that pulled me away from depending on –and actively using– commercialized software. And now, I am questioning if Ubuntu has become a traitor.

Ubuntu in the Corporate

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Ubuntu I’ve been using Ubuntu 11.04 in the corporate environment for over a year now and this post will attempt to summarise the frankly disappointing state of affairs that is “linux in the corporate environment”.

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