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Ubuntu vs. Windows 8: Which Is Better Overall?

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Ubuntu In this article, I'll be offering my own comparison between Ubuntu and Windows, explaining where each has its strengths and which OS offers something better overall.

Dogfooding the Ubuntu Phone

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  • Bacon: Ubuntu Phone: My (Early) Experience
  • Emmabuntus: Yet More Recycled Bits?
  • Dogfood Update
  • Emmabuntus review - very disappointing
  • Ubuntu 13.04 vs Kubuntu 13.04 vs Xubuntu 13.04 vs Lubuntu 13.04 vs Ubuntu 13.04 GNOME: A brief comparison

Unity 7, Compiz To Be Polished For Ubuntu 13.10

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  • Unity 7, Compiz To Be Polished For Ubuntu 13.10
  • Ubuntu Still Figuring Out How To Handle Hybrid Graphics
  • Unity 8, Mir To Be Experimental Choice In Ubuntu 13.10
  • New tablet boots Ubuntu, Android, and Windows
  • Google Demos Linux Running on Hacked Glass, How
  • Bacon: On Brainstorm

Ubuntu Website and the Community Link

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  • Ubuntu Website and the Community Link
  • Canonical to maintain Linux 3.8 until August 2014
  • keep Firefox default browser in Ubuntu
  • Ubuntu One Detailed Guide for 13.04
  • The Problem of Sunsetting Ubuntu Brainstorm

8 Reasons Why Ubuntu Users Should Try Out Linux Mint

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Ubuntu Ubuntu is moving in all directions lately. Some polarizing decisions that have managed to alienate a few longtime Ubuntu users. Ubuntu isn't the only user-friendly distribution around. Here are a few reasons why you should switch to or at least try out Linux Mint.

I ditched Windows 8 and went Ubuntu by mistake

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Ubuntu This post is coming to you courtesy of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. While I could tell you I thought it would be cool to use Ubuntu Linux as my primary desktop OS for a while, I would be lying. The fact is I don't have a choice.

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 316

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  • Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 316
  • Ubuntu to stop Brainstorm
  • Ubuntu and the Missing Community Link
  • Important desktop and end-user topics this week at UDS
  • X.Org, Mir Plans Are Made Up For Ubuntu 13.10
  • Bacon: Video Demo of Unity 8 on Mir update

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  • update
  • Ubuntu – A Replacement for Chrome OS
  • Exploring Ubuntu Touch, the other Linux for your phone
  • Ubuntu Strikes Out on Its Own Again
  • Possible Changes in Ubuntu 13.10 (UDS)
  • An Indicator for Cryptkeeper
  • install classic gnome desktop in ubuntu 13.04
  • What’s new in Xubuntu 13.04
  • Canonical Promotes Ceph Big Data Storage System...For Red Hat?

Ubuntu 13.04: What’s New

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  • Ubuntu 13.04: What’s New In Raring Ringtail?
  • Ubuntu's Mir Moves Ahead With Unity 8 Interface
  • kenny: Create App Launcher Scripts in Ubuntu
  • How to install Steam client in Ubuntu 13.04

Ubuntu to suicide again after 2 lost years?

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cristalinux.blogspot: News has it that Ubuntu will, over the next year, change its software packaging system to what they call "Click Packages", abandon X and forget about Wayland to embrace Mir and, last but not least, transition Unity entirely to Qt.

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