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Unity Lenses and Books

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Ubuntu One key focus of work in the Ubuntu 11.10 cycle was getting the lenses functionality in Unity in shape. 11.10 brings a series of stability and usability improvements to the lenses functionality.

Ubuntu 11.10 Beta 2 Released, Reviewed

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Ubuntu Although you may be eager to try out the latest features, using this beta release as your primary operating system/in place of Ubuntu 11.04/10.04 is not recommended.

Is Ubuntu falling from grace?

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Ubuntu The unthinkable is happening – Linux Mint is overtaking Ubuntu in popularity.

Free ‘Ubuntu Software Centre’ Guide Released

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Ubuntu Always using creative flair in their promotion of Ubuntu, the Vancouver team has today announced the release of a downloadable guide to using the Ubuntu Software Center.

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 233

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  • Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 233
  • Battle: Ubuntu 11.04 vs Windows 8 (video)
  • Recent Unity Updates Bring Changes
  • Series: Introduction to Ubuntu Development – Part 5

Kubuntu 11.10 Beta Test Drive

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Ubuntu Canonical recently released its Beta version of Kubuntu 11.10, Oneiric Ocelot, with all eyes toward the final release scheduled for October 13. We take a look at this release and the new KDE 4.7 Desktop and Netbook Plasma Workspaces.

Update Software in Ubuntu

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  • Update Software in Ubuntu
  • Installing Software On Ubuntu

Will Ubuntu make to Mainframes?

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Ubuntu If you were to give it a thought, you will agree, that it is time for open source software to have a greater presence in Mainframe segment as well. For some time now Canonical’s Ubuntu software offers support for x86-Powered System x and Blade Center lines.

New Games, Books and Magazines in Ubuntu Software Center

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Ubuntu Canonical announced that lots of new games, books and magazines will be available in the Ubuntu Software Center for all Ubuntu users.

Why Ultrabooks Should Run Ubuntu 11.10

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Ubuntu The Macbook Air might be an awesome product, but there are currently no alternatives for folks who don’t want to get converted to the Apple religion. But don’t get disappointed just yet; come Q4 2011, Intel will be bringing us the new revolution in computing called Ultrabooks.

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