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Five meerkat related xmas presents

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Ubuntu Check in below for 5 gloriously bizarre Ubuntu 10.10-related presents that are sure to put a smile (or at least a look of false-gratitude) on your nearest and dearest this yuletide.

Awesome Ubuntu/Linux Multi Touch Demo Videos

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Ubuntu Here are a bunch of interesting video demos showcasing native multitouch support in Linux. I especially liked the one which demoed a good looking Dell touch pad running Ubuntu Unity.

Top 10 Ideas for Upcoming Ubuntu Releases

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Ubuntu Ubuntu Brainstorm is a wiki-like interface that allows the Ubuntu community to input ideas that might make Ubuntu more usable, friendly, or fun. Matt Zimmerman, Debian developer and Canonical employee, thinks it might be a good idea to periodically collect and discuss the current status and future possibilities of the most popular ideas.

Super OS - Do we really need it?

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Ubuntu Super OS, formerly Super Ubuntu, is a remastered (modified) Ubuntu, a Ubuntu clone if you will, designed to make Ubuntu more usable out of the box. As such, Super OS joins a long line of Ubuntu derivatives, all of which try to extend, enhance and pimpify the basic Ubuntu release.

Alpha 1 Unity Checkpoint

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  • Alpha 1 Unity Checkpoint
  • Ubuntu Gets a Manga Fan Magazine – Ubunchu
  • Ubuntu Brainstorm Top 10 for December 2010
  • Certification of HP Desktops
  • Ubuntu to Drop GDM for LightDM
  • Eva's Great Guide to Ubuntu – Part 1

Ubuntu 10.10: A Couple of Gripes

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Ubuntu I like Ubuntu 10.10, and thought it introduced some fantastic new features when it debuted in October 2010. Lately, however, my enthusiasm for the release has been clouded by lingering problems. Gives Full Refund When New Ubuntu Distribution Breaks Netbook

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Ubuntu Adam ordered an older netbook from When it arrived, the wireless Internet didn't work, so he upgraded the version of Ubuntu Linux from 8.04 to 10.04. This just broke almost everything else.

Ubuntu Unity Desktop Review

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antoniusmisfit.blogspot: A few days ago I decided to upgrade my desktop Ubuntu OS from 10.10(Maverick Meerkat) to 11.04(Natty Narwal) Alpha 1. Previous experience upgrading to such an early alpha release told me that this would be very risky and likely I would have to re-install back to the stable release. But

Also: Video Of Current Unity
And: Why doesn’t Unity just use Docky?

Open Source Leader Matt Asay Leaves COO Position At Canonical

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Ubuntu ZDNet reports, Matt is leaving his role at Canonical--as the man behind Ubuntu--behind to take a new gig at a startup called Strobe.

Also: Canonical Donates Server to KDE

Unity Applications View Mockups

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Ubuntu WebUpd8 reader Jorge Guerrero sent us an email with a link to a PDF (I'm not sure who made it) that has some very interesting Unity applications view mockups:

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