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Attention: This is not big news

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Ubuntu It has been announced that Ubuntu 11.04 will come pre-installed on three of ASUS’s Netbook PCs. To that, Jack responds with a hip-hip-meh. See why Jack is so down on Linux pre-installed on netbooks.

Ubuntu's Contributions to Linux

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  • Ubuntu's Contributions to Linux
  • Ubuntu Certification Going Forward
  • Using Google Music Manager on Ubuntu made easy

Ubuntu 11.04 - More Reactions from Users

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Ubuntu The debate is not over yet. Ever since we published the Ubuntu 11.04 review, feedbacks from readers have been pouring in. And I have to concede that a good majority of those responses are really critical of Canonical's Unity strategy.

Ubuntu or bust: Going Linux on the Desktop

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Ubuntu For six years I spent my professional career using and supporting Linux on the desktop. Outside of work and subsequent employment with Imagineer Systems & Memset I’ve been using Macs. A few days ago I decided to head back to Linux.

Ubuntu Power User Branding Winner

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  • Ubuntu Power User Branding Winner
  • Ubuntu/Xubuntu/Kubuntu/Lubuntu Power Tests
  • Cool Projects That Need Your Help
  • Looking For Awesome LoCo Team Blog Feeds
  • Canonical Launches Ubuntu-Ready Hardware Certification
  • System76 Serval Pro: Is it the best Ubuntu laptop ever?
  • “For crying out loud Amber, it’s just a stupid newsletter”
  • Family Farm game in Ubuntu
  • The new ‘Celebrate Ubuntu’ YouTube channel
  • Ubuntu Certification: DELL PowerEdge Servers

First Alpha of Ubuntu 11.10 Brings Some Gnome 3 Magic

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Ubuntu Ubuntu 11.04 'Oneiric Ocelot' Alpha 1 has been released today. The major focus for this release has been bringing in full Gnome 3 stack and porting required applications to GTK3/PyGI. Unity and Unity 2D has been updated with bug fix releases.

Asus to ship Ubuntu netbooks

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Ubuntu Asus has started selling its Eee PC netbooks preloaded with Ubuntu 10.10.

Everything You Need to Know About Ubuntu

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  • Everything You Need to Know About Ubuntu 11.04
  • Six Months Of Rocking Ubuntu Events
  • You Can Run Ubuntu On Your HTC Desire HD

Xubuntu 11.04

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Ubuntu Xubuntu is not as popular as its big brother, Ubuntu, but it has its own charms. It’s ideally suited for those who are looking for a slimmer alternative to Ubuntu itself but who also want to stay within the Ubuntu family of distros.

The Sins of Ubuntu

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Ubuntu Ubuntu's great popularity means that it represents Linux to many people. It's the distro vendors pre-install. It's the distro the mainstream media always review. It's the one distro everybody's tried. So what are common Ubuntu criticisms?

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