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Ubuntu 11.04: Is Natty Narwhal the best Linux desktop ever?

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Ubuntu I said months ago that Ubuntu 11.04 wouldn't be the same old Ubuntu, and boy was I right. With its new Unity interface, Ubuntu doesn't look or act like any other desktop Linux you've ever seen. And, since I've seen almost all of them, I know what I'm talking about!

Three Alternatives To Unity For Ubuntu 11.04

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  • Three Alternatives To Unity For Ubuntu 11.04
  • GNOME Shell and Ubuntu Unity both offer new looks
  • 4 Terribly Easy Steps To Move Away From Unity In Ubuntu 11.04
  • Enable Icons In Menus For Ubuntu 11.04
  • Speak to me
  • use standard gnome bubble notification in ubuntu
  • Manual disk partitioning guide for Ubuntu 11.04

Canonical Introduces 'Ubuntu Friendly' Hardware Validation

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  • Canonical Introduces 'Ubuntu Friendly' Open Hardware Validation Program
  • Install CompizConfig Settings Manager And Enable Desktop Effects Ubuntu
  • Ubuntu Linux: A User-Friendly, Desktop Operating System
  • [How to] Run KDE Plasma Widgets in Ubuntu Unity
  • Change Login Screen On Ubuntu 11.04
  • UnityFox: Integrate Firefox With Unity Launcher
  • Top 6 Quicklists for Ubuntu 11.04 to Enhance Unity Launcher

Ubuntu 11.04 review

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  • Ubuntu 11.04 review
  • Fighting with Ubuntu 11.04 (Unity)
  • The Official Ubuntu Book, 5th Edition: Ubuntu-Related Projects
  • Debunking FUD: “Ubuntu restricts you, Ubuntu spies on you”

Natty Narwhal: the First Linux for Newbies?

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Ubuntu Whenever a new version of an operating system is released, it's common to see a wave of reviews following on its heels, assessing how the software compares with what came before it and weighing its new pros and cons.

Ubuntu Unity not all that unifying

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  • Ubuntu Unity not all that unifying
  • Ubuntu 11.04, Natty Narwhal: Successes and Failures
  • Unity – Banshee Radio Stations
  • My thoughts on Ubuntu Unity
  • no background wallpaper problem after upgrading to Ubuntu 11.04

Linux gets a dock a decade late

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  • Linux gets a dock a decade late
  • Can Ubuntu finally give Windows a run for its money?
  • Ubuntu Linux 11.04 (review)
  • Ubuntu’s new face
  • Ubuntu 11.04 is a free operating system with a cool new interface

New Unity Interface Makes Linux Friendly For The Mainstream

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Ubuntu A few days ago Canonical Ltd. released the newest version of the company’s popular Linux distribution, Ubuntu 11.04. featuring a completely new user interface called “Unity.” T

My Impressions of Ubuntu 11.04

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  • My Impressions of Ubuntu 11.04
  • Will Ubuntu 11.04 Bring Unity?
  • A New Direction No-One Expected

16 things we'd change about Ubuntu

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  • 16 things we'd change about Ubuntu
  • Ubuntu 11.04: Installation stumbling block and post-install impressions
  • 10 Ubuntu 11.04 Pre Installed Laptops and Netbooks
  • Hints on installation of Ubuntu 11.04
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