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Robots for Humanity, Powered by Open Source

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Ubuntu A new collaborative robotics project is ripping the idea of autonomous assistance for the disabled out from the land of science-fiction and planting it firmly in the real world – and all using the power of Open Source.

Good Bye, Kubuntu! Hello, Linux Mint

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linuxblog.darkduck: Long-long time ago... about 8 months back... I created a system landscape on my laptop. Three of them are Linux systems. Time passed by and I got tired of both Ubuntu and Kubuntu. That was a time to change.

Some Upcoming Changes in Unity

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  • [Oneiric Updates] Some Upcoming Changes in Unity
  • Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 224
  • Ubuntu Certification Is Changing
  • Wireless dominoes
  • Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Developer Summit Event Announced

Leaky Unity in Oneiric

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ftagada.wordpress: I monitored the top 5 processes showing the worst cumulative CPU time on my main desktop running Oneiric (32bit):

Ubuntu 11.10 Says Goodbye to the ‘Me Menu’

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Ubuntu An update to the indicator menus this weekend saw the ‘Me Menu’ (‘indicator-me‘) removed and replaced with an ‘IM Status’ section in the Messaging Menu.

Ubuntu VS OS X

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Ubuntu Recently I have been using the newest Macbook Pro 15″, and I thought I would update my direct experience on how Ubuntu and OS X stack up.

Why I would not sign a Harmony Agreement

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blog.martin-graesslin: Jos blog post today reminded me that I had a look at the Harmony Agreements and tried to decide for me whether I would consider to sign such a CA. To make it short:

Canonical Hiring Consumer Marketing Expert

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  • Canonical Finally Hiring Consumer Marketing Expert!
  • Howard County Library and Ubuntu
  • Harmony 1.0 Reflections
  • UGR Linux: Ubuntu Gnome Remix project

Canonical, Nuxeo Partner on Document Management Solution

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Ubuntu Canonical continues to not only expand its vendor partnerships, but also integrate its product solutions with the addition of Nuxeo DMS to the Ubuntu Partner Repository.

Thunderbird In Ubuntu 11.10

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  • Thunderbird In Ubuntu 11.10
  • Kubuntu and KDE SC 4.7: A Love Story
  • Ubuntu 11.10 Development update
  • Project Harmony Out Of Tune With Community
  • Dell Inspiron Duo Tablet Notebook Running Ubuntu
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