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Ubuntu Light Review – The future of Ubuntu in mobile

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Ubuntu Canonical’s new frontier is the potentially lucrative dual boot market. With Ubuntu Light Canonical is offering swift boot times, access to media in Windows partitions and the fastest route to the internet possible on small form factor computers. Russell Barnes investigates.

Ubuntu 11.10 to be an "Oneiric Ocelot"

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Ubuntu Mark Shuttleworth has announced that the next release of Ubunutu, after April's Natty Narwhal (11.04), version 11.10, will be named "Oneiric Ocelot". The name refers to the leopard-like cat whilst "Oneiric" is defined as "Of or relating to dreams or dreaming."

No More Compiz Desktop Cube Plugin for Unity

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Ubuntu Do you use the Compiz Desktop Cube plugin? I don't use it so I didn't notice this but it seems you can't enable the Desktop Cube in Ubuntu 11.04 if you use Unity - a bug about this has been submitted but it was marked as "opinion" so it doesn't look like it's going to be fixed, at least not in Ubuntu 11.04:

Unity in Natty: is it for me?

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ftagada.wordpress: Unity 3.6.0 recently landed in Natty, bringing a lot of long expected goodnesses, along with some unexpected weirdnesses and regressions.

Ubuntu Linux - Not yet a Pariah but heading there

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Ubuntu Yes, the most popular Linux distro is working hard to become the pariah of the FOSS community. To give you a typical example, take the case of the GNOME / UNITY switch.

Ubuntu Maryland Leader Quits, Is Canonical Hijacking Ubuntu?

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Ubuntu Ubuntu Maryland Leader Chuck Frain is stepping down as the leader of the group which he founded. In a blog post he has given reasons behind his decision and they raise some serious questions. He said that Ubuntu has changed from a community driven project to a company controlled product.

Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha 3 released

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  • Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha 3 released
  • Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha 3 Released - Overview and Screenshots
  • Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha 3 Released with Lots of New Features
  • Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha 3 Out - Screenshots and Video
  • Shuttleworth: Ayatana overlay scrollbars: something truly Natty
  • Introducing Overlay Scrollbars in Unity
  • Thanks Ubuntu
  • Ratings&reviews “Was this review helpful?”

Linux Leaders: Debian and Ubuntu Derivative Distros

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Ubuntu By any standard, Debian is the most influential Linux distribution ever. Not everyone uses Debian, but, both alone and second hand through Ubuntu, it is the source of more derivative distributions than any other.

Ted Gould on Unity

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  • Interview: Ted Gould on Ubuntu Unity (video)
  • Stepping down considerately

Open Letter to Ubuntu

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  • Open Letter to Ubuntu – fix the patching schedule
  • Ubuntu isn’t a volunteer-driven project
  • Ubuntu, the cloud OS
  • Ubuntu 11.10 Release Schedule
  • Full Circle Podcast 16
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