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Ubuntu 10.10 Benchmarks

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  • Ubuntu 10.10 Benchmarks
  • System 76 netbooks won’t ship with Ubuntu Unity
  • Ubuntu 10.10 Final Review
  • Nice themes for ubuntu 10.10
  • Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop i386 USB image

Ubuntu 10.10: date with destiny missed

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Ubuntu Canonical delivered the latest version of its Ubuntu Linux distribution on October 10. Releasing Ubuntu 10.10 on 10/10/10 might seem an auspicious idea, but after the overhaul that was Ubuntu 10.04, the latest release looks tame by comparison.

The Perfect 10 is Here

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  • Ubuntu 10.10's arrived and it's better than ever
  • “Ask Ubuntu” Stack Exchange site out of beta, new awesome domain
  • Ubuntu 10.10 ("Maverick Meerkat") Review
  • 10 things to do after installing Ubuntu 10.10
  • Ubuntu 10.10 is Released
  • Ubuntu touch screen coming soon in netbooks?
  • Things To Do After the New Ubuntu 10.10
  • Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat pops out
  • Canonical Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Edition review
  • Ubuntu 10.10: First Look
  • How to remove Mono from Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meercat
  • Ubuntu 10.10 screenshots and video Tour
  • Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) [review]
  • Ubuntu 10.10 Improves Your Linux Desktop Experience [Screenshot Tour]
  • shuttleworth: 10.10 10:10:10 – thank you and Happy Maverick Day
  • What To Do After A Fresh Ubuntu 10.10 Install? Run These Commands
  • Ubuntu 10.10 Review – Gamer Edition!

The Fridge is Moving

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Ubuntu This is exciting but also may take a few days to “unpack” all the boxes and work out the kinks. Please be patient with us and if find something that needs to be fixed please let the team know by:

Wikinews interviews Ubuntu developer Fabrice

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Ubuntu The 10.10 version of Ubuntu, a free operative system is to be released in the next few days. French Wikinews contributor Savant-fou (Baptiste) has interviewed Fabrice, an Ubuntu's MOTU (Master Of The Universe), member of the development team of the operative system.

Ubuntu 10.04 E17 LiveDVD (Pinguy E17 Remix)

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jeffhoogland.blogspot: The Enlightenment foundation libraries (EFL) recently reached beta status after having been marked as alpha software for a decade. If you are unfamiliar with what EFL are, they can be summed up in a single quote from their front page:

Ubuntu 10.10 beta review

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Ubuntu Ubuntu has long been the Linux distribution favoured by businesses wanting to make a hassle-free switch from Windows, and the full release of the latest version, Ubuntu 10.10, is due this coming Sunday (October 10). In this review, we’ll be looking at the beta release of Ubuntu 10.10.

12 Reasons to Try Ubuntu 10.10 Now

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Ubuntu As Ubuntu 10.10, or "Maverick Meerkat," hits the streets this Sunday, it's a pretty safe bet that legions of existing Ubuntu users will be updating to the new release. After all, it looks to be Canonical's most user-friendly Ubuntu Linux yet, and many of the new features promise to be must-haves.

Check if your next computer is Ubuntu compatible

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Ubuntu When the fear of hardware incompatibilities puts you off buying a new computer be sure to run your intended purchase through Canonical’s ‘Ubuntu Certification’ website.

What Will Be Talked About At The Ubuntu 11.04 Summit

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Ubuntu Besides talking about performance at the Ubuntu Developer Summit later this month in Orlando for Ubuntu 11.04, there will also be discussions and tracks for hardware compatibility, Ubuntu as the project and community, application selections and defaults, how to empower application developers, cloud infrastructure, and multimedia.

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