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Mozilla wants to shorten release schedule to five weeks

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Moz/FF Mozilla, not content with its monumental shift from four major builds in five years down to a new stable build every six weeks, is looking at outputting a new release every five weeks, or perhaps even less.

Firefox 25 Due On October 22, 2013

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  • Firefox 25 Due On October 22, 2013
  • Lighting Set to Strike at Mozilla
  • Firefox 7 Arrives in Ubuntu, Scores 100 Acid3 Test

Mozilla co-founder quits Firefox veep role

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Moz/FF A longtime Mozilla Corporation VP has quit the open source outfit he co-founded in 1998.

Mozilla: A study in organizational openness

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Moz/FF Most of you probably know Mozilla as the organization famous for its open source Firefox web browser. But what you may not know is that open source is more than just a technology decision for Mozilla; the open source way is deeply ingrained in every aspect of its culture.

Gtk3 support coming to Opera

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  • Gtk3 support coming your way
  • Community spotlight: Paul Booker, Mozilla contributor
  • Firefox for Tablets on Nightly

THIS IS A CRISIS: Firefox 6.0 Removes the 'View Page Source' Button

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  • THIS IS A CRISIS: Firefox 6.0 Removes the 'View Page Source' Button
  • 5 Mozilla Labs add-ons worth trying out
  • Mozilla Issues Do-not-track Guide for Advertisers
  • 5 Lesser know Browser for Linux
  • New Firefox download manager appears in UX build
  • Which browser will win? A mathematical Analysis!
  • Wahoo 12.00 Extensions improvements
  • Opera Dragonfly

Dutch CA banished for life from Chrome, Firefox

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Moz/FF The network breach in July that forged a near-perfect replica of a credential minted more than 200 other SSL certificates for more than 20 different domains, a top manager for Mozilla's Firefox browser said.

The Big, Bad Browser Quiz

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  • The Big, Bad Browser Quiz
  • 10 Best Firefox Add-ons You Can’t Live Without
  • Mozilla Targets Tablets With New Browser Designs

Firefox 6.0.1 and 3.6.21 updates available

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  • Firefox 6.0.1 and 3.6.21 desktop security updates now available
  • Thunderbird 6.0.1 and 3.1.13 security updates now available
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Oracle changes heart on Java EE

  • Oracle opens up Java EE
    Oracle continues to make progress Java EE 8, the enterprise edition for the Java platform, and moving forward it would like to advance Java EE within a more open and collaborative community. Specifications are nearly complete and the Java team expects to deliver the Java EE 8 reference implementation this summer. As the delivery of Java EE 8 approaches, Oracle believes they have the ability to rethink how Java EE is developed in order to “make it more agile and responsive to changing industry and technology demands.”
  • Oracle considers moving Java EE to an open source foundation
    With the finalization of the Java EE 8 platform on the horizon, Oracle on Thursday said it's considering moving Java Enterprise Edition technologies to an open source foundation. The move, Oracle said in a blog post, "may be the right next step, in order to adopt more agile processes, implement more flexible licensing, and change the governance process."
  • Oracle doesn't want Java EE any more
    Oracle wants to end its leadership in the development of enterprise Java and is looking for an open source foundation to take on the role. The company said today that the upcoming Java EE (Enterprise Edition) 8 presents an opportunity to rethink how the platform is developed. Although development is done via open source with community participation, the current Oracle-led process is not seen agile, flexible, or open enough. ”We believe that moving Java EE technologies to an open source foundation may be the right next step, to adopt more agile processes, implement more flexible licensing and change the governance process,” Oracle said in a statement.

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