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Leftovers: KDE

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  • Amarok is slowly catching up

    I decided at a certain point to directly port the main components out of KDELibs4Support.

  • Muon in Need of a Maintainer

    Muon, the Apt package installer UI is in need of a maintainer. It has been split out from Discover and Updater which are application focused and to some extent work with multiple backends. Muon is package focused and covers the surprisingly important use case of technical users who care about libraries and package versions but don’t want to use a command line. It’ll probably move to unmaintained unless anyone wants to keep an eye on it so speak up now if you want to help out.

  • digiKam Recipes 4.9.5 Released

    A new release of digiKam Recipes is ready for your reading pleasure. This version features the Using Album Categories recipe and reworked material on using the tagging functionality in digiKam. As always, the new release includes updates, fixes and tweaks.

  • Kubuntu 14.04 LTS Gets KDE 4.14.3 Bugfix Release

    The KDE maintainers for Kubuntu 14.04.3 have upgraded the desktop environment to version 4.14.3 and users should now get the newest package.

  • Plasma-NM Changes Coming For KDE Plasma 5.5

    Plasma 5.5 is due out next month and with this update will come many new features.

    For a while now we've been talking about Plasma 5.5 when it comes to suitable Wayland support for early adopters and other new functionality. Published today was a blog post by KDE's Jan Grulich with more details on some of the other Plasma 5.5 changes.

KDE Plasma 5.5 to Feature WPA/WPA2 Enterprise Validation, OpenVPN Improvements

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It's been nearly three months since the KDE Plasma 5.4 desktop environment has been released, during which it received two maintenance builds, and a third one is about to be unveiled in the next 24 hours or so.

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Leftovers: KDE

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  • Upcoming news in Plasma 5.5

    It’s been a while since Plasma 5.4 release and we are now approaching feature freeze for Plasma 5.5 so I would like to share with you what news you can expect in plasma-nm. This time we have major changes only in our connection editor although most of you wouldn’t probably even notice them. This is going to be a short list unfortunately given I have less time and less ideas, but at least something, right?

  • Interview with Bruno Fernandez

    I have been working in system administration on Linux systems for ten years and I have always provided opportunities to each available application, considering not only my sysadmin job, but also my creative side. So, after using Mypaint, I found out that Krita provided a world full of possibilities. I also found artists like David Revoy who exemplified the professional possibilities of the application.

  • Breeze, Oxygen and Framework

    I do Plasma and KDE related stuff since one year and this year was awesome as you can read in my blog posts. Today I want to talk about the future. For the near future I have to work on finalizing my tasks for the plasma 5.5 release. But what should I do next?


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  • KDE at FOSDEM 2016

    FOSDEM is the biggest free software conference and KDE will have a stall and help organise the Desktop devroom for talks. If you have something interesting to talk about the call for talks in the devroom is open now. We should have a stall to promote KDE, the world best free and open source community. I’m organising the KDE party on the Saturday. And there are thousands of talks going on. Sign up on the wiki page now if you’re coming and want to hang around or help with KDE stuff.

  • 3D View: Challenge that makes me crazy

    But I spent a few grips, I could not make the Qt link with VTK. At that time I had very little experience with Linux environment, which made me give up using VTK and and tried to use pure OPenGl with QOpenGLWidget, that Qt provides.

  • KActivities library no longer requires Boost

    There were some complaints from our Windows people that it is difficult to build KActivities (on Windows) due to its usage of boost.

Leftovers: KDE

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  • KDE 4.14.3 Bugfix release for Kubuntu Trusty (14.04.3 LTS) is now available.

    Packages for the release of KDE’s Applications and Platform 4.14.3 are available for Kubuntu 14.04.3. You can get them from the Kubuntu Backports PPA.

  • Handling Screen Management With KDE's Plasma Wayland

    For KDE users interested in the latest Wayland porting process, one of the big tasks currently being tackled is on Plasma's screen management handling.

    KDE's Sebastian Kügler has written a blog post about screen management in Wayland. The lengthy post goes over the good and bad of screen management in the Wayland world and how it's going to be implemented within KDE Plasma's Wayland support.

  • KDE Plasma 5.5 On Wayland May Be Ready For Early Adopters

    KWin maintainer Martin Gräßlin has written a monthly status update concerning the state of KWin and KDE Plasma on Wayland.

    The German open-source developer explained that most of the underlying work is finished as is most of the KWin Wayland porting, but the complete stack still needs more time to bake with Wayland. Much of October was spent working on the geometry handling with Wayland and still dealing with X11-specific KDE code.

October Plasma on Wayland Update: all about geometry

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Last month our Wayland efforts made a huge step forward. In KWin we are now at a state where I think the big underlying work is finished, we entered the finishing line of the KWin Wayland porting. The whole system though still needs a little bit more work.

The big remaining task which I worked on last month was geometry handling. That is simplified: moving and resizing windows. Sounds relatively easy, but isn’t. Moving and resizing windows or in general the geometry handling is one of the core aspects of a window manager. It’s where our expertise is, the code which makes KWin such a good window manager. Naturally we don’t want to throw that code out and want to reuse it in a Wayland world.

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Leftovers: KDE

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  • Where have I been?

    And this is the reason behind my disappearance, my job at BlueSystems was not fun anymore and every project I mantained at KDE felt more like a chore than anything else. After a month of not jumping out of the bed to head to work it was time to move on. So I passed maintainership to the people that were actually doing the job (special mention to David) and I quit my job as a full time KDE hacker.

  • Embedding QML: Why, Where, and How

    KDAB believes that it is critical for our business to invest into Qt3D and Qt, in general, to keep pushing the technology forward and to ensure it remains competitive.

  • Winners Selected from Giveaway

    And the giveaway is over! I want to thank everyone for entering and showing your support for Krita.

Calligra 2.9.9 and Krita 2.9.9 Released

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Leftovers: KDE/Qt

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  • Call for new Plasma wallpapers contribution

    We’re all excited for the new release of Plasma coming in less than a month and we at the Visual Design Group want to make it more exciting for our users too.

    Every other release we try to change the extra wallpapers that we’re shipping with Plasma to our users and now it’s time the refresh the collection again.

  • Upgrading libhybris

    One of the most important dependencies for our phone project is libhybris. Libhybris is a neat technology to allow interfacing with Android drivers allowing for example to bring Wayland to a device where all we have are Android drivers.

    Given that KWin provides a hwcomposer backend which uses libhybris to create an OpenGL context. All other applications need libhybris indirectly to have the Wayland OpenGL buffer exchange work automatically.


    As we now use upstream libhybris I hope to see distributions to pick up the work and provide a Plasma phone spin. I’d love to see an openSUSE phone or a Fedora phone (or any other distribution).

  • QRegExp + QStringLiteral = crash at exit
  • Latinoware 2015

    Having Six talks on the event, whe managed to talk about beginner stuff to advanced ones without leaving anyone behind.
    Our talks this year
    – KDE Sysadmin: You can help even if you don’t progam (speaker Gomex)
    – KDE and Linus: Living Dangerously – my adventures in Programming (speaker Tomaz Canabrava)
    – KDE: First Steps to Contribute (speaker Icaro (Igor) Jerry Santana)
    – KDE Plasma Mobile (speaker Helio Castro)
    – KDE Plasma 5: Full of Resources (speaker Henrique Sant’Anna)
    – KDE: The structure behind it (speaker Helio Castro)

Fedora 23 KDE screenshots

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Red Hat

Fedora 23 is the latest edition of the Fedora Linux distribution, released just this week.

The first screenshots from a Fedora 23 test installation that I posted are from the Cinnamon Spin, which you may view here.

In this post are screenshots from a test installation of Fedora 23 KDE, the most popular of the Fedora Spins.

Fedora 23 KDE features the latest KDE Plasma 5. Figure 1 shows the login window.

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