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KDE Catchup

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  • Coming soon: Roda Pantura

    All the concept art, painting, coloring and 2D animation on this film is done with Krita, supplemented with Blender for compositing and video editing. Hizkia says: “Krita is the best software for me, I like the very smooth brush engine. This is useful, and a lot of people share their brushes. My concept styles are: tropical, dirty, imperfect, colorful.”

  • A little Kube says “Hi!”

    During the Randa Meetings in Switzerland this year, the KDE PIM team decided to do an experiment. We wanted to see how modern QtQuick based PIM applications could look like. So we started to develop Kube Mail, an email client build with QtQuickControls on top of Akonadi-Next.

  • Happy Christmas with Plasma Wayland Live Image

    I just published a live Plasma image with Wayland. A great milestone in a multi-year project of the Plasma team lead by the awesome Martin G. Nowhere near end-user ready yet but the road forward is now visible to humble mortals who don’t know how to write their own Wayland protocol. It’ll give a smoother and more secure graphics system when it’s done and ensures KDE’s software and Linux on the desktop stays relevant for another 30 years.

  • Split kdepim and kdepim-addons

    The main reason is that I wanted to make life easy for new developers.

    Until now when we wanted to develop an extension for kmail/kaddressbook or other kdepim application it was necessary to build all kdepim.

  • KDE Ships Plasma 5.5.1, bugfix Release for December
  • New Features and Changes in KDE Plasma 5.5
  • Type Managers and KDE

    End users like using Type Managers, they make their life easier through many different means that compliment each other. If KDE [type manager] applications integrate more Type Manager features I do believe that they will get more users.

  • KDE 5_15.12 for Slackware-current

    It is time for a refresh of my ‘ktown’ package set. KDE 5_15.12 has been uploaded, containing the latest and greatest: Frameworks 5.17.0, Plasma 5.5.1 and Applications 15.12.0.

  • Server-Side decorations coming to KWin/Wayland

First Plasma Wayland Live Image

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The Plasma team has been working on an early Christmas present: a live image running Plasma on Wayland.

Being able to run a full session of Plasma with applications is a major milestone in our aim of moving from the 30 year old X Window System to its replacement.

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QDockWidget improvements in Qt 5.6

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We made some improvements to QDockWidget for Qt 5.6. You can now re-order your QDockWidget's tabs with the mouse. There is also a new mode you can set on your QMainWindow so that you can drag and drop full groups of tabbed QDockWidgets. Furthermore there is a new API which allows you to programatically resize the QDockWidgets.

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Plasma 5.5.1, Applications 15.12.0 and Frameworks 5.17.0 by KDE now available

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We are happy to announce that the brand new 5.5 series of Plasma releases, more specifically Plasma 5.5.1, is now available in our stable repositories. This quick update that followed the first 5.5 release provides some bug fixes to Plasma users, in addition to the many changes that were introduced in 5.5.0 which aimed at enhancing users' experience.

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Zanshin 0.3 beta1 is out!

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Although the wait has been very long between Zanshin 0.2.1 and 0.2.2, we are now happy to announce the immediate availability of Zanshin 0.3 beta1! (aka 0.2.80)

Finally! We're getting a new feature release in sight. It brings a lot of changes coming from our own dog-fooding of 0.2.x, discussions with designers and users feedback.

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KDE Ships KDE Applications 15.12.0

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KDE is excited to announce the release of KDE Applications 15.12, the December 2015 update to KDE Applications. This release brings one new application and feature additions and bug fixes across the board to existing applications. The team strives to always bring the best quality to your desktop and these applications, so we're counting on you to send your feedback.

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Also: KDE Applications 15.12 Launches for KDE Plasma 5.5 with Spectacle Screenshot Tool

KDE Applications 15.12 Released, Spectacle Replaces KSnapshot

KDE Plasma 5 Desktop Will Enter FreeBSD "When It's Stable & Usable"

KDE Plasma 5.5.1 Is Here, with Fix for Wayland Freeze, Much More

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The KDE community announced that the KDE Plasma 5.5.1 is now out and ready for download. This is just a bug fix release, but it's very likely that we'll see it available very soon in repos.

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Release of KDE Frameworks 5.17.0

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December 12, 2015. KDE today announces the release of KDE Frameworks 5.17.0.

KDE Frameworks are 60 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide variety of commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well tested libraries with friendly licensing terms. For an introduction see the Frameworks 5.0 release announcement.

This release is part of a series of planned monthly releases making improvements available to developers in a quick and predictable manner.

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Leftovers: KDE

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Linux Mint 17.3 "Rosa" KDE and Xfce Editions to Launch in January 2016

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The developers of the Linux Mint project published earlier, December 12, their report for the month of November 2015, to inform all users of the popular GNU/Linux distribution about the work done in the last month, as well as about upcoming events.

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  • What is Linux?
  • The Rumors Aren’t True
    I was listening to my usual round of amazing Linux Podcasts this week (you know who you are) and one of the discussions that made the rounds was about hardware compatibility issues with Linux. One of the hosts was bemoaning the issues with running linux on a repurposed MacBook and trying to get the wireless drivers to work. That led to a discussion about proprietary vs. non-proprietary drivers and you can pretty much guess how the conversation went from there.
  • Download Linux Voice issue 19
    Issue 19 of Linux Voice is nine months old, so we’re releasing it under the Creative Commons BY-SA license. You can share and modify all content from the magazine (apart from adverts), providing you credit Linux Voice as the original source and retain the same license.
  • LabXNow – Code, Develop, and Test Software From Anywhere on the Cloud
    LabXNow is a cloud service provider that offers a free and personal online environment to different users with direct access from a web browser. You can think of it as your personal remote lab, where you can play around, code, develop or whatever you want. You can access it from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • BoilingSteam has a nice podcast episode with the creator of SteamOS tools
  • Please, Don’t Touch Anything now supports Linux, don't you dare touch that button
    You all just want to buy it so you can press the button don't you? I know I do. Please, Don’t Touch Anything is now officially available on Linux with a nice discount.
  • Meet KDE Neon, A New Linux Distro Based on Ubuntu Linux
    KDE Neon is the latest and probably the best technology the KDE Community has developed, and I stand to be corrected if it is not so. You can call it a new Linux distro but KDE Neon is basically built comprehensively on Ubuntu Linux as the core, to bring the latest and hottest software developed by the KDE Community in a rolling release format to KDE desktop environment users. The KDE Neon project is intended to provide users cutting-edge features on a highly configurable and yet stable desktop in a single package. The packages made in KDE Neon are based on Ubuntu and are not compatible with other Linux distros such as Arch Linux and OpenSUSE as stated by Jonathan Riddell, one of the project heads and who was previously in charge of the Kubuntu Linux project.
  • Do you like Windows 10 Look but Love LINUX? Here are Windows 10 GTK Themes for you!
    Many people liked the Interface of Windows 10 because now it carries all those features which Linux already have from years. Do you like the look of Windows 10 but don't want to use it? Here we brought Windows 10 GTK themes for you, this theme offers two versions Light and Dark, you can use whatever you like. But hold on, now many people will say like 'why you are so obsessed by other operating systems and so, Linux is great OS', yeah I do agree that many geeks consider Linux above all operating systems. The superiority of the Linux shows that you can do whatever you like to do with your OS, change look/design and so, that's called freedom. We should appreciate new comers to Linux instead of letting them down, and people leave Linux because they think it is quite difficult to survive with this OS.
  • Manjaro Update 2016-05-22 (stable)
    We are happy to announce our first update for Manjaro 16.06-rc1 (Daniella)!
  • Hackfest 1.2 (Day 2)
    Welcome to Day 2 of the Solus Hackfest 1.2!
  • This Week in Solus – Install #29
  • Unixstickers Gives Back to FOSS Projects
  • Chalet OS 16.04LTS
  • ChaletOS 16.04 - See What's New
  • New Gentoo LiveDVD "Choice Edition"
  • Chromium 51 packages available
  • Debian: Outreachy, Debian Reproducible builds Week 1 Progress Report
  • Puppet 4 uploaded to Debian unstable
    Puppet 4 has been uploaded to Debian unstable. This is a major upgrade from Puppet 3. If you are using Puppet, chances are that it is handling important bits of your infrastructure, and you should upgrade with care. Here are some points to consider.
  • Pocket CHIP $49 Indie Game Console
    Last year, we were impressed by Next Thing Co's $9 CHIP computer. At Maker Faire 2016, we were able to check out their PocketCHIP housing, which puts CHIP into a portable console package that runs Linux and indie game console Pico-8. Here's what you can do with the $49 system!
  • Finnish Govt Disappointed with Microsoft’s Job Cuts, Says They Impact Economy
    Microsoft has recently announced a new round of job layoffs at its Mobile unit in Finland, as it moves forward with its restructuring and reorganization plan following the acquisition of Nokia’s Devices and Services unit.
  • The Nokia Saga Predictions on This Blog: Full Listing with Links[Ed: Microsoft killed Nokia]
    So lets understand the context of when Elop came in. Nokia in 2009 sold 67.8 million smartphones globally (with 39% market share). This was a world record obivously and Nokia set record profits in its smartphone unit. In 2010 Nokia then grew 35.8 million new smartphone sales (growth rate of 53% !!!!). Nokia from 2009 to 2010 grew MORE than Apple even thought Apple released its most popular new iPhone model ever, the iPhone 4. Apple grew 22.4 million units but Nokia grew more, Nokia grew 35.8 million new smartphones. Very literally mathematically irrevocably true - Nokia was WINNING against Apple iPhone in 2010. Nokia GREW MORE than Apple with its MOST iconic new smartphone. The GAP between Nokia and Apple was NOT CLOSING, it was GROWING. Nokia was PULLING AWAY from Apple in 2010. Look at the numbers side-by-side...

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