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KDE New Year

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Rating KDE Applications: Great to Not too Good

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On the Manjaro mail forum, a thread is rating KDE applications into three categories: second to none, decent, and better uninstalled and replaced.

Despite the modern proliferation of desktop environments, such a rating could only be done with GNOME or KDE. No other desktops have encouraged as extensive ecosystems of applications, and, in fact, most modern desktops borrow from GNOME.

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Chakra GNU/Linux Devs to Refine the KDE Plasma 5 Implementation in 2016

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Today, December 29, 2015, the developers of the Chakra GNU/Linux operating system have published the distribution's plans for 2016, along with their best wishes to the community.

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Also: Driving Akonadi Next from the command line

Leftovers: KDE

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  • Experimental The Unarchiver backend for Ark

    Five years ago, the Free Software Foundation announced The Unarchiver as a free tool to extract RARv3 archives. In that blog post, you can notice how the FSF hoped that existing GUI extraction tools like Ark would integrate support for The Unarchiver. That’s because The Unarchiver‘s GUI is only available on Mac OS, while on Linux there are only the CLI frontends (which are lsar to list an archive and unar to unpack an archive).

  • Making Something Unpleasant More Pleasant

    I’m just using Dolphin for demonstration purposes, I’m not saying that Dolphin is crashy – Dolphin is awesome!

  • My Experience with KDE and Cantor

    Hello. I'm Divit, a 15 year old KDE contributor. I was introduced to KDE through Google Code-in. For those of you who don't know, Google Code-in is a contest introducing 13-17 year old pre-university students to open source software development. It is somehow similar to Google Summer of Code. This post is related to one of my Google code-in task and in this post, I'll be telling about the KDE application- cantor and my experience with KDE so far in this competition.

Leftovers: KDE

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  • Create Super Mosaic Images with Ekos
  • Look Ma' what I found under the tree! Zanshin 0.3rc1!

    This new release builds upon the new technical foundations we put into place and published to the public for the first time with our previous beta. We have been listening to user feedback and fixed the bugs they found. We would like to thank David Faure and Matija Šuklje who have been instrumental in finding quirks, providing feedback and supporting us. Thanks guys, it is really appreciated!

  • Merry Christmas KDE

    This gift is for all KDE Community, for all support that you give to us since Octuber. For accept us inside this community. To allows us to evolve like humans and programmers.

  • K-F updates, a whole mess of them

    There’s a whole mess of updates in the area51 repository maintained by the KDE-FreeBSD team.

  • Interview with serenitywing

    I love Krita because it is professional in the look and feel but it is for free. I also like the large amount of digital painting brushes in Krita.

  • The Video Editing Challenge – Part I: Kdenlive

    After quite a few false starts, I came upon a tutorial by Seth Kenlon in which he explains how to use masking in Kdenlive. Thanks to Seth’s article, you can learn how to open one (1) window using masking techniques. This set me on the right track, but combining more than two clips requires one more ingredient that you’ll learn about later.

  • Open Letter: The issues with client-side-window-decorations

    as you wanted to have a mail with all my concerns about client-side-window-decorations (CSD), here is a very long mail presenting all my concerns what will not be possible any more with CSD and why I think that these particular features will be impossible. The list is based on KWin’s current feature set.

KDE Ships Plasma 5.5.2, bugfix Release for December

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Tuesday, 22 December 2015. Today KDE releases a bugfix update to Plasma 5, versioned 5.5.2. Plasma 5.5 was released a couple of weeks ago with many feature refinements and new modules to complete the desktop experience. We are experimenting with a new release schedule with bugfix releases started out frequent and becoming less frequent. The first two bugfix releases come out in the weeks following the initial release and future ones at larger increments.

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Leftovers: KDE

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  • KDE Plasma and KDE Apps on Wayland Review and Video: The First Plasma Wayland Live Image

    Recently releases of KDE and GNOME Desktop Environment have a serious progress to Wayland porting – the first Plasma Wayland live image is available for download. Last versions of GNOME work more or less stable and how about KDE? Time to explore it.

  • Notes on kdewallet

    With the relatively new Plasma 5, there are some oddities with “kwallet” (also called “kdewallet”). I’ll be discussing those in this post.

  • DWD: Protocol U-Turn

    Since Martin posted his Wayland progress I’ve noticed an uptick in questions about CSD, so I figure now is a good time to upload this post I’ve had sitting around, as for the past month I’ve been closely examining the concept of “Dynamic Window Decorations”, or “DWDs” and how to better implement them.

Qt 5.6 Now In Beta, Prepares To Be A Long-Term Support Release

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Qt 5.6 remains about two months behind schedule, but the beta release of this tool-kit update with long-term support has been finally realized.

The Qt 5.6 toolkit went into beta on Friday and will be supported for three years with being an LTS release. Qt 5.6 features fully rewritten HiDPI support, full Windows 10 support, the removal of WebKit and Qt Quick 1 support, and many other changes. More information on Qt 5.6 can be found via our past articles.

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KDE Catchup

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  • Coming soon: Roda Pantura

    All the concept art, painting, coloring and 2D animation on this film is done with Krita, supplemented with Blender for compositing and video editing. Hizkia says: “Krita is the best software for me, I like the very smooth brush engine. This is useful, and a lot of people share their brushes. My concept styles are: tropical, dirty, imperfect, colorful.”

  • A little Kube says “Hi!”

    During the Randa Meetings in Switzerland this year, the KDE PIM team decided to do an experiment. We wanted to see how modern QtQuick based PIM applications could look like. So we started to develop Kube Mail, an email client build with QtQuickControls on top of Akonadi-Next.

  • Happy Christmas with Plasma Wayland Live Image

    I just published a live Plasma image with Wayland. A great milestone in a multi-year project of the Plasma team lead by the awesome Martin G. Nowhere near end-user ready yet but the road forward is now visible to humble mortals who don’t know how to write their own Wayland protocol. It’ll give a smoother and more secure graphics system when it’s done and ensures KDE’s software and Linux on the desktop stays relevant for another 30 years.

  • Split kdepim and kdepim-addons

    The main reason is that I wanted to make life easy for new developers.

    Until now when we wanted to develop an extension for kmail/kaddressbook or other kdepim application it was necessary to build all kdepim.

  • KDE Ships Plasma 5.5.1, bugfix Release for December
  • New Features and Changes in KDE Plasma 5.5
  • Type Managers and KDE

    End users like using Type Managers, they make their life easier through many different means that compliment each other. If KDE [type manager] applications integrate more Type Manager features I do believe that they will get more users.

  • KDE 5_15.12 for Slackware-current

    It is time for a refresh of my ‘ktown’ package set. KDE 5_15.12 has been uploaded, containing the latest and greatest: Frameworks 5.17.0, Plasma 5.5.1 and Applications 15.12.0.

  • Server-Side decorations coming to KWin/Wayland

First Plasma Wayland Live Image

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The Plasma team has been working on an early Christmas present: a live image running Plasma on Wayland.

Being able to run a full session of Plasma with applications is a major milestone in our aim of moving from the 30 year old X Window System to its replacement.

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