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Latest Firefox Rolls Out Enhanced Tracking Protection

At Firefox, we’re always looking to build features that are true to the Mozillia mission of giving people control over their data and privacy whenever they go online. We recently announced our approach to Anti-tracking where we discussed three key feature areas we’re focusing on to help people feel safe while they’re on the web. With today’s release, we’re making progress against “removing cross-site tracking” with what we’re calling Enhanced Tracking Protection. Read more

Is Pine64 Considering a Linux Smartphone Running KDE Plasma?

It’s not confirmed but it is likely that Pine64 is considering a budget Linux smartphone running KDE Plasma. Pine64 is a hardware vendor famous for its Linux-based Single Board Computers like Pine A64. These ARM boards are inexpensive and cost only $15-$20. Pine64 also has an $89 Linux laptop called Pinebook. This laptop actually runs the Pine A64 underneath it. Pine64 works with a few Linux distributions to provide a smooth running operating system for Pinebook. KDE Neon is one of those Linux distributions and it seems that this partnership will have some new and exciting ventures in future. Read more

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