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UWIN - Unix for Windows

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There are times when you are forced to use a Windows machine and there is no way of getting your hands on a PC running Linux. And you feel your productivity is severely hampered because certain tasks - which could easily be accomplished using the plethora of command line tools in Linux - do not have an easy solution in Windows.

This is where UWIN comes into the picture.

Fud Alert: Governments should ban Linux

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The truth is that Linux is one of the biggest threats to human creativity worldwide. Linux is a leprosy; and is having a deleterious effect on the U.S. IT industry because it is steadily depreciating the value of the software industry sector.

DVD Jon sets his sights on AACS

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Jon Lech Johansen, better known as "DVD Jon," has thrown down a gauntlet to the entertainment industry. In his blog he has issued a provocative statement about AACS, the next-generation content protection system that will be found both in Blu-ray and HD DVD.

Public debate on GPL 3 draft begins

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The foundation is revising the GPL for the first time in 15 years, and this time the organisation is accepting suggestions from the broad base of people and organisations now involved in the free software and open-source software movements. Over the last decade and a half, the GPL grew from an academic curiosity created by programmer and FSF founder Richard Stallman into a critical foundation of much of the software realm.


The Rebirth of X Window?

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At the end of last year, just in time for Christmas, a technological child was quietly reborn. A GUI technology that was largely supplanted by the Web, Web Services, and a whole lot more has experienced its first major version release in more than a decade. What is the Christmas rebirth you ask? The X Window System X11R7.0 and its companion X11R6.9.

Also: Standard terminology for open systems

GPLv3 Draft Published

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The licenses for most software are designed to take away your
freedom to share and change it. By contrast, the GNU General Public
License is intended to guarantee your freedom to share and change free
software--to make sure the software is free for all its users. We,
the Free Software Foundation, use the GNU General Public License for
most of our software; it applies also to any other program whose
authors commit to using it.

HelpFirefox site goes down

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HelpFirefox, the site launched last week to raise funds for Mozilla's Web browser Firefox, was a victim of its own success on Monday.

What Thunderbird 1.5 should have been

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Somewhere between Evolution and Mozilla Thunderbird is my perfect mail client. So instead of doing a review of the new Thunderbird - if you've seen version 1.0, then you've seen version 1.5 - I'm going to make a wishlist for my ideal mail client.

Doom3 - "In Hell" 1.0 Released

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In Hell is a new revolutionary Doom3 singleplayer modification that brings you back the old atmosphere of ultimate doom.

Looking Forward: Fedora Core 5

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I usually like to wait for a Linux distribution to officially be released before I review it, but I thought it would be interesting to see where it was at exactly one release later. Let's take a closer look, shall we?

CLI Magic: Learn to talk awk

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When it comes to slicing and dicing text, few tools are as powerful, or as underutilized, as awk. In the Linux world, every distribution includes the GNU version, gawk (/bin/awk is usually a symbolic link to /bin/gawk). The GNU version has a few more features than the original. Let's play with some of the core features common among POSIX-compliant awks.

Linux vendors stepping up their focus on security

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Customers should expect to see enhanced, easier-to-use security tools from leading Linux distributors in the coming months as vendors focus on making the platform tough enough to support even the most critical business applications.

Fumbling with Linux - part 1

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I posted here last month about running Ubuntu under Qemu, but it's very slow. I then tried running live CDs of Linux distributions, loading large applications, like, is painfully slow due to the limited RAM. So I decided to install a full distribution on my system, XANDROS 3 Open Cirulation Edition.

Open Source Software: Free and Open Source License Myths

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Virtually all software is distributed under the terms of some license that spells out what the user is and is not permitted to do with the code. The growth of the open source community would not hurt proprietary vendors so badly if it were not for the GPL. It restricts how software may be used that makes it impossible for traditional proprietary software vendors to benefit.

Jon Hall, president of Linux International, to form UnifiedRoot Advisory Board

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UnifiedRoot, the company that has created a new and simplified Internet addressing system for corporate and public top-level domains (TLDs), has appointed Jon Hall, president of Linux International, as a founding member of its advisory board.

Google Faced With European Rival

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The President of France, Jacques Chirac, stated during his recent New Year address that France and other European countries must meet the global challenge posed by American giants - Google and Yahoo!


Gentoo Weekly Newsletter -- January 16, 2006

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A number of important changes are featured in this week's Gentoo Weekly Newsletter, including new USE defaults, the shiny new features contained in the latest baselayout release, and project reports from the AMD64 and PPC teams.

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Mozilla: Privacy, R.I.P., and Consent Management at Mozfest 2018

  • Firefox collects data on you through hidden add-ons

    Mozilla, the organisation that produces the Firefox browser and makes a loud noise about its open source credentials, is quietly collecting telemetry data on its users by the use of hidden add-ons, even though publicly visible telemetry controls are not selected.

  • R.I.P., Charles W. Moore, a fine man who liked fine Macs
    A farewell and au revoir to a great gentleman in making the most of your old Mac, Charles W. Moore, who passed away at his home in rural Canada on September 16 after a long illness. Mr Moore was an early fan of TenFourFox, even back in the old bad Firefox 4 beta days, and he really made his famous Pismo PowerBook G3 systems work hard for it.
  • Consent management at Mozfest 2018
    Good news. It looks like we're having a consent management mini-conference as part of Mozfest next month. (I'm one of the organizers for the Global Consent Manager session, and plan to attend the others.)

Android Leftovers

LibreOffice: A history of document freedom

My reminiscing led me to reach out to the Document Foundation, which governs LibreOffice, to learn more about the history of this open source productivity software. The Document Foundation's team told me that "StarWriter, the ancestor of the LibreOffice suite, was developed as proprietary software by Marco Börries, a German student, to write his high school final thesis." He formed a company called Star Division to develop the software. In 1999, Sun Microsystems bought Star Division for $73.5 million, changed the software's name to, and released the code as open source. Anyone could download the office suite at no charge for personal use. The Document Foundation told me, "For almost 10 years, the software was developed under Sun stewardship, from version 1.0 to version 3.2. It started with a dual license—LGPL and the proprietary SISSL (Sun Industry Standard Software License)—but it evolved to pure LGPL from version 2.0." Read more

Learn the 37 most frequently used shortcuts in GIMP

GIMP is a fantastic artist's tool for editing digital images, especially with the bevy of impressive features in the recent release of version 2.10. Of course, like all creative applications, you can get working more quickly if you can make yourself familiar with the various keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys available. GIMP, of course, gives you the ability to customize these shortcuts to match what you're personally comfortable with. However, the default shortcuts that GIMP ships with are impressive and generally easy to get used to. This cheat sheet is not an exhaustive list of all of the defaults GIMP has available. Instead, it covers the most frequently used shortcuts so you can get to work as fast as possible. Plus, there should be a few in here that make you aware of a few features that maybe you weren't aware of. Read more