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Quick Look at Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Release Candidate

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The highly successful Ubuntu development team released a release candidate of their upcoming version 6.06 desktop operating system. We haven't tested Ubuntu quite a while and thought it'd be interesting to see how things have changed. We also thought it'd might be of interest to others to see how this release was shaping up.


Commonly used commands in SSH

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ls -l === This Will List All Files/Directories In Your Current Directory
ls -al === Lists All Files & Information
ls –alR === Lists All Files & Information In All SubDirectories
cd === Changes Directory
clear === Clears The Screen

Build It Yourself: A Linux Network Appliance

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Practically Networked invites to join our new series on how to build your own Linux-based network appliance. If you're a small business owner with a shared Internet connection and some networked PCs, this is just what you need to secure your LAN with a powerful, flexible device that outperforms comparable commercial devices for a fraction of the cost, or even no cost at all.

Enterprise Unix Roundup: Fuel Injection for HP-UX

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IBM will tripling the middleware offerings (including WebSphere, Rational, Tivoli, and Lotus) available for HP-UX so that they span the systems vendor's entire portfolio. In other news Linux servers grew 17 percent and now account for 12.2 percent of all server revenue. Linux is found to be much faster than Apple's OS X for statistical computing.

GL to the power of X

It's always fun when the future sneaks up on you, and in the last few months that's exactly what's happened in the land of X. Hackers at Novell crawled into a deep, dark basement and spent months hacking away in secret before emerging in January, eyes blinking from the light, with a still experimental but surprisingly usable OpenGL-based X server called Xgl.

Starting Processes in Fedora, SuSe, Ubuntu

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At some point we all need to get into our Linux system, and ensure that key processes are started correctly at boot-up. This very brief guide will show you how to find and start your system processes also called services by using the cron process as an example.

Henry's Tech Advice #3 - Python Functions

My name is Henry the Adequate, and I am a superhero. Felinn asks “In python, how do you call functions? Also, is there an ni function?

More Adventures in Kernel Security

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As promised, I took my own advice and started playing around with some of the improved kernel modules that I wrote about in a previous article. My kernel module of choice for this exercise was grsecurity. After searching around for a Linux distribution that was built on the most recent kernel, I settled on the latest Rubix distribution.

Backing Up and Restoring Using the cpio Command in Linux and Unix

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The cpio command is one of the most commonly used Linux back up tools. Unlike tar , in which the files to back up are typed in as part of the command, cpio reads the files to work with from the standard input (in other words, the screen).

SA open source game developers' quest for glory

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A group of South African game developers will meet in Johannesburg tomorrow to hammer out plans for the development of an open source adventure role-playing game that they hope will reinvigorate South Africa's game development industry.

Should Oracle fear open source?

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Oracle continues to dominate the database software market but challenges lie ahead from open source, analysts say. The biggest threat to Oracle's dominance of the market could be open source competitors such as MySQL, analysts said.

PIcasa on Linux, so far

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What the hell, scoops are over-rated anyway. News is news. In this case, news that Google has released Picasa, its photo editing and organizing software, on Linux. That's before they release it on Apple (if they ever do). I believe this is a first.

MySQL Seen as a Buyout Target

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As the world of software consolidates and open-source programs become more popular, some observers think MySQL is the company most likely to be acquired by a software giant.

Report: Open Source a Judgment Standard

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Open Source is changing the way that Gartner Group measures the application development market. The big loser as a result may well be proprietary Java application development tools.

NDISwrapper Setup Information for SUSE 10.x

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First off, what is NDISwrapper? Shockingly enough, it's a wrapper for the NDIS layer of Windows. In plain English, it means you can use Windows XP drivers inside Linux to power your WIFI card. Very cool.

Yes, Virginia, there will be a Flash Player 9 for Linux

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Yes, Adobe is actively working on the Linux version of Flash Player 9. We expect to make a pre-release version available on Adobe Labs for early feedback and testing before the end of the year, with the full release expected in early 2007*.

Full Blurb.

Release Candidate for Ubuntu 6.06 LTS

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The Ubuntu team is proud to announce the Release Candidate for version 6.06 LTS of Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Edubuntu - codenamed "Dapper Drake". We consider this release candidate complete, stable and suitable for testing by any user.

Easing migration with the menu and toolbar configuration tools

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One of my blog readers reports that, when he migrated his organization to, he didn't even tell the users that they were switching to a different office suite. He just said that there was going to be a big upgrade. Then, he and his migration cohorts modified the menus and toolbars to resemble the Microsoft Office layout and phrasing as much as possible (without violating copyright, of course) and gave that configured version to the users. He reports very few problems with the migration.

45 Minutes to a Moodle Education Server

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This beginner article provides step-by-step instructions for installing Moodle, a Learning Management System, on to a Fedora Linux server. It provides the steps necessary to setup a full powered intranet web-server that can support course listings, event calendars, student/teacher communication and much more. Best of all, a prototype server can be functional within about 45 minutes.

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  • My Free Software Activities in April 2016
    I handled a new LTS sponsor that wanted to see wheezy keep supporting armel and armhf. This was not part of our initial plans (set during last Debconf) and I thus mailed all teams that were impacted if we were to collectively decide that it was OK to support those architectures. While I was hoping to get a clear answer rather quickly, it turns out that we never managed to get an answer to the question from all parties. Instead the discussion drifted on the more general topic of how we handle sponsorship/funding in the LTS project.
  • Initial Planning For Ubuntu 16.10 Today At UOS
    Beyond the announcement that Ubuntu 16.10 won't ship with Mir and Unity 8 by default, many other items were discussed for the Ubuntu 16.10 release due out in October.
  • Ubuntu 16.10 Isn't Going To Use Mir / Unity 8 By Default
    Well, another setback for Unity 8 and Mir. Kicking off the Ubuntu Online Summit for Ubuntu 16.10, it's been confirmed that the Unity 8 desktop and Mir display server will not be the default for the desktop spin. Similar to the current situation with existing Ubuntu releases, Unity 8 and Mir will be available as an opt-in feature for users wanting to upgrade their desktop, but Unity 7 and the faithful X.Org Server is planned to be the default for Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety Yak.
  • Devuan Beta Release
    After two years in development, a beta release of the Devuan distro has made it into the world (Devuan is a registered trademark of the foundation). Devuan is a very Debian-ish distro. In fact, it basically is Debian, with one notable absence. Devuan doesn't use systemd. In fact, that's its main claim to fame. Devuan was created to offer an alternative to Debian fans who were alienated by the controversial switch to systemd.

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