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Freespire 1.0

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So, what is Freespire? It is essentially the free (as in beer) counterpart to Linspire, which, in turn, is based on Debian and will cost you at least about fifty American Dollars. Freespire aims to be to Linspire what Fedora is to Red Hat - a free, community project.

OOoBasic crash course: Beautifying words and making them smarter

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In a previous OOoBasic Crash Course article, we learned how to grab a current word and send it to an external application. Let's see what else we can do with a selected word.

Book Review: Suse Linux by Chris Brown

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Have you been itching to try Suse Linux but didn't know how to get started? Okay, I confess — I know I have. Not sure why, but Suse looks a little more intimidating than Ubuntu, and it isn't. That's why Chris Brown's book is great.

PCLinuxOS Magazine Project Initial Issue Released!

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It is my privilege to announce on behalf of the team members of the PCLinuxOS Magazine Project sponsored by, the September 2006 introductory issue is available for download!  We've put a lot of effort into producing a quality magazine made for the community, by the community.

UFO:Alien Invasion 2.0-RC4 Released

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A new version of UFO:Alien Invasion was released. This release includes a lot of bugfixes and some exciting new features such as a new sound renderer api, a new production system, updated and new maps, and multiplayer is working again. Read More Here.

People Behind KDE: Celeste Lyn Paul

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Today's People Behind KDE features the American lass who is forging the KDE 4 Human Interface Guidelines. Find out the advantage of a hobby against job, what is wrong with Fruit Salad plus the good fortune of one KDE convert as we interview Celeste Lyn Paul.

IBM's 5th article on Drupal

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In this series, the IBM® Internet Technology Group designs, develops, and deploys a closed community Web site using a suite of software that is freely available. If you followed the instructions in the previous articles, you now have a generic Drupal installation. You can begin to add content and modify the style.

Linux Laptops

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Last week at Linuxworld in San Francisco, Lenovo and Novell announced the first Linux-based ThinkPad mobile workstations, which will run Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 (SLED 10). The Thinkpad T60p laptops are based on Intel Centrino Duo mobile technology and are the result of a two-year research and development effort between Lenovo, Intel, and Novell.

Users see wider desktop adoption in Ubuntu's future

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Ubuntu could be the operating system with enough pluck and mettle to muscle its way into the commercial Linux desktop space, according to feedback from a recent inquiry.

Do Small Businesses Fear Open Source?

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Are you the open source type? It's an essential question for emerging enterprises as they build out their IT infrastructure--the wrong choice may bring your business to a standstill.

Hackers still important, Red Hat exec says

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Michael Tiemann, Red Hat's vice president of open source affairs, who is also president and a member of the board at the Open Source Initiative was in India last week. In a telephone interview from Delhi, Tiemann talked to IDG News Service on a wide range of issues relating to the open source movement.

Firefox 2.0 Beta 2 Will Launch Thursday

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Barring more bugs, Firefox Beta 2 will release Thursday, Mozilla Corp. developers reported after a weekly status meeting held Tuesday.

OpenOffice goes Premium

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Version 2.0, which was released late last year, received favorable reviews. Now, a group of OpenOffice enthusiasts have released OpenOffice Premium, a new bundle that includes the OpenOffice suite and a grab-bag of extras, such as clip art, document templates, and fonts.

Sabayon Linux 3.0 RC2 Mini Screenshots

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Sabayon Linux, a rather unique distribution based upon Gentoo, has come out recently with the the second release candidate in the 3.0 branch both with DVD and CD versions. The mini edition uses a single LiveCD and comes with a wealth of Linux desktop innovations. Of the features include WINE (0.9.19), Compiz, and more. Those Screenshots.

Products and Projects: What’s in a Name?

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What makes a good open source project name, and what makes a good name for a product, or even a feature within a product? And, does it really matter in the world of open source software? From what I have seen, it matters a lot.

Building a Path for Linux Applications

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In this TestRun podcast, eWEEK Labs Director Jim Rapoza talks to Advanced Technologies Analyst Jason Brooks about a new type of Linux distribution called rPath. Jason says that rPath combines the strength of Linux, virtualization and appliances to create a useful application platform for both ISVs and businesses. That Podcast.

Gentoo Linux 2006.1 Unleashed

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The Gentoo Release Engineering team proudly announces the release of Gentoo Linux 2006.1, the second release of the year. It builds on the strength of previous releases with several improvements.

Gentoo 2006.1 Impressions

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The Gentoo release team has just announced the launch of their 2006.1 version, so we are going to take a look at what's new. Included in the updates is an improved installer/LiveCD with Networkless mode, smarter partitioner, updated compiler and more. This release also adds the addition of an AMD64 Live CD.


Mozilla Goes Mainstream

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As Mozilla prepares for the October release of the next version of Firefox, the group is facing its biggest challenge yet: Going mainstream. Firefox's share of the market, however impressive, has been flat after rapid growth in 2004 and 2005. Analysts say that's because Mozilla has largely reached the natural Firefox constituency—hip college students, Microsoft haters, and tech geeks.

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NVIDIA Linux Performance-Per-Dollar: What The RX 480 Will Have To Compete Against

There's a lot of benchmarking going on this weekend at Phoronix in preparation for next week's Radeon RX 480 Linux review. Here are some fresh results on the NVIDIA side showing the current performance-per-dollar data for the NVIDIA Maxwell and Pascal graphics cards for seeing what the RX 480 "Polaris 10" card will be competing against under Linux. Read more

RaspAnd Project Brings Android 6.0 Marshmallow to Raspberry Pi 3, Now with GAAPS

Android-x86 and GNU/Linux developer Arne Exton has informed Softpedia today, June 25, 2016, about the immediate availability of a new build of his RaspAnd distribution for Raspberry Pi single-board computers. RaspAnd Build 160625 is the first to move the Android-x86-based distro to the latest Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow mobile operating system created by Google. And in the good tradition of the RaspAnd project, both Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and Raspberry Pi 2 Model B are supported. Read more

BSD Leftovers

  • FreeBSD 11.0 Alpha 5 Released, Schedule So Far Going On Track
    The fifth alpha release of the huge FreeBSD 11.0 operating system update is now available for testing. FreeBSD 11.0 is bringing updated KMS drivers, Linux binary compatibility layer improvements, UEFI improvements, Bhyve virtualization improvements, and a wide range of other enhancements outlined via the in-progress release notes.
  • DragonFly's HAMMER2 File-System Sees Some Improvements
    The HAMMER2 file-system is going on four years in development by the DragonFlyBSD crew, namely by its founder Matthew Dillon. It's still maturing and taking longer than anticipated, but this is yet another open-source file-system.

Debian GNU/Linux 9 "Stretch" to Ship with GCC 6 by Default, Binutils 2.27

Debian developer Matthias Klose has announced that the new GCC 6 compiler, which will be made the default GCC compiler for the upcoming Debian GNU/Linux 9 "Stretch" operating system, is now available in the Debian Testing repos. Debian users who are currently using Debian Testing can make GCC 6 the default compiler by installing the gcc/g++ packages from experimental. If installing it, they are also urged to help fix reported built failures in Debian Testing and Debian Unstable. Read more