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Linux Timeline

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Linux Journal celebrated the publication of its 100th issue in 2002 with the release of the Linux Timeline. It's now 2006, Linux itself turns 15 this year and Linux Journal, a little older, grayer and wiser, is soon to release it's 150th issue. In celebration and in honor of an amazing community's history we're compiling the significant events of 2002 - 2006.

Red Hat: Microsoft still 'aggressive as hell'

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ZDNet UK sat down with Red Hat chief executive Matthew Szulik at the company's user summit in Nashville for a brief discussion on how he intends to keep his company on the cutting edge and battle the biggest threats to its future success.


New Ubuntu Release Available for Desktops and Servers, with Long Term, Global Support

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It's official. Ubuntu, which has become one of the world's most popular Linux distributions in recent years, launched its latest version on June 1 following months of intense testing. The new release is titled Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (Long Term Support), and has a specific emphasis on the needs of large organisations with both desktop and server versions.

Multi Distro is Linux times 9 on a single CD-R

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Multi Distro includes nine live CD Linux distributions in one ISO file that you can burn to a single disc. It uses the GRUB boot loader to present the user with a main menu from which they can choose which distro they want to run. By showing you how to make your own live CD composed of multiple live CD distros, Multi Distro packs a big punch.

Novell posts a profit as sales shrink

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Novell Inc., which sells networking software and computer-consulting services, reported a second-quarter profit as sales declined. Results this quarter may miss analysts' estimates.

Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake Unofficially Available

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According to a thread running in the ubuntu forums, the isos for Ubuntu Dapper Drake are up on mirrors around the world. Upgrade wiki in place as well.

Outsourcing and Linux development boom in North America

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A new survey of North American software developers has revealed a marked in increase in outsourcing and offshoring as well increased Linux adoption.

No More Neverwinter Nights

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It seems that Atari has pulled the plug on BioWare's efforts to keep NWN going. After the last 1.68 patch and Infinite Dungeons module, Atari will no longer allow them to support the franchise.

Picasa for Linux is a good Windows app, But Not Linux

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SEARCH GIANT Google released some days ago what it calls "Picasa for Linux", and I decided to take it for a spin on my 2.4 Ghz P4 (512MB RAM) Linux desktop which runs Blag, a British distro based on Fedora Core 3.

Book review: UNIX to Linux Porting by Alfredo Mendoza et. al

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Converting a brilliant and specially customized C or C++ application from a generic UNIX OS to GNU/Linux has the potential to be painful, costly and time consuming. From comical personal experience I find that Murphy smiles and laughs at such rich complexities. “UNIX to Linux Porting: A Comprehensive Reference” gives psychological handle bars for those of you that wish to plan or enact a porting project for the first time and a comprehensive reference for the more experienced.

KDE 3.5.3 Release Officially Announced

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The KDE Project today announced the immediate availability of KDE 3.5.3, a maintenance release for the latest generation of the most advanced and powerful free desktop for GNU/Linux and other UNIXes. Unusually for a maintenance release, new features were implemented.

GNU grep's new features

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If you haven't been paying attention to GNU grep recently, you should be happily surprised by some of the new features and options that have come about with the 2.5 series. They bring it functionality you can't get anywhere else -- including the ability to output only matched patterns (not lines), color output, and new file and directory options.

The case for a Creative Commons 'sunset' Non-Commercial license module

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Creative Commons is jumping on the license-rewrite bandwagon and planning to publish a draft of version 3.0 of their license modules. This has occasioned some discussion of the ways in which CC licensing can be improved (I hope to write more broadly about this later).

Red Hat returns to developer roots

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Red Hat has unveiled a series of products and projects that aim to further push adoption of open source applications and open content.

BB completes XP migration to open source

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Federally owned Banco do Brasil has completed the migration of all its Windows XP computers to the open source suite, reported local tech service Computerworld.

Google denies browser plans

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Google Inc. has no plans to build its own Web browser software to compete with rival Microsoft Corp., Chief Executive Eric Schmidt says.

Ubuntu Dapper Review

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Another review of the upcoming Ubuntu Dapper Drake has surfaced onto the net today. Actually utilizing the Release Candidate from approximately a week ago, this review goes into some detail about how to get some multimedia working as well as XGL.

Gnome 2.16 expected in Mandriva 2007

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According to reports not only is Xorg 7.0 expected to be included in the upcoming Mandriva 2007 scheduled for release in early fall, but also Gnome 2.16.

SUSE kubuntu Slackware KDE 3.5.3 packages on mirrors

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KDE 3.5.3 was tagged approximately a week ago and some developers have uploaded binaries onto mirrors. Not announced yet, kde 3.5.3 is primarily a maintenance release.

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  • WebExtensions in Firefox 48
  • Mozilla's WebExtensions API Is In Good Shape For Firefox 48
    Mozilla has announced that for Firefox 48 their WebExtensions API is considered to be in a stable state. They encourage developers looking to develop browser add-ons to begin using this new API. WebExtensions is an API for implementing new browser add-ons/extensions that makes it easier to port to/from other browsers, is compatible with Firefox's Electroloysis, and should be easier to work with than the current APIs. In particular, Google designed portions of the WebExtensions API around Google's Blink extension API.
  • Mozilla a Step Closer to Thunderbird Decision
    The good news is that the folks at Mozilla seem to be determined to find Thunderbird a good home where it will be able to grow and find newfound success. This isn’t surprising. As Surman pointed out in his post, the project is quite popular among those associated with the foundation — but that popularity is also contributing to the problem Mozilla has with keeping the project in-house.