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OTS: Command line text auto-summary

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Debian Package of the Day: Open Text Summarizer is both a library and a command line tool (developed by Nadav Rotem) that, well, summarises text. It is similar to the functionality incorporated into Microsoft Word and available in all native Mac OS X applications.

Xandros users not too happy about Microsoft deal

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click: I purchased all four major releases of Xandros, starting with 1.0, and all the Premium versions when available. Now, after four and a half years, I learn it was a lie. I'm currently installing PCLinuxOS 2007.

Also: PCLinuxOS 2007 is amazingly well done !

Navy CIO 'recognizes the importance of OSS to the warfighter'

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OSS John Weathersby, executive director of the Open Source Software Institute, told today that, effective immediately, the Department of the Navy has adopted a new policy which requires that open source software must be considered in every software acquisition the Navy makes.

KDE-PIM to be released with KDE 4.0

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/home/liquidat: The KDE-PIM developers decided to release their KDE module together with the main release. That means that KDE 4.0 will ship with a KDE 4 version of the KDE-PIM tools.

Ubuntu Light

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Tux -o- Blog: I wanted a new distribution that sported a nice Gnome desktop, but without the many additional programs that come installed by default in a standard Ubuntu installation. What did I do in the end?

Personalize your Firefox menu

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Mozilla Links: In Firefox, one thing you can’t customize is the main menu. And you may find it’s a waste of space to have a whole bar for just a couple of frequent tasks like bookmarking, history or tweaking a preference here and there. Pesonal Menu is a Firefox extension developed by Merci Chao that comes to solve this.

OpenType support in

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Fabrice Facorat: What a bad luck Sad I've just noticed that doesn't support OpenType fonts ( .otf ) under Linux. This is really disappointing. Freet(ype and others Linux applications ( koffice, abiword ) are able to handle OTF fonts whereas can't. There's 2 ways to workaround this issue :

MPlayer 1.0rc1try3 released

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MPlayer 1.0rc1try3 was released because of a security fix. A stack overflow was found and reported by Stefan Cornelius of Secunia Researchin in the code used to handle cddb queries. Two other similar issues were found by Reimar Döffinger while fixing the issue.

Mythbuntu: The Open-Source Media Center Awaits You

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CyberNetNews: Have you been itching to get your hands on a Media Center computer that lets you record all of your shows? Both Vista Home Premium and Vista Ultimate include these capabilities, but you can download Mythbuntu if you’re looking for an open source alternative to put an extra PC to work.

Cool app - SpeedCrunch

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FOSSwire: It’s not often that you take a lot of notice of the calculator application in your operating system. However, if you do want a bit more flexibility, control and features than the average calculator application, you may want to take a look at SpeedCrunch.

Dell signs up for Microsoft-Novell partnership; SUSE Linux or bust

ZDNet Blogs: The good news: Dell is going after the Linux market in a big way. The bad news: Dell may torpedo any goodwill it had in the Linux community after choosing Ubuntu for its desktop Linux distribution.

Who's Afraid of Google? The New Evil Empire

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IT Management: Based on what it’s been able to accomplish to date, I deem this company to be the new evil empire – this from a company whose informal motto is “Don’t be Evil.” Google’s evil is more threatening than anything the original evil empire, Microsoft, has ever succeeded in doing.

LAMP tutorials for newbies

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The saga of buying an Ubuntu Dell with Complete Care (tm)

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Ubuntu I go online to Dell's Website and go to the Ubuntu page. I choose the E1505n. I upgrade to a GB of Ram, I get the Nvidia 256 MB graphics card, I get the DVD burner optical drive. So far so good. Now, another driving factor is that Dell has the nifty cool complete care (tm) plan.

DreamWorks Animation "Shrek the Third": Linux Feeds an Ogre

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LinuxJournal: All the big film studios primarily use Linux for animation and visual effects. Perhaps no commercial Linux installation is larger than DreamWorks Animation, with more than 1,000 Linux desktops and more than 3,000 server CPUs.

Making Guidance-power-manager into a Wattmeter

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Nosredna Ekim: Ever curious how many watts your laptop is using while running off its battery? If you are using Kubuntu Fiesty, you can do it quite easily by making a quick modification to guidance-power-manager.

Xandros CEO Defends Microsoft Deal

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InformationWeek: Xandros CEO Andreas Typaldos says his company's deal with Microsoft will help increase Linux adoption rates.

Also: Xandros Migrators Prefer PCLinuxOS or Ubuntu


Use your iPod in Linux

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pimpyourlinux: Many people have Linux installed on their computers, but they are afraid of using their iPod on it. Perhaps corrupt files, or damage detour them from using the myriad programs that currently exist for the Linux operating system. There is good news.

Creative Commons retires two licenses

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LWN: Lawrence Lessig has sent out a message stating that the Creative Commons organization has decided to retire the Developing Nations and Sampling licenses.

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