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Memo to Xandros CEO: you're better off selling potatoes

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iTWire: Incredibly, a patent cross-licensing deal was signed without once discussing patents. Now how could anyone imagine that people would talk about patents when they were signing such a deal? Silly me!

Hardware review: Dell Inspiron E1505N with Ubuntu Feisty

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the Distrogue: By now, you should certainly know that Dell's offering computers with Ubuntu installed. After just getting one, here are some points about the entry-level Inspiron E1505N laptop:

Over 16 Small Games For Ubuntu Linux

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Linux on Desktop: Ubuntu Linux is one of the most popular Linux distribution , it is especially popular among Linux newbies and windows refuges . Now Ubuntu Linux does come with a descent set of applications , still there is a scope for including some more quality applications and especially games . Now in this tutorial i will show you how to install a large number of small , easy and less resource hungry games on Ubuntu Linux with screen-shots of games .

Distributed versus centralized version control systems

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503 Service Unavailable: Version control systems, sometimes called revision control systems or source code management systems, are programs whose purpose is to let you track changes made to a set of, usually, plain text files. There’s usually a repository, a place in which your changes are recorded. The two most famous centralized version control systems are CVS and Subversion.

Firefox 3 (Minefield) Gets Pretty Widgets

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FOSSwire: Hate the ugly form widgets in Firefox 2? Want to stab your eyes out if you see one? The latest (and I mean latest) build has pretty form widgets.

Some howtos:

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  • Howto Set Flickr images as Ubuntu desktop wallpaper

  • EasyPHP index not initialised errors - how to fix them
  • duplicate-ssh-session
  • Send mail with a BASH Shell Script
  • How-To: Monitor your servers with SNMP and Cacti
  • Find and Replace with a MySQL Query
  • Root Account In Ubuntu

Spice up Windows - replace it! [with Linux]; part 4

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Blog of Gentoo: In my few previous posts I've stated that I'd like to help people to spice their system and move from Windows to Linux. But we all know that it cannot be done in an instant. I started to explain the process in last posts. This time I will explain the 4th step: Spicing up Windows!

It's Time to Consider Open Source Software, Part 2

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linux insider: Training teachers and students to use a piece of software makes that software more valuable. Vendors know this. Business sense, not altruism, is what drives deep discounts on software for education. I once spoke to a vendor of an online grade book who, upon learning that I train teachers, was very interested in my using it in my classes.

Ubuntu Gutsy Ximeta NDAS Howto

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Manuel Klimek: A month ago I bought a TREKSTOR NDAS device. This devices promises on it's package to be linux compatible. So after I unpacked the hardware and everything was running in Windows I tried to install it in linux. Unfortunately the stock feisty debian package I found didn't work with my WLAN configuration.

What is so great about Feisty

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Released on April 19 through the world, Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn has arguably become the best version of the world’s most exciting distro yet. This Ubuntu release has introduced major changes which was unanimously felt needed by users all throughout the world.

How to cleanup your GNOME registry?

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The other day I stumbled upon this neat tool that helps cleanup your GConf registry, called GConf Cleaner. While GNOME registry size isn't nowhere near the size of Windows registry, and thus shouldn't slow your computer too much, it's still nice to have a tool that cleans unused and obsolete entries.

How To Install VMware Server On A Fedora 7 Desktop

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This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on how to install VMware Server on a Fedora 7 desktop. With VMware Server you can create and run guest operating systems (virtual machines) such as Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, etc. under a host operating system.

Hands on Fedora 7

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Typos: Been a few days since I started ‘messing’ with Fedora 7 (Moonshine). Fedora now has spins! What this means to you and me is that it now offers variations of Fedora with different set of software packages for Desktop Users and Servers as well as Fedora Live CDs like the Ubuntu guys do.

TreeLine: a versatile tree-like structured custom data manager

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DPotD: Do you have lots of sticky notes lying around with various useful information jotted down? Or many lists of books, movies, website logins, personal contacts, or things to do? Can you find them when you need them? TreeLine is a possible anwser to all those questions.

Fedora 7 - A Review

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shift+backspace: Fedora 7 was released on May 31, 2007 by Red Hat and the Fedora community. This review will focus on my opinion of Fedora 7 straight “out-of-the-box” and what it can do with minimal intervention.

Scorched 3D - Sourceforge Project of the Month

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Gaming This game offers fun and entertainment at various levels. In its simplest form you shoot artillery from your tank at your enemies, trying to blow up as many as you can.

Parsix 0.90 Test 3 Screenshots

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Phoronix: The third test release of Parsix GNU/Linux 0.90 is now available. New in this LiveCD is GNOME 2.18.2, Sun Java replaced by GCJ, added the Parsix Book to the LiveCD, several bug fixes, glibc 2.5, and many other improvements.

Command line tip - banish ‘command not found’ when using su

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FOSSwire: Sometimes, if you’re following a tutorial on doing something on your Linux box and you’re trying to fix something, you’ll be asked to go to a terminal and type in some commands. Often, these commands need to be run as root, the administrator.

Alternative GUIs: SymphonyOS

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We're all familiar with the "big two" desktops for Linux -- KDE and GNOME. Of course, there are many more to choose from. If you asked a group of Linux users, "Which one is best?", the ensuing debate would likely take on religious overtones. Some would even argue that a desktop like KDE is too hard for newbies to use. Still, it's a safe bet that most Linux users don't stray too far away from those "big two," KDE and GNOME. So it's especially interesting to look at some innovative alternatives.

Splitting legal hairs over the Novell-Microsoft deal

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ComputerWorld: New provisions in the latest GPLv3 draft deal more specifically with patents, and how companies distributing software under the proposed GPLv3 can interact with other companies who distribute patented software protected by copyright law. They aim to stop future software patent deals like the one recently made by Microsoft and Novell.

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Development News

  • GCC 7 Moves Onto Only Regression/Doc Fixes, But Will Accept RISC-V & HSA's BRIG
    The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) is entering its "stage four" development for GCC 7 with the stable GCC 7.1 release expected in March or April. Richard Biener announced today that GCC 7 is under stage four, meaning only regression and documentation fixes will be permitted until the GCC 7.1.0 stable release happens (yep, as per their peculiar versioning system, GCC 7.1 is the first stable release in the GCC 7 series).
  • 5 ways to expand your project's contributor base
    So many free and open source software projects were started to solve a problem, and people began to contribute to them because they too wanted a fix to what they encountered. End users of the project find it useful for their needs, and the project grows. And that shared purpose and focus attracts people to a project's community.
  • Weblate 2.10.1
    This is first security bugfix release for Weblate. This has to come at some point, fortunately the issue is not really severe. But Weblate got it's first CVE ID today, so it's time to address it in a bugfix release.

Intel Kabylake: Windows 10 vs. Linux OpenGL Performance

For those curious about the current Kabylake graphics performance between Windows 10 and Linux, here are some OpenGL benchmark results under each operating system. Windows 10 Pro x64 was tested and the Linux distributions for comparison were Ubuntu 16.10, Clear Linux, Antergos, Fedora 25 Xfce, and openSUSE Tumbleweed. Read more

Google's open-source Tilt Brush: Now you can create 3D movies in VR