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GIF is NOW finally free - for real

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I am sure a lot of you remember the great "GIF fiasco": more than a decade ago, Unisys decided to make money out of the most used image file format on the Internet: the GIF format. Not many people noticed that in just a few days the GIF format will definitely be free.

Test the latest Firefox release candidate on Ubuntu

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So you want to give the latest Firefox 2 release candidate a spin, but don't want it to mess with your current Firefox install/profile? (Which is a good idea as their may still be some data eating bugs that may ruin your day.) No worries, keeping the to installs completely separate is easy as pie.

Is Linspire Any Good for System Builders?

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Even though there is still a lot of frustration in regards to the CNR client, thanks to the issues that are yet to be resolved, I’ve begun to see a glimmer of hope.

MySQL Backup And Recovery With mysql-zrm On Debian Sarge

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This guide describes how to back up and recover your MySQL databases with mysql-zrm on a Debian Sarge system. mysql-zrm is short for Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL, it is a new tool that lets you create full logical or raw backups of your databases (regardless of your storage engine and MySQL configuration), generate reports about the backups, verify the integrity of the backups, and recover your databases.

Discover Linux the safe way

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It seems most PC users have heard of Linux and, at the very least, the idea of open source software has piqued their curiosity. Here, we explain open source in greater detail so, if you are interested in getting started with Linux, now is the time to give it a try.

Interview: Malcolm Yates Of Ubuntu Linux Vendor Canonical

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The company behind Ubuntu, one of the fastest-growing Linux distros, is moving from small business users to enterprise deployment. TechWeb recently spoke with Malcolm Yates, Canonical's ISV and partner manager, about Ubuntu's place in the rapidly-evolving enterprise Linux ecosystem.

How to configure your Gtalk account in GAIM?

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More and more people use Gtalk as an interesting alternative to MSN Messenger because Gtalk uses an open-source protocol: Jabber. Gtalk and Jabber clients are also better because they don't have ads. In this tutorial we will set up a Gtalk account on GAIM, Gnome's universal instant messager.

GPLv3: What is an alternative solution?

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As suspected, the criticizing position statement by Linux kernel developers on GPLv3 which calls for the termination of the GPLv3 process is stirring the pot.

BLAG - An Easy Way to Freedom?

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BLAG Linux with GNU is a small one CD distribution of the GNU/Linux operating system based upon Fedora Core. The version I'm taking a look at here, BLAG-500000, is based upon Fedora Core 5, with a bunch of packages added from third party sources.

Open-source software gains ground in corporations

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Corporations are allocating a growing amount of resources to open-source software, once a radical idea in industries that closely guarded proprietary technology.

DSWD shifting to open source software -- official

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The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) is now training key employees to become open source experts as part of a department-wide shift to using open source software, an official told

Songbird v0.2 RC1 Test Flight

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Songbird, the Mozilla Firefox blended audio player, has flew out of the nest today with version 0.2 release candidate 1. Songbird v0.2 RC1 supports Linux, Macintosh, and Windows platforms. We at Phoronix have a visual preview of this latest release.

A fight against evil or a fight for attention?

Two hot issues are making the rounds. First, Debian and Firefox are having a spat, and the end result may be that Debian will distribute Firefox under a different name. Second, the war betwen Linus Torvalds and other Kernel developers and the Free Software Foundation over GPLv3 is continuing, with Torvalds saying he's fed up with the FSF. Here is my take on both, and related issues.

Is Red Hat in trouble?

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Red Hat Inc's total revenue for its fiscal 2007 second quarter may have grown, but when the second-quarter profit slipped 34 percent because of stock compensation expenses, the stock-market had a fit and Red Hat's stock dropped 23.21 percent to $20.21 a share. Was the news really that bad?

Akademy Hackathon Starts as Contributors Conference Wraped-up

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The KDE contributors conference part of Akademy 2006 in Dublin kicked off Saturday morning bright and early, much to the dismay of those who had been out late the evening before at the registration desk, conveniently located in a pub.

Firefox Not Really Free?

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When most people think about the Mozilla Firefox browser, they think of it as being open source and free. The truth is, while Mozilla Firefox is open source, it is not entirely free.

Linux Flash Player Saga Continues

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Adobe's Mike Melanson has posted some more information about the lengthy delays in releasing a new version of Flash Player for Linux.

Running Internet Explorer in Debian and ubuntu Linux

No clicks needed. No boring setup processes. No Wine complications. Just one easy script and you’ll get three IE versions to test your Sites. And it’s free and open source.This may be very helpful for software developers and web developers to test their applications.

Read Full article here

Myah OS 2.3rc1 Release

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Myah OS 2.3rc1 is now availble for download. I know it's only been a week or 2 since 2.2 came out but I have been working day and night making impovements. So now Myah OS has the latest KDE 3.5.4 with all the propper support.

Opposition to new Linux licence mounts

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Opposition to a new version of the licence for open source OS Linux is growing, with a number of prominent developers joining originator Linus Torvalds in criticising changes in wording.

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Fedora 22: End Of Life, 2016 July 19

With the recent release of Fedora 24, Fedora 22 will officially enter End Of Life (EOL) status on July 19th, 2016. After July 19th, all packages in the Fedora 22 repositories will no longer receive security, bugfix, or enhancement updates, and no new packages will be added to the Fedora 22 collection. Read more

Linux Devices

  • Atom-based gateway taps new open source IoT cloud platform
    Eurotech’s rugged, IP40 protected “ReliaGate 20-26” IoT gateway runs Red Hat Linux on a Bay Trail Atom, and has cellular, GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth options. Eurotech’s ReliaGate 20-26 is the latest in a line of Internet of Things gateways, such as the ReliaGate 10-11, based on a TI AM3352 Sitara SoC, and the Intel Atom Z510-based ReliaGate 50-21. For the ReliaGate 20-26, Eurotech advances to a more modern “Bay Trail” Atom E3800.
  • Rugged COM Express Type 6 modules adopt Skylake and Braswell
    Win Enterprises unveiled a COM Express Compact module for Intel Braswell, following two COM Express releases for Skylake. They all operate from -40 to 85°C. The Win Enterprises MB-73450 is a 95 x 95mm COM Express Type 6 Compact computer-on-module that supports Intel Pentium and Celeron N3000, as well as Intel Atom x5-E8000, system-on-chips from the 14nm “Braswell” family. The module is the third in a new wave of Win Enterprises COM Express modules with Intel chips released in recent months.
  • Tough Mini-PC with up to four GbE ports runs Linux Mint on AMD SoC
    CompuLab’s Fitlet-RM is a rugged mini-PC that runs Linux Mint on an AMD A10 Micro-6700T, and offers -40 to 70°C operation, WiFi, and up to four GbE ports.

Ubuntu 16.10 Alpha 1 Is Out for Opt-in Flavors, Final Release to Land October 13

Believe it or not, the development cycle of the next Ubuntu release has started, and a first Alpha build is now officially released, today, June 30, 2016, as expected based on the release schedule for Ubuntu 16.10 (Yakkety Yak). Read more Also: Ubuntu MATE 16.10 Alpha 1 Arrives with MATE 1.14 Built Entirely Against GTK 3.18 Lubuntu 16.10 Alpha 1 Officially Released with LXDE and Linux Kernel 4.4 LTS Ubuntu Kylin 16.04 Alpha 1 Now Available for Chinese Users with Linux Kernel 4.4

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