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Hard Choices

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The divide between totally-free vs. free-when-we-can got needlessly wider this week when open source practitioner Eric Raymond issued a press release announcing his departure from Fedora to Ubuntu, citing--among other concerns--Fedora's adherence to purely free software as a reason for his departure.

sidux -- a new star in the Linux galaxy

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Two days ago the first incarnation of sidux was released, code-named "Chaos". sidux is a desktop-oriented distribution. It comes as a Live CD based on the "unstable" branch of Debian, but is easily able to install onto harddisk from the running Live CD using a completely new graphical installer frontend.

Fedora Community? Nope, 100% Red Hat

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So long for texts like "Fedora is a set of projects, sponsored by Red Hat and guided by the Fedora Project Board." The governance model is broken. The project management is broken. The whole public image of Fedora Linux is a fake.

Third KDE 4 Development Snapshot Released: "Kludge"

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The KDE project announces the availability of the third development snapshot of the upcoming KDE 4. This snapshot is meant as a reference for developers who want to play with parts of the new technology KDE 4 will provide.

Linux Software Installation, Part II: General Overview

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In my article series regarding software installation on Linux the last article outlined what my position and also point of view is. This article deals tries to give a general overview about the current techniques available on Linux. This is done mainly by linking to different articles and posts.

Who writes the Linux kernel?

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Linux has an interesting article [Sub req'd] detailing the contributors to the Linux 2.6.20 kernel. The author attempts to determine just who (as in individuals) and who (as in their employers) writes the Linux kernel. It's not an easy task.

Building the XO: Introducing Sugar

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One Laptop Per Child comes closer to being a reality every day — and every day, more people are looking for ways to get involved with the OLPC project. It will still be quite a while before the XO systems are available for broad distribution, but people can see for themselves what the XO is all about by downloading Sugar, the core of the OLPC Human Interface.

10 must have programs for a new Ubuntu user

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I’ve taken the plunge from windows to Linux. And I can truthfully say, I’m not looking back. My disto of choice, Ubuntu 6.10 edgy eft. I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 must have programs. This is not a complete list by any means, but it should save you a lot of time when you make the switch.

Mozilla patches Firefox, but leaves some flaws unfixed

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Mozilla Corp. updated Firefox Friday to patch 14 vulnerabilities, three of them critical, but pushed out the new versions without fixing several flaws.

Connect to MySQL

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One of the good things about is its ability to use different database engines. Just give it the right driver, and can connect to virtually any database system, including MySQL. However, deciding what database driver to use and configuring a connection between MySQL and can be a bit tricky. Let's walk through the process. and World Domination

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The GNU/Linux community is facing a great opportunity that it must take advantage of, the turn of the tide of 64bit computing over an increasingly obsolete 32bit computing. The time is ticking away and if we want our operating system to dominate on the desktop we must act now, even if that means making some compromises.

SLED 10 after another update

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In early January I reported how an update, applied to my SLED (Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop) 10 system before the Christmas break, led to the failure of the system's graphic (X11) desktop, and the failure of Gnome's window manager. Well, the same thing happened again this week, almost.

Creating a Web service app object using WebSphere Portal V6

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Extend your WebSphere Portal Personalization capabilities to make data from external sources available to your portal using Personalization Rules.

TAPR introduces open-source hardware license, OSI skeptical

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The Tucson Amateur Packet Radio (TAPR) organization is sponsoring a new open-source license intended for hardware components. Open Source Definition author and amateur radio enthusiast Bruce Perens has endorsed the OHL, and submitted it to the Open Source Institute (OSI) for evaluation.

Nokia Seeks Application Ideas For Linux-Based N800 Tablet

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Nokia is now scouting about for new application ideas around the N800, its latest Linux-enabled tablet. At the same time, though, the company has no plans to stray from its choice of an essentially Debian Linux-based platform, or from its concept of the N800 as a device geared to on-the-go Internet connectivity.

How to make DVDs with Menus using Q DVD Author

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DVD authoring is one area where open source software has typically lagged far behind commercial alternatives. It is however possible, to create a simple DVD containing menus, sounds and animations using 'Q' DVD Author.

Next Fedora release delayed, new design theme selected

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The Fedora Project Board met this week to discuss issues surrounding the upcoming release of Fedora 7 (F7). Though originally scheduled for release on April 26, that date has now been moved back to May 24, dashing the development team's plan to debut the final release at this year's Red Hat Summit. One thing that Summit attendees will see, though, is the artwork that has been selected as Fedora 7's new theme.

SSH Security Primer: Server Security Settings

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In this follow-up to his article on SSH client software security settings, John Tränkenschuh describes the settings and implementation details important to your OpenSSH server installation. Because an OpenSSH server functions as a VPN gateway as much as a means to transfer files and invoke commands remotely, it's important to get this right.

Review: Turbolinux Wizpy

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Japan's Turbolinux Inc. today begins dispatching the first batch of its Wizpy handhelds to people who ordered them from its Web site. The flash-based multimedia player contains a version of Linux, so it can be used to boot a PC into the operating system, allowing users to access their files in their own working environment on almost any PC.

Keeping consistent network interface names with ifrename

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If you have multiple ethernet devices upon a system it is useful to make sure they are always given the device names that you expect. This can be useful when you're managing upgrades - or for situations where you accidentally setup a system with eth1 plugged into a switch rather than eth0.

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