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MEPIS Releases KDE 4 Beta 1 Live DVDs

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Linux Warren Woodford of MEPIS has built KDE4-Beta1 Live DVDs to verify the compatibility of KDE 4 with SimplyMEPIS 7.x. The 32 and 64 bit DVD isos are available from the testing directory of the MEPIS subscriber site and the MEPIS public mirrors.

The Ultimate Linux Handheld

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LinuxJournal: Last year's winner in this category, the Nokia 770, has a younger sibling, and, as oft happens, the kid takes the cake. Nokia's N800, the follow-up to the 770, is smaller, lighter, better-looking, faster and has a larger brain.

LyX 1.5: What you see is what you mean

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Software According to its Web site, LyX is "the first WYSIWYM document processor," coupling a familiar word processing front end to the powerful LaTeX typesetting engine. Last month's new version 1.5 release includes a revamped interface, big improvements in multilanguage support, and enhanced tools for incorporating math, tables, and outlines.

Using Ubuntu on the Desktop

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itmanagement: With Ubuntu installed and ready to rock, it's time to get started using your new desktop. This chapter is excerpted from the Second Edition of The Official Ubuntu Book.

It's free - until later..

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OneAndOneIs2: There's an interesting interview with Sun's CEO, Jonathan Schwartz, at It basically sums up the counter-argument to the ever-popular FUD statement "FOSS is bad, because you can't make money by giving the software away" in one sentence.

Novell CEO Speaks Truth To Linux

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Alexander Wolfe: It's been a good news, bad news kind of week for Linux. On the one hand, some supporters remain deluded that the open-source operating system has a legit chance of taking on Vista. At the same time, Novell CEO Ron Hovespian took a hard look at the Linux landscape and came to a conclusion not to different from my recent rant about their being way too many distros.

Mozilla promises major changes for FireFox 3.0

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itbusiness: Mozilla Corp.'s next update to Firefox will sport several new safer surfing features, the company's chief of security said Wednesday, but users won't see the most important changes.

Dude, you're not getting a Dell: shipping delays hound PC maker

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engadget: For those of you who've recently placed a Dell laptop order only to find yourself high and dry on shipment, rest assured you're not alone -- not by a long shot. Of course, there have been problems with shipment on the XPS M1330 for some time -- customers who've placed orders for the Inspiron are also feeling the burn.

Cairo feels a lot like OpenGL

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Plumbing Life's Depths: I got a simple spike test done for PyCairo usage. Mostly this is just me figuring out how PyCairo works and how it and PyGTK interact. It basically feels like a cut-down version of OpenGL... which makes me want to reach for OpenGL when I'm working with it.

The Lesser Apps of KDE - System

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Raiden's Realm: One of the more useful, and lesser known sections of the KDE menu is the System section. In it is a collection of very useful applications to simplify your user and administrative experience. SO let's look at each of these and how they can be of benefit to you.

Also: New search and search-and-replace bars for kate

Is the era of Microsoft ending?

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Dana Blankenhorn: All the respect shown Big Green at Linuxworld can’t mask the fact that its era is ending, that in time the open source model will triumph.

Also: To Linus it’s not just business

Life on the bleeding edge: Ubuntu 7.10 Tribe 4

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the distrogue: Ubuntu's next release is planned for mid-October, as usual, with the codename "Gutsy Gibbon". Gutsy is going to be another cutting-edge release, with AppArmor installed and parts of KDE 4 in Kubuntu- not to mention a full Compiz Fusion desktop by default.

openSUSE Bug Slashing This Weekend!

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opensuse news: So openSUSE 10.3 Beta 1 has now been released and it’s looking great. A long-discussed topic on the mailing list was the suggestion of having a “Bug Slashing” day or weekend. Now we can finally go ahead with that idea.

Some Howtos:

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  • How To Enable Automatic Logon In Ubuntu And Kubuntu

  • Quick and dirty Web applications with bookmarklets
  • Linux Tutorial: Packaging, Updating, and Installing
  • An Introduction to Device Drivers
  • HOWTO iterate over command line parameters in Bash

gelato: Tasty tumblelog software

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Software You may be forgiven for thinking that a tumblelog is just a blog for lazybones. While there are a lot of similarities between these two kinds of content management systems, a tumblelog is more like an online basket, which you can use to collect your thoughts and discoveries and share them with others.

More on Linux vs Windows

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Paul Murphy: Last week’s discussions on using Linux to catch Peter Principled bosses between rocks and hard places included a comment from ARyKaXaN in which he points out that Wintel’s majority market position makes it the standard against which most people judge other products and then concludes that as long “as *users* aren’t willing to accept that only windows behaves as windows” other OS/GUI combinations will face uphill struggles for acceptance.

My Path to Linux

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richardfcrawley.wordpress: GNU/Linux — most often referred to just as Linux — is a free, open-source computer operating system. I began using it a few years ago when Microsoft Windows XP Professional started having issues with my computer’s NVidia video card.

History: Unix, GNU, Gnome

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linuxmaniax.blogspot: A brief review of the history of Unix will place in context much of the terminology and philosophy of this operating system. Terms like Linux, GNU, Unix, Gnome, Free Software, and Free and Open Source Software get bandied around, often with little understanding and usually with much misunderstanding.

Hands-On With Palm's Linux-based Foleo

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pcworld blogs: I spent some time today with Palm's not-yet-released Foleo at the LinuxWorld conference here in San Francisco. Due out this summer, the $600 not-quite-a-laptop device is small and light and might be of interest for some Treo-using mobile professionals, but most people would likely be much better served by a regular notebook.

today's extras:

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  • Linux-Microsoft Lovefest at LinuxWorld Expo

  • How to have some fun with Strigi and Xesam queries
  • Dell, Ubuntu and My Dad
  • Linux will never make it on the desktop...
  • Time for a Free Software Business Initiative
  • FOSS and the philosophers
  • Certification
  • Video tip from RHCEs: Kickstarting with Dell
  • HP Looks to Linux for Tomorrow's Datacenter
  • Ubuntu Certified Professional
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