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Quick Roundup

Linspire, Microsoft in Linux-related, Patent-Protection deal

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desktoplinux: Linspire Inc. on June 14 will announce an agreement to license VoIP, Windows Media, and TrueType font technology from Microsoft for use in its Linux distribution. Additionally, the deal includes protection for Linspire customers against possible violations of Microsoft patents by Linux, and other cooperative measures.

Say goodbye to the Internet you knew

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Rudd-O: Because your kids won’t ever know it. Don’t believe me? Here are the two major turning points, all in one week’s news:

Curbing My Enthusiasm for QuickBooks on Linux

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eWeek blogs: As my colleague Steven J. Vaughn-Nichols is reporting, Intuit is opting to get a bit cozier with Linux. It's an eye-catching announcement, considering that lukewarm Linux support from Windows-centric application vendors like Intuit remains one of the biggest strikes against the open-source operating system as a mainstream desktop platform.

Mandriva revamps its eTraining website

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desktoplinux: Mandriva announced this week that it has revamped its eTraining website interface for better ease of use. In addition, the free online management modules have been improved, and there are two new free courses: one on urpmi and rpmdrake, and the other on Mandriva Flash.

Torvalds-Schwartz Brouhaha

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  • Torvalds slams Sun over Linux intentions

  • Open-source Solaris makes GPL 3 more attractive: Linus Torvalds
  • Linus' Take On Sun, OpenSolaris, and GPL v3
  • Schwartz to Torvalds: Dinner at my place?

Yay for yum and yumex!

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Just Another Tech Blog: I believe my bias against RPM is beginning to leave me, and I am beginning to see that RPM is a very viable package management system. The reason for this sudden support of RPM is yum. Yum is awesome. I could leave it at that... or continue.

Paging Michael Dell: Where’s My Order?

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allaboutubuntu: I ordered my Dell PC with Ubuntu Linux on May 27. informed me that the system would ship somewhere around June 12. Quite a long wait, but I was willing to sit tight. Now, the problem:

Interesting Interviews:

  • Interview with Brian Aker

  • Interview with Havoc Pennington

Feed your content cravings with Liferea find myself not browsing the Web as much as I used to, thanks to Liferea, a Linux-based aggregator for online news feeds. A news aggregator eliminates the need for surfing the Web as much. Instead of going to all the Web pages you have bookmarked to read your favorite blogs, news, or media presentations, you can simply add an RSS/RDF or Atom syndication format to Liferea and have all the news feeds at your command.

Open source: New target of malware?

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ZDNet: The recent OpenOffice worm may be a sign that malware writers are starting to target the increasingly popular open-source software, industry experts say.

Gnash, the open source Flash project, releases support for YouTube

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zdnet blogs: I missed that the Gnash team had started a blog, but in going through my feeds I discovered it and found out that they’ve recently added support for viewing YouTube videos. Gnash is an open source project that aims to provide the functionality of the Flash Player.

Safari on Linux

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pimp your linux: Monday at the WWDC Steve Jobs announced that Safari would be ported to Windows. Many people in the audience found this more shocking than the new features offered in the leopard operating system. The reasons behind the port still remain unclear. Does Safari work for Linux?

Intuit's QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Embraces Linux

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LWN: The press release is thin on technical details and there is no mention of client-side Linux support, but Intuit is, perhaps for the first time, actually admitting that Linux shops exist. It appears they are offering a way to store the database for their mid-range QuickBooks on Linux servers.

Setting up a Freebsd Multimedia Desktop

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Raiden's Realm: Of all the many wonderful and free operating systems out there, few can begin to meet or surpass the quality, stability, and structured operation of FreeBSD. That’s why I like it so much and have used it for years. But out of the box, FreeBSD is and always will be a server OS. In this tutorial I plan to show you how to set up your own Freebsd desktop from scratch.

Wizpy music player disappoints

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Hardware Turbolinux's Linux-based wizpy music player is a beautiful device. It's slick, black, and slightly smaller than the smallest cell phones. Unfortunately, its value and functionality doesn't live up to its good looks.

VNC over SSH : securing the remote desktop

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ubuntu tutorials: As you may have noticed most network protocols do not have much for built in security. Many rely on other programs for their network security needs, such as ssh. This is also the case with VNC.

Bringing free software down to earth

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Ubuntu Mark Shuttleworth, software entrepreneur and space tourist, believes that open-source software is not just for geeks. AS HE lays out his vision for the future of open-source software, Mark Shuttleworth is enthusiastic, but he looks tired. He has been up late negotiating yet another deal as part of his mission to bring open source to a wider audience.

Desktop publishing with

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OOo "Do you offer a program like Microsoft Publisher?" Some version of this question appears regularly on the mailing lists. Many people automatic answer "no," and say that Scribus is more suitable for desktop publishing. But, in fact, boasts two mid-level layout programs -- Draw and Writer -- each of which is far more versatile than its name suggests.

Consequences of Closed Source Software in Linux

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OSWeekly: With the news of Linspire's CNR coming soon to Ubuntu, and Automatix now offering a limited number of closed source, commercial applications, what possible consequences will this have on the Linux community and open source as a whole?

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