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Story Open source game counterfeited in Mac App Store srlinuxx 03/02/2011 - 5:33pm
Story How To Set Up Apache2 With mod_fcgid And PHP5 On Fedora 14 falko 03/02/2011 - 12:05pm
Story CentOS 6: interview with Karanbir Singh srlinuxx 03/02/2011 - 9:40am
Story Ubuntu Netbook review srlinuxx 03/02/2011 - 6:35am
Story today's leftovers: srlinuxx 03/02/2011 - 6:34am
Story some howtos: srlinuxx 03/02/2011 - 4:54am
Story Nelson Continues Importing Ubuntu to openSUSE srlinuxx 03/02/2011 - 4:53am
Story Peppermint OS - Uninspiring srlinuxx 1 03/02/2011 - 3:58am
Story No Debian for the Clueless srlinuxx 03/02/2011 - 2:30am
Story 10 Windows annoyances (that Linux doesn't have) srlinuxx 03/02/2011 - 2:27am

How to run GTA 3 with Wine

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This how-to will walk you through installing Grand Theft Auto 3 on Ubuntu Dapper with Wine version 0.9.9. This how-to is the result of many hours spent dealing with wine-cvs, the latest stable wine, and the 'standard' wine that Dapper provides in the repositories.

A Few New Details on the Reiser Case

Reiser, 42, is being held without bail in the Santa Rita jail in California pending a hearing on November 28, when he is supposed to enter a plea. His lawyers, who now include Daniel Horowitz, whose own wife was murdered last year in a highly publicized case, said they delayed entering a plea so they could review the evidence against him.

Edubuntu 6.06.1 LTS Screenshots Gallery

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This Edubuntu 6.06.1 LTS (Dapper Drake) Screenshots Tour this includes Accessories,Education,Games,Graphics,Internet,Office,Sound&Video applications.Have a look at this gallary definitely you will love it.Click on the image for complete gallary. This Gallery Contains 40 images of edubuntu Linux.

Setting and managing permissions on UNIX

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This article looks at user privileges and, in particular, examines how to manipulate file permissions to restrict or share your directories and files with others. Understanding permissions is crucial if you want to speak UNIX fluently. Learn how to manipulate file permissions to protect your files, or share them with others.

Game on! London exhibition celebrates the history of video games

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The Science Museum in London will Saturday launch the first exhibition dedicted to the history of video games, with fans able to put their old skills to the test on more than 120 classics.

Mark Shuttleworth: Big challenges for the Free Software Community

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The “character” I like most about the free software community is that it is not afraid of setting itself audacious goals. I like that in a person, especially when combined with a cunning plan, good ethics and a capacity for work, and if you think of the free software community as a gaia-like “living creature” it very much has those same traits.

How to rsync files and folders to remote machines using ssh

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We’ve already looked at using rsync to backup files and folders to external drives, now let’s use it to move date too and from remote machines. What you’ll need is to have ssh installed on both machines, and accounts to log into on both of them.

Enable WPA Wireless access point in Ubuntu Linux

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I have a Thoshiba laptop at home, I was running “Dapper Drake” (Ubuntu Linux 6.06) But one of the important things about it was its inability to connect to WPA-encrypted Wifi access points.In my home i have a WPA Enabled Wireless router so i need to connect to my wireless network using WPA.I am giving the procedure that worked for me to enable wpa in my toshiba laptop.

Linux: GPLv3, DRM, and Exceptions

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Discussion draft 3 of GPLv3 is due in early November, approximately. Before that is finalised, I'd like to review the debate over DRM and the Linux kernel developers. Discussion draft 3 may be the final discussion draft, so I'd like to encourage discussion of this issue so that people can make comments now (via which can be taken into account for draft 3.

PlayStation 3 shines in prelaunch test

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I'm standing in a room full of gamers in what must certainly feel to some like heaven: Sony's PlayStation 3 prelaunch press event. From the street, it's not clear why such an event would matter, but inside, on two floors filled almost literally to the rafters with high-definition TVs and PS3s, it's obvious that this is the center of the video game universe today.

HP all-in-one device works great with Linux

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I recently replaced both my Epson CX5400 All-in-one printer/scanner and my Brother MFC-210C fax/copier with a single all-in-one Hewlett-Packard Officejet 5610. Not only does the new product do more than both of the machines it replaced, it does it in less space. The price isn't real big, either.

Open source is a "red herring", says Newham CIO

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The IT chief at a London Borough which was a key battleground between Microsoft and open source has described open source software as a "red herring".

Red Hat Board Votes CEO A $200,000 Raise

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Red Hat Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Matthew Szulik is getting a 50 percent raise plus 87,500 shares of stock and options on another 250,000 shares in the Linux software developer and services provider.

How to partition, format and use a new storage device for Linux

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So you've got a shiny new hard drive that you want to add to your Linux system but not quite sure what to do once you open the case and plug the drive in. Or you're brand new to Linux and you need to know how to partition and format your drive for a new install. This guide will help you accomplish that so that you can use all of that new space.

Developer website set up for Linux

Developers are being urged to join the new Linux Standard Base (LSB) Developer Network, a developers’ website designed to rival the Microsoft Developers Network (MSDN).

Organization to pay Debian developers begins work

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A month after it was announced, Dunc-Tank, the unofficial organization to fund selected projects in Debian, is on track with its first experiments. The organization has defused active opposition to its experiment within Debian and is now ready to receive donations and to proceed with its plans.

Package resource list (sources.list) file Overview for Debian Users

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sources.list file is Package resource list for APT.The package resource list is used to locate archives of the package distribution system in use on the system.

Upgrade: Too little, too late?

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Microsoft's new browser does not offer any significant improvements over Firefox, according to Walter Mossberg, a technology correspondent for the Wall Street Journal.

Security: Snort 2.6 and Afterglow

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It's been a long time since I've been able to work with the open source version of Snort, so for this month's article, I thought what better topic than to look at how the latest version of Snort and a graphical log tool called Afterglow work together. To begin, I'll look at the latest freeware version of Snort, as well as some tools that work with it, and then I'll take some output from Snort and put it into Afterglow.

The Official Ubuntu Book

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Most Linux distributions are built to meet a specific purpose; address a specific audience. There are USB-bootable versions, live disks, and versions geared toward scientific research or desktop publishing. Ubuntu Linux is one of the few distributions designed around a philosophy.

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FOSS in 3D Printing

  • Open source wifi enabled 3D printer controller Franklin speeds up with new release
    3D printing hit the mainstream a few years ago thanks in part to the open-source 3D printer market. The origins of this transition had to do with expiring patents held by the traditionally held commercial 3D printing companies. Since then, several small businesses have sprung up around the emerging low-cost 3D printer market. Some of these companies embraced the open-source mentality, while others are seeking shelter with patents.
  • Hackaday Prize Entry: Open-Source Myoelectric Hand Prosthesis
    Hands can grab things, build things, communicate, and we control them intuitively with nothing more than a thought. To those who miss a hand, a prosthesis can be a life-changing tool for carrying out daily tasks. We are delighted to see that [Alvaro Villoslada] joined the Hackaday Prize with his contribution to advanced prosthesis technology: Dextra, the open-source myoelectric hand prosthesis.
  • BCN3D Technologies releases open source files for BCN3D Sigma 3D printer
    As our readers will know, an important part of the 3D printing community is the idea of accessibility. Of course, it is more than just an idea, as everyday makers around the world share their 3D designs and models for free, and even 3D printing companies exercise an open-source philosophy with DIY 3D printers and accessible models. Recently, Barcelona based 3D printer developer BCN3D Technologies decided to further embrace the additive manufacturing open-source philosophy with their latest initiative, Open Source 360º. As part of the initiative, the company has announced that it will share all of its engineering, design, and fabrication information used in the manufacturing of their flagship product, the BCN3D Sigma 3D printer.
  • Shellmo: Aquatic 3D printed robot for fun and education
    Recently I came across a very interesting open hardware project called Shellmo. What caught my eye was that it's a 3D printed crustacean that seems to have no apparent real world use, though with a little creativity I can see educational implications. Shellmo is a unique, almost cartoon-like creatures that could captivate the imagination of children while at the same time affording them an opportunity to 3D print their own robot. With the current emphasis on STEM in education, Shellmo appears to be the kind of project that would stimulate student interest.

LibreOffice Liberation

  • Sun, sea, and open source: How Spain's Balearic islands are trying to turn into a tech paradise
    However, work remains to be done, especially on civil servants' desktops. "We started by replacing MSN Office", explains Villoslada. "Thanks to free office suite LibreOffice 5, we may overcome compatibility problems with documents coming in from different versions of MSN Office. We already have 1,000 Office licenses which are not necessary anymore, and we plan not to renew over 5,500 licenses purchased in 2007", he adds.
  • The Document Liberation Project: What we do
    While The Document Foundation is best known for LibreOffice, it also backs the Document Liberation Project. But what exactly is that? We’ve made a short video to explain all…

Kali Linux Alternative: BackBox Linux 4.6 Released With Updated Hacking Tools

BackBox Linux, a Kali Linux alternative, is here with its latest version i.e. BackBox Linux 4.6. Based on Ubuntu Linux, this hacking operating system is now available for download with updated hacking tools and Ruby 2.2. Read more

Chromebook and GNU/Linux

  • Turn Your Old Laptop into a Chromebook
    Once the drive is ready with bootable CloudReady, plug it into the target PC and boot the system. It may take a while for the system to boot into Chromium OS. Once booted, you will see the screen shown in Figure 3.
  • Running Linux and Chrome OS Together Using Crouton
    Leo Laporte is a longtime technology commentator and also the host of the show “The Screen Savers,” on the TWiT Netcast Network. In this video he explains how to install Linux on a Chromebook using Crouton, an open source tool developed by Google employee David Schneider.