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What Makes An Open Source Project Successful?

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Is the enthusiasm for open source software projects a "bubble" ready to burst and take the model down with it? That's what the CEO of one of the most successful open source projects thinks, even while a new crop of software--his included--is taking its place among the most established.

How to print more than one record on a sheet of paper in OpenOffice

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When you download mail merge template or create your own, you lose a feature that's built into the mail merges and reports: printing more than one record on a sheet of paper. However, it's easy to add that ability yourself.

There Are No Staples in Rwanda

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I have seen all of the recent negative reviews of the upcoming Sugar user interface designed for the One Laptop Per Child machines. Uniformly, everyone who has downloaded it has indicated a lot of problems with the interface. It's too different, not intuitive enough, no really useful applications, reviewers have written.

Dude, A Little Diplomacy with that Dell

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Seems like we're riding a 'Linux wave'. The Linux wave is what I call a period where, for whatever reason, interest in Linux seems to spike sharply. Since I've been here at, I have seen a few of them.

The Migration Dilemma Resolved

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Open-source software has grown steadily as an alternative to proprietary software. However, current Windows-dependent users have pointed out difficult hurdles that prevent them from migrating: Windows-only professional applications and games. In such instances, dual-booting may not be practical, besides being annoying.

Stable Linux Kernel Released

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The stable kernel update is out with a fair number of important fixes. All users of the 2.6.20 branch are encouraged to upgrade, it looks like there's a decent amount of IDE cleanup in this release.

More Here or Here.

KBattleship: almost ready

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This week I’ve been hacking quite a lot on KBattleship, adding almost all required features: a decent AI, network play and sounds. While Riccardo is working on KWelcomeScreen.

More Here

Checking out the OLPC's "Sugar" desktop

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As the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) project works toward a release this year of its low-cost laptop aimed at children in developing nations, work has continued on the device's Linux-based operating system and on Sugar, the innovative user interface for the radical new laptop design.

Sauerbraten -- 2007-04-13 spring edition released

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Today a new version of the fast paced cross platform FPS sauerbraten has been released. The new version contains lots of changes to previous versions including graphical improvements, enhancements of game content and server functions.

Some improvements include:

* scoreboard now displays mode, map, and time remaining

Receiving notification of new upstream software releases

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If you're responsible for creating the Debian packages of a piece of software which isn't in the Debian archives, or if you're a Debian-developer keen on keeping your package up to date you will need to be aware of any new software releases which should be packaged. Here we'll show a simple means of doing that.

"But mine is free"

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Didn’t you ever drive behind one of those? One of those vehicles on four wheels that are legally considered cars, whose proud owner has a bumper sticker with the line: “Smile. But mine is paid”.

CentOS The Red Hat Clone

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The release of the free, community-based CentOS 5 Enterprise Linux so soon after the RHEL 5 release is hardly a surprise; the same thing happened with RHEL 4 two years ago. Nor does Red Hat consider CentOS a competitor, but rather a distribution that fills a need. The company also said CentOS will help it grow its business.

Was I Too Tough on RHEL 5?

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In the April 2/9, 2007, issue, I gave Red Hat's Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and its brand-new Xen virtualization features a bit of a hard time with regard to the limitations of its management tools.

Linux, We Have A Driver!

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Tom Chastain, a legend in the Indianapolis Racing Realm and the owner of Chastain Motorsports has announced his team's entrance in this year's Indy 500. And if we've got anything to do with long as I have one struggling breathe left inside of me, that monster of a race car will have Linux splashed all over it when the flag drops.

PCLinuxOS 2007 -- Finally someone gets it

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There are a few distros I am always keeping my eye on a little more than others. Most of the time I do this by joining the forums, getting on the mailing lists and signing up for all their newsletters and such. One of these is PCLinuxOS, which I review last fall with the release of Big Daddy (still love that name).

A totally [not] useless trick in Linux

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One of the most annoying things about Linux is mime types for files. In KDE, when you right-click a file, and then select Open With, a little fly-out menu appears. You will see a couple of options in this menu. If none of them are the right one, you can click on Other.

Firefox Page Info gets a face lift

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Do you know Page Info?

Invite Linux Onto Your Windows Desktop

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WinaXe Plus X-Server for Windows allows both Windows and Linux to be run on the same desktop at the same time. Users can access and run their remote applications from the Windows desktop and switch between operating systems as if switching between two Windows applications.

Open KDE or Gnome on Windows!

Fix for SSH slow to ask for password in Ubuntu Feisty Fawn

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When you try to login using ssh some users might find asking for ssh password is slow here is the solution how to fix this problem.

Solution 1

Edit the /etc/ssh/ssh_config file using the following command

sudo vi /etc/ssh/ssh_config

Commentout the following lines

GSSAPIAuthentication yes
GSSAPIDelegateCredentials no

save the file and exit

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Leftovers: Software

  • KDE Kirigami 1.1 UI Framework Released
  • [GNOME Maps:] Planning a trip
  • Etcher Image Writer Is Now Better Than Ever
    Back in may we spotlighted Etcher, a stylish open-source USB image writer app for Windows, macOS and Linux. In the months since our feature the app has released a over 10 small beta updates, with Etcher 1.5 Beta being the most recent release at the time of writing.
  • Audacious 3.8 released
    Audacious 3.8 was released on September 21, 2016.
  • New Version of Audacious Music Player Released
    A new version of Audacious, a popular lightweight audio player, is now available for download. Audacious 3.8 introduces a small set of features, including the ability to run more than one instance of the app at the same time. Quite why… no idea. New audtool commands have been added, including stream recording toggles, and cue sheet support is said to be “more seamless”.
  • Rambox Puts All Your Favorite Messaging Services In One App
    Rambox is a free, open-source messaging and email app that groups all your favourite web apps into one easy-to-manage window. Sound familiar? We’ve highlighted apps like Rambox before, with Franz and the Gmail-specific Wmail being but two.
  • Stylish Markdown Editor ‘Typora’ Is Now Available for Ubuntu
    In the market for a desktop markdown editor for Linux? You may have helped but notice that you’re rather spoilt for choice. From Abricotine and Scratch to Simplenote, Springseed and Remarkable. Even Gedit can render markdown with the right plugin! With so much choice it can be difficult to know which app to pick.
  • YoutPlayer Floats Your Fave YouTube Videos on The Desktop [Ed: just an Electron app]
    Looking for a neat-o way to play YouTube playlists on your desktop, outside your browser? Take a looksie at Yout, an Electron app that lets you add and watch YouTube playlists on your desktop, floating window stylee. Yout is not the most user-friendly of apps.

today's howtos

Leftovers: Gaming

  • Avoid the pile-up in 'Clustertruck', a first-person platformer with day-1 Linux support, it's great
    We have been steadily getting more 3D "beat the timer" games where you're up against others times, which is great because they really can be fun. I do love getting competitive in certain games, especially with some of my Steam friends and friends in the wider community. Games like this recently have been something I've been repeatedly going back to for a break from life. Clustertruck is not only about beating the times of other people, but it's also a "the floor is lava" game, so if you touch the floor you have to start again. The really funny thing is that the safe pads are moving trucks you have to keep up with. You can at least grab onto the back of a truck if you just about touch it, so it's not always instant death.
  • Fusion 3, the next generation game engine and editor from Clickteam will support Linux
    The difference between their tools and others, is the event system. Instead of needing to program every single line, you can stack up events and link them together to create a game. It works quite well and I'm pretty excited to give Fusion 3 a go on Linux myself to see what random games I can create for fun.