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Story Leftovers: Gaming Roy Schestowitz 06/01/2014 - 12:06am
Story Intel Ivy Bridge Linux Performance Stepped Up In 2013 Roy Schestowitz 06/01/2014 - 12:00am
Story Parted Magic Continues Being Commercial-Only Rianne Schestowitz 05/01/2014 - 7:56pm
Story It Looks Like Ubuntu's First Phone Might Be For China Rianne Schestowitz 05/01/2014 - 7:50pm
Story The 10 Best Features Of FreeBSD 10.0 Rianne Schestowitz 05/01/2014 - 7:44pm
Story 7 Surprises At Red Hat Partner Conference 2014 Rianne Schestowitz 05/01/2014 - 6:07pm
Story PC-BSD 10.0 RC3 Improves Hybrid Graphics Support Rianne Schestowitz 05/01/2014 - 4:58pm
Story Glade 3.16.1 UI Designer Repairs Numerous Bugs Rianne Schestowitz 05/01/2014 - 4:51pm
Story Linux 3.13-rc7 announced Rianne Schestowitz 05/01/2014 - 4:46pm
Story OggCamp 2013 – Free software, free culture & mass surveillance Rianne Schestowitz 05/01/2014 - 4:43pm

Big Audio Dynamite

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forbes: The request S4.2500 is the Mercedes S600 of digital music players: big, powerful, built like a tank. And expensive. It's basically a rock-solid Linux computer coupled to a Lynx Studio Technology sound card of the sort used by professional recording studios.

Low standards

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Matthew Aslett: I’m surprised there hasn’t been more attention in the press today on the comments made by Martin Bryan, outgoing convenor of the ISO JTC1/SC34 WG1 (the working group overseeing the progress of ECMA 376 - Microsoft Office Open XML - through the ISO standardization process).

Mozilla, Opera look to make video on the Web easier

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infoworld: New features in the Firefox and Opera browsers could make it less complex and cheaper for people to incorporate video into their Web sites, representatives of Mozilla and Opera say.

Also: Webrunner becomes Mozilla Prism

You Say You Want a Revolution?

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blogs.eweek: Eyeing the trends around user-friendly Linux desktops, sub-$500 notebooks, universal broadband, and Web 2.0 office applications, my colleague Steven J. Vaughn-Nichols opines that we're on the brink of a low-end Linux revolution. For my part, I'm not so sure.

Finding the right distro for a Thinkpad X61

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Here is an interesting comparison in which the author compares several common tasks (setting up Compiz Fusion, setting up wireless networking, and setting up a printer) on three popular distributions, Mandriva Linux 2008, Linux Mint 4.0, and PCLinuxOS 2007.

Ubuntu Innovates Excuses

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Carla Schroder: For all of the cool things that Ubuntu has done, their lack of quality control is astonishing and baffling. They’re better at innovating excuses than actually responding to bug reports.

some howtos:

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  • How to make a daily calendar with OOo

  • Python: Careful with equal sign
  • How to Enable Drag and Drop capabilities to aMSN
  • Kill Linux Processes Easier with pkill
  • Simple archiving from the command line
  • Get a Root Terminal in Ubuntu
  • How to Secure Ubuntu Linux
  • Backing up and restoring you thunderbird Data

Commercial Sound And Music Software For Linux, Part 1

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Linux Journal: A Win/Mac developer recently asked me what I thought about his plan to create a binary of his application and sell it to interested Linux sound and music people. As a result of this inquiry I decided to revisit the Linux soundapps site and check up on the commercial sound and music software for Linux. This article reveals and ponders some of the results from that visit.

When more bugs can mean tighter security

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zdnet: Tristan Nitot, the president of Mozilla Europe, has much to say on the differences between Microsoft's and Mozilla's approaches to browser development.

Also: Mozilla expands in China, inks agreement with Baidu

OpenSuSE 11.0 Alpha 0 Screenshots

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phoronix: The first alpha release of OpenSuSE 11.0 is now available for download. OpenSuSE 11.0 integrates a number of new packages, including GCC 4.3.0, the latest Linux 2.6.24 development kernel, and X.Org 7.3.

Also: People of openSUSE: JP Rosevear

SourceForge hacked, but not to worry(?)

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Matt Asay: Valleywag reports that was hacked Wednesday, resulting in site downtime while SourceForge tracked down the hacker. SourceForge's Ross Turk confirms the report.

Also: Can Sourceforge marketplace open the cash drawer?

BusyBox Developers File GPL Infringement Lawsuit Against Verizon Communications

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Legal The Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC) today announced that it has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Verizon Communications, Inc. on behalf of its clients, two principal developers of BusyBox, alleging violation of the GNU General Public License (GPL).

OpenSuse 10.3 for My Friend

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junauza.blogspot: A friend asked me to install Linux for him several weeks ago. He got curious after seeing Compiz Fusion in action on YouTube. Since I finally had a lot of free time last weekend, I agreed to install Linux for my friend.

Also: Multimedia Codecs installation in OpenSUSE 10.3

Seagate snubs Linux

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the inquirer: SEAGATE'S latest batch of drives are not compatible with the Open Sauce operating system Linux. The problem is to do with the power-saving systems on Seagate's latest range of drives and the fact that it is shipped already formatted to NTFS.

Manage your documents with Knowledge Tree

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Software Knowledge Tree is an open source document management system (DMS) that helps enterprise users categorize, store, index, and share documents. It offers features like metadata editing, versioning, and WebDAV access, which make it a better choice than a simple file server for sharing documents.

I’d suggest Linux - but..

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Paul Murphy: The most persistent complaint you hear about Linux from the wintel community is that it’s for geeks - and that the geeks involved so rejoice in their geekiness that it’s off-putting to the sensible majority represented by who ever happens to be speaking.

today's shorts & leftovers

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  • Operating System and Linux distribution war, what are important

  • Switching to Linux check list
  • Microsoft Jokes for Christmas
  • First Moonlight port of Silverlight to Linux due in six months
  • Embedded Linux Seen as Ready For Prime Time
  • Everybody loves Ubuntu
  • Indonesian openSUSE Community Annual Meeting
  • The Inevitable Annoying Quirks (OpenSUSE 10.3)
  • GNOME/OOXML podcast shows two sides closer than appears
  • Open Enterprise Interview: Mark Taylor
  • Firefox hero: Legends of FOSS
  • Tux Droid for Linux lovers
  • Open Any Folder from Your GNOME Desktop
  • Perl – An Awesome Programming Language
  • 2008 Spring development update
  • Linux Joystick Driver Gets EvDev Support
  • Designing BSD Rootkits book review
  • The Average Week of a Linux Guy in an MS Windows World
  • notes on some common plasma observations

10 Tips for Navigating More Efficiently in Firefox

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Moz/FF If you use Firefox all day, as I do, you may have mastered a few of the navigational tools it offers, but there are a lot of them under the hood. You can be faster and more efficient with the browser if you learn some easy ways to use your mouse and keyboard to navigate.

Gentoo on an Alienware Sentia

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mcandre.blogspot: As a Ubuntu user, I feel like finally going into the deep end of Linux. I know my way around a terminal. I can get by with vi. And four years after wiping my dad's computer with a Fedora install (it was supposed to be on my external USB drive), I now know my way around fdisk and G/QtParted.

Howto: Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000 with Fedora 8

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/home/liquidat: This howto shows how to install the Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000 under Linux. While the howto is focussed on Fedora 8 it should work on all distributions.

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  • Desk Changer is a Wallpaper Slideshow Extension for GNOME
    Have you been looking for a GNOME wallpaper slideshow extension? If so, you can stop. In the comments to our recent post on the way GNOME handles wallpapers a number of readers asked whether GNOME had an image slideshow feature built in, without the need for third-party apps and the like. The answer is yes, GNOME does. Sort of.
  • Minwaita: A Compact Version of Theme Adwaita for Gnome Desktop
    As you may already know that Ubuntu is switching back to Gnome, this is the transition time for Ubuntu to switch back. Some creators are motivated and creating themes for Gnome desktop, which is a good thing and hopefully we shall see plenty of Gnome themes and icons around soon. As its name shows "Minwaita" it is minimal/compact version of Adwaita theme, the theme is available after some enhancements to make Gnome more sleek and more vanilla Gnome experience without moving to away from Adwaita's design. This theme is compatible with Gnome 3.20 and up versions. This theme was released back in November, 2016 and still in continuous development that means if you find any problem or bug in the theme then report it to get it fixed in the next update. Obsidian-1 icons used in the following screenshots.
  • Gnome Pomodoro Timer Can Help You Increase Productivity
    If you are struggling with focus on something, it could be your work or study then try Pomodoro technique, this method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. The technique uses a timer to break down work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks. You can read more about Pomodoro here.
  • Widget hierarchies in GTK+ 4.0
    In GTK+3, only GtkContainer subclasses can have child widgets. This makes a lot of sense for “public” container children like we know them, e.g. GtkBox — i.e. the developer can add, remove and reorder child widgets arbitrarily and the container just does layout.

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