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Manipulating Unix Background Processes

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The HUP (hangup) signal is issued to the process once the user's connection to the server is terminated. Once the HUP signal is issued, the process is terminated along with the connection, which presents one with an interesting problem; how does one keep a process running in the background?

Merge from Ubuntu, and do it now!

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Well, I'm really tired of these comments on how Ubuntu doesn't contribute patches back for Debian and how some Ubuntu contributors tell that they do it and that everything is ok with the swirl side of the fence. The truth is, both sides are wrong or just lying!

Feisty Fawn and media formats

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n case you haven’t heard, the new version of Ubuntu, 7.04 Feisty Fawn is out. One of the new features Jacob told us about in his introduction was a new codec download feature. He explains it well, so I’ll reiterate that here:

KDE Four Live++

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New KDE Four Live CDs are online. The last week unmentioned problem with squashfs which led me to uploading a "DVD.iso" is history, now you can get the same content of a typical desktop setup in a 477MB ISO.

Download Link.