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Blog entry Sabayon 7 GNOME 3 review finid 20/10/2011 - 2:33am
Story Giving up Windows 7 for Ubuntu 11.10 srlinuxx 20/10/2011 - 12:25am
Story 5 Open Source Games Come Together to Form 'Free Game Alliance' srlinuxx 19/10/2011 - 11:19pm
Story ICANN takes control of Internet Time Keeping srlinuxx 19/10/2011 - 10:50pm
Story Take your Linux PC back to the future! srlinuxx 19/10/2011 - 10:45pm
Story Happy 15th to the folk at the KDE project srlinuxx 19/10/2011 - 10:08pm
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Story Don’t Upgrade to Oneiric Ocelot! srlinuxx 6 19/10/2011 - 4:27pm
Story Unity or Gnome Shell? srlinuxx 2 18/10/2011 - 10:23pm

Distro hopping by Linux Newbies

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Raiden's Realm: New versions of all the major Linux distributions are released regularly throughout the year, with new versions of some distributions croping up almost every week. Downloading, installing and trashing away a Linux distribution recklessly without giving it much time for testing and exploration are the salient land marks of distribution hopping.

The Right Operating System For You: Linux

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Linux Multi-OS options like dual-booting and virtualization software have made it easier than ever to use whichever OS is best suited to the task you need to perform. Here's our take on the strengths and weaknesses of Linux.

Using Zotero to manage bibliographies

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OOo If's own bibliography feature doesn't really cut it for you, you have several choices. One popular bibliography solution is Bibus, a cross-platform tool that integrates nicely with It is, however, not the only bibliographical tool out there. In fact, there is another nifty tool called Zotero that turns Firefox into a powerful research tool.

Mandriva 2008.0 may rock, but how about Mandrivers?

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beranger: I am finally persuaded that Mandriva 2008.0 is one of their finest release in recent times — not without bugs (hey, this is still Mandriva!), but I couldn't find anything really severe, no real showstopper as of yet. It should work on most people's hardware, and it should feel much more responsive than openSUSE 10.3, for instance. Heck, they have even improved their website — check out the download page!

Mandriva, Linspire and Damn Small Linux

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tectonic: The Ubuntu development team last week Ubuntu 7.10) ahead of this week's (October 18) full release of this popular distribution. Desktop Linux distribution Mandriva 2008 was also released last week after six months of development and testing. A little longer in the coming but no less anticipated was the release of Linspire 6.0 last week.

Open source given a ‘thumbs up’

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Computing SA: Mark Shuttleworth says the correct adoption of open source will yield positive returns not only for SA, but for the rest of the continent, since our country is the gateway to Africa’s economic development.

The "ooww" stops now - goodbye Windows, hello Ubuntu

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iTWire: Over the weekend I carved up the hard drive on my IBM ThinkPad T60 so I could dual-boot XP Pro with Ubuntu. The purpose of the exercise is to see if I can satisfactorily recreate my Standard Operating Environment in Ubuntu and gradually ween myself off Windows.

The simplest DVR is Linux, and thats no myth!

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ittoolbox blogs: I have had a television card in my computer for many years. As my computer is my all round entertainment/work/learning system I use it for watching television as well. Not to mention that my taste in programs doesn't agree with what my other half likes.

10 Rocking Features in 10 Days: Better Hardware Support

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Ubuntu Yesterday we took a look at the new Firefox plugin work. Today we turn to one of the most vexing of questions for many Linux users: hardware support and all that it means.

Computer Forensics: Linux Style!

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OSWeekly: Which OS do you think is best for computer forensics? Obviously, being as we are Linux users, we'd likely recommend admins consider using a Linux-based approach for such a task. But which applications are honestly available on this platform? Not only that, are any of them open source?

Stepping out of Linux and into BSD: A first look at PC-BSD

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BSD Is BSD ready for prime-time? PC-BSD 1.4, a desktop-centered, FreeBSD based operating system has just been released and is looking to attract attention from the growing throngs of Linux users. But how well does it stack up to popular and easy to use Linux distributions like Ubuntu?

Letters: We're Quite Ready for Linux on Desktop

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computerworld: I am neither a Linux vendor nor a programmer. I am, however, a Linux end user. As such, I can attest to the error in some of Michael Gartenberg’s comments [“Linux Still Doesn’t Make It on Desktop,” Opinion, Oct. 1].

Quad Booting (XP, Vista, Linux, Mac OS X): Complete How To

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linuxmini: This guide is a comprehensive guide for quad booting on a single hard drive with wireless internet access on all platforms and introducing basic networking on all platforms to access network shares on other computers. It took me a bit of time to figure out so I decided to write a guide for others who were interested in going this route.

OpenOffice's apparent mission creep

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matt asay: Apparently, OpenOffice 3.0 is intent on picking a fight with Microsoft Outlook. Bonne chance, mes amis. I don't mean to imply that it can't be done, but am rather suggesting that this is not the right way to go about it. Zimbra, sure. Or Mozilla's Thunderbird (standalone), sure. But bundled into OpenOffice? I'm not seeing it.

Goodbye Gentoo

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kloeri.livejournal: So... I think this has been coming ever since I retired as a Gentoo Developer. I've become more and more happy about that decision so I finally took the plunge a couple of weeks ago and removed Gentoo from my laptop.

Merge Window KVM Updates

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kernelTRAP: Avi Kivitiy posted numerous KVM updates which Linus Torvalds merged into his mainline kernel source tree to be included in the upcoming 2.6.24 kernel.

Automated Ubuntu Installation Preview

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HowTos Ubuntu and Debian installers use preseed for basically pre-answering installation questions for automated installation. In the meantime, I have a public generic kickstart script you can use to simply preview what can be done. To use this do the following:

Richard Stallman: Open Source vs Free

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OSS Open-source misses the point of defending users freedom and assimilating open-source with Free Software only plays against the original Free Software movement ideals and goals. The necessities of commercial business have somehow eroded the original Free Software ideals and the operational advantages have rapidly gained key attention over the core "ethical" issues on which free software was born.

Month in Vista vs Month in Ubuntu Linux

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cxle.blogspot: As soon as things slowed down a little bit I started booting to Ubuntu more and more often. The install wasn't completely painless as the widescreen resolutions didn't work right away which was solved by installing ATI's closed fglrx driver.

Running KDE4 (preview) on Mandriva 2008

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MDV KDE 4 is the next major release of the K Desktop Environment software. It contains a new multimedia API, called Phonon, a device integration framework called Solid and a new style guide and default icon set called Oxygen. Let me say this first: KDE 4 is still not ready but it is nice to see the major improvements in usability, performance and stability. KDE 4 (preview) is already included in the latest Mandriva release. This article describes the installation on a Mandriva 2008 desktop

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Devuan Jessie beta released

dear Init Freedom Lovers, once again the Veteran Unix Admins salute you. As promised two years ago with the first declaration of Exodus from Debian, today we can proudly state: we do not go gentle into that good night. Now has come the time to announce the Beta release of Devuan. Debian GNU+Linux is a fork of Debian without systemd, on its way to become much more than that. This Beta release marks an important milestone towards the sustainability and the continuation of Devuan as an universal base distribution. Read more Also: Beta Released Of Devuan, The Systemd-Free Version Of Debian


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