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Danish Unix User Group Files Complaint With EU Commission Against Denmark For Mandating MSOOXML

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OSS The Danish Unix User Group, DKUUG, has filed a formal complaint with the EU Commission regarding Denmark's mandating ECMA 376, better known by us as MSOOXML, for certain procurements.

The Ego, the Filesystem and No Mention of Nina

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Reiser Follow the logic: Hans Reiser, the popular open source programmer, could have but chose not to readily license his open source filesystem for millions of dollars. Therefore, he did not kill his wife.

Also: Judge Says Sufficient Evidence to 'Sustain a Conviction'

New NVIDIA Linux Display Driver Released

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Software Version: 169.12 - Highlights include: Improved power management support with GeForce 8 GPUs, Further improved stability on some GeForce 8 GPUs, Fixed a bug that broke certain TwinView configurations with TV-OUT on GeForce 8 GPUs, Fixed a bug that could cause OpenGL to crash in certain cases.

How do you define ‘commercial open source’?

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Matthew Aslett: Adobe has announced that it is sponsoring the SQLite public domain database engine project by joining Mozilla and Symbian on the SQLite consortium. The news is interesting in that it balances Google’s recent sponsorship of efforts to support Photoshop on Linux, while it also raises an interesting question about Microsoft’s attempt to define commercial open source.

Adobe to deliver AIR for Linux

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eWeek: Adobe Systems hopes to make nice with the open-source community and soon deliver a Linux version of its newly released Adobe Integrated Runtime. Company officials say the move is the latest step in expanding the reach of Adobe's technology.

Red Hat Competes in Crowded Market

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Linux It’s no surprise that this year’s Datamation Product of the Year Award in the Enterprise Linux category was snagged by Red Hat. The open source pioneer, founded in 1995 (a mere four years after Linus Torvalds released the first Linux kernel) has long been the dominant Linux vendor.

Three alternative Linux instant messaging applications

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Software Instant messaging helps us connect with people online in real time. Many Linux users IM with either Pidgin (formerly Gaim) or Kopete, two applications that handle multiple IM protocols. Here are three alternatives to the top names that each focus on one of the major IM protocols, and offer some pretty cool options.

Tux for President

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Linux The election season is upon us once again. The rabble have largely dropped out of the race and we’re left with just a few candidates. So who am I? I’m Tux. And I’m throwing my hat into the ring. I might as well, I can’t keep the thing on my silly head. What do I stand for? Just one thing:

some howtos:

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  • Installing and Using RealPlayer on Foresight Linux

  • Evolution Annoyance
  • Autostarting Windows apps in KDE on Linux
  • Turn Ubuntu Blue Using Blubuntu
  • Simple Ubuntu Desktop Backup with Backerupper
  • Linux: Installing Cadence SMV for Model Checking
  • An Introduction to Runlevels

Ubuntu Mobile

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Ubuntu Ubuntu Mobile is an Ubuntu edition that targets an exciting new class of computers called Mobile Internet Devices. Ubuntu Mobile, based on the world’s most popular Linux distribution, and MID hardware from OEMs and ODMs, are redefining what can be done in mobile computing.

Google urges ISO to give thumbs-down to Microsoft Open XML

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Microsoft The head of Google's open-source programs on Monday urged international delegates to vote against certifying Office Open XML as an ISO standard, saying the Microsoft-led effort poses a risk to users who want unfettered access to documents.

Also: Microsoft gets another shot at XML standard

New search powers lead Firefox 3

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BBC: The latest version of web browser Firefox will make changes to the way people search for information online, says its developer. Mozilla has told the BBC's World Service that the new browser has been designed around the importance of search to users.

Also: Firefox 3 final beta to be released in March

What's New in FreeBSD 7.0

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BSD The day has come... FreeBSD is back to its incredible performance and now can take advantage of multi-core/CPUs systems very well... so well that some benchmarks on both Intel and AMD systems showed release 7.0 being faster than Linux 2.6 when running PostreSQL or MySQL. Federico Biancuzzi interviewed two dozen developers to discuss all the cool details of FreeBSD 7.0.

Refresher Course: The Free Unix Desktop

Filed under
Linux I have been using a Mac at home since 2002. So, after a five year absence, I caught up on what’s changed on the free unix desktop. Here are some observations from an old unix geek that’s been away for awhile:

10 Most Bizarre Photos of Famous Geeks

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junauza.blogspot: Do you think that geeks are boring? If your answer is yes, then perhaps some of the photographs that I’m going to show to you can change your mind:

Linux Kernel and 2.6.25 RC3 Launched

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Linux Two new versions of the heart of all Linux distributions were released: the stable and the development 2.6.25 RC3 kernel. The developers advise you to update your kernel to the latest version, because of the numerous fixes included in it.

Why Do We Need Specialist Security Distros?

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Interviews I talk with Ryan Berens, from Guardian Digital makers of EnGarde Linux, to understand their role in the Linux distribution space. EnGarde is what you'd call a minimalist distribution that you'd install on your server to run critical services. It's also popular for its one-stop WebTool remote administration tool.

How Linux Passion Sometimes Beats Windows Preloads

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Linux Sure, Microsoft expects Windows’ installed base to top 1 billion licenses by the end of this year. But in the shadow of Windows Vista, a rather remarkable trend — known as an InstallFest — continues to transform Linux from a fringe desktop option into a mainstream Windows alternative. Here’s the scoop.

Linux RAID Smackdown: Crush RAID 5 with RAID 10

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Carla Schroder: I was already mourning the destruction of my Saturday, thanks to some blown deadlines, and was resigned to spending at least part of the day working. Then I made a fatal error: I read my email.

Dear RedHat...

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Linux RedHat is one of the most widely used Linux distribution, at least in the corporate and academic sectors. It's been around for years and after all the shit they've gotten from users trapped in RPM "dependency hell," you'd think they'd have learned SOMETHING by now, right?...Right?

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  • WebExtensions in Firefox 48
  • Mozilla's WebExtensions API Is In Good Shape For Firefox 48
    Mozilla has announced that for Firefox 48 their WebExtensions API is considered to be in a stable state. They encourage developers looking to develop browser add-ons to begin using this new API. WebExtensions is an API for implementing new browser add-ons/extensions that makes it easier to port to/from other browsers, is compatible with Firefox's Electroloysis, and should be easier to work with than the current APIs. In particular, Google designed portions of the WebExtensions API around Google's Blink extension API.
  • Mozilla a Step Closer to Thunderbird Decision
    The good news is that the folks at Mozilla seem to be determined to find Thunderbird a good home where it will be able to grow and find newfound success. This isn’t surprising. As Surman pointed out in his post, the project is quite popular among those associated with the foundation — but that popularity is also contributing to the problem Mozilla has with keeping the project in-house.