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Story Android Leftovers Roy Schestowitz 13/01/2015 - 10:31pm
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Story Three Pillars Of Open Source Governance Roy Schestowitz 13/01/2015 - 8:19pm
Story The Top 10 Linux Foundation Videos of 2014 Roy Schestowitz 13/01/2015 - 7:49pm
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Story ExTix 15.1 Is Now Based on Ubuntu 14.10 and GNOME 3.14 – Gallery Rianne Schestowitz 13/01/2015 - 6:30pm

It's On! Ubuntu and Microsoft Going to the Mat

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  • It's On! Ubuntu and Microsoft Going to the Mat
  • 10 reasons Ubuntu 9.10 will be a game changer for business
  • Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) Overview
  • Ubuntu is still rubbish
  • What's new in ubuntu 9.10
  • Inside a Windows 7 house party

KDE 4, please integrate 10 Administrative tools!

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gnuski.blogspot: I am a big fan of the KDE desktop but their current KDE 4.3.2 release is still missing tools that are required for a 'complete desktop experience', specifically for system administration tasks with a Graphical User Interface.

Sneak Peeks at openSUSE 11.2: KDE 4.3 Experience

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SUSE The KDE 4 experience in openSUSE has been enhanced daily, and while the desktop environment itself has matured significantly since the last release, there has been a constant focus to provide an outstanding delivery of it in openSUSE 11.2.

Mozilla releases SeaMonkey 2.0

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  • Mozilla releases SeaMonkey 2.0
  • Firefox gains 30m users in eight weeks

Upgrade Wars: Snow Leopard, Ubuntu & Windows 7

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  • Upgrade Wars: Snow Leopard, Ubuntu & Windows 7
  • Windows 7 is 'Restrictive' for Netbooks, Claims Linux Rival
  • Review: Ubuntu 9.10 v Windows 7
  • Ubuntu's Future Shouldn't Be This Unpredictable
  • Surprise! It's Already Started

X.Org 7.5 released

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Virtual appliances and the Open Virtualization Format

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Virtual appliance fundamentally changes the way software is delivered, configured, and managed. But the power behind virtual appliances lies in the ability to freely share them among different hypervisors. Discover
a standard solution for virtual appliance interoperability called the Open Virtualization Format.

Complete and Utter (Linux Desktop) Apps

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Software The first time I saw Linux was in the back of a computer shop while a tech was fixing my computer. An enthusiast had brought his machine in, and was boasting about how much more complete its applications were than anything on Windows.

Top 10 Firefox Themes (Skins) for Halloween

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Moz/FF Currently, there are about 90 themes available but we will get to that later on. In the meantime, here are my top 10 favorite Firefox Personas Halloween themes that you should check out first:

Most influential open-source gurus? Votes are in

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OSS Influence in open-source development communities is earned through years of writing and sharing great code. Perhaps not surprisingly, then, influence in the business side of open source is also gained through sharing expertise, and not necessarily from making mountains of cash.

Linux on Netbooks - Hope for the Future

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Linux The massive Hoopla surrounding the release of Windows 7 (aka Vista with Lipstick) got me wondering about the netbook market.

A Few Questions For Gunnar Wolf

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Interviews Gunnar Wolf has been a Free Software user for a very long time — In the beginning, without even noticing.

Chakra Alpha 3 – Review

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openbytes.wordpress: Ive never been a fan of KDE. Maybe its because for me it reminds me too much of Vista and a part of my PC experiences I would rather forget, however I cannot stay with Gnome forever and since many new distro’s don’t come with XFCE it was only time before I gave KDE a run for its money.

The Virtues of Virtualization I've gotten some flack from a few of my readers over on Desktop Linux Reviews for using virtualization software to run Linux distros. Some people feel that virtualization is "cheating" or that it somehow it warps the review.

Big boys going open-source to cut costs

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OSS The wave of migration from propriety software to open-source applications is gaining momentum as big companies are jumping on the bandwagon to make cost efficiencies and avoid legal charges for piracy.

A Tokyo Travelogue

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Linux I’ve just returned from Tokyo, where I attended the 2009 Kernel Summit and the first ever Japan Linux Symposium. My body clock is expected sometime later this week. It was a tiring but rewarding week, and not just because the sushi was so good.

today's leftovers:

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  • Trio of Audio Related Reviews
  • Everybody Loves Windows 7
  • Kate’s Vi Input Mode — What will KDE 4.4 bring?
  • I Can Haz Virus
  • Geocities Shuts Down - XKCD Remembers
  • playing with x264
  • GRUB 2.0 Moves Closer With GRUB 1.97 Release
  • EU Strategist Claims an Oracle-owned MySQL Cannot Be Competitive
  • A Hackfest To Improve Linux Video Playback
  • Interviews: Red Hat's Mel Chua
  • Qualcomm Invests in Open Source
  • Open vs. open vs. open: a model for public collaboration
  • Machinarium- A point-and-click adventure game
  • UMPC ref design runs Linux
  • Harish Pillay and Brian Aker debate with Richard Stallman (Part 2)
  • File Synchronization With Free File Sync
  • Native C port of Tor for Android
  • Announcing the Second openSUSE Board Election

some howtos:

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  • Prevent deletion or moving of files
  • Keep IMAP email messages locally using OfflineIMAP
  • Forgetting Sudo (we've all done it)
  • How to create and apply a patch with Git
  • Inkscape Tutorial - An Isometric Tileset - part 2
  • Stumbling and Sniffing Wireless Networks in Linux, Part 2
  • Quick fix: Compiz on Gentoo, resolving text corruption in terminal
  • ldd arbitrary code execution
  • On upgrading openSUSE with 3rd party repositories

Head-mounted computer with Linux, WiFi

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Linux Most wearable computers we’ve seen feature a head-mounted display tethered to a small PC system in a backpack or worn on a belt. Here’s a slick little system that does away with the cord, fitting the entire system in the glasses.

A Bit of Licence

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OSS One of the striking aspects of the free software community is its obsession with licences. It's as if within every hacker there's a lawyer struggling to get out. But maybe it's not so surprising; as Larry Lessig reminded us, “code is law”, and the reverse is also true in the sense that the licence adopted has a big impact on how the software is produced.

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KDE: Krita 3.2.0 Beta 2, Akademy 2017

  • Krita 3.2.0: Second Beta Available
    We’re releasing the second beta for Krita 3.2.0 today! These beta builds contain the following fixes, compared to the first 3.2.0 beta release. Keep in mind that this is a beta: you’re supposed to help the development team out by testing it, and reporting issues on
  • KDE Arrives in Almería for Akademy 2017
    We have travelled from across the globe to meet for our annual gathering where we plan and discuss the next year's activities creating free software to share with the world. Almería is in the south east of Spain, a country which has long been a supporter of free software and collaboration with its creators. The sun here is hot but the water is also warm for those who make it to the beach to discuss their work with a pina colada and a swim. Over the last year KDE has run conferences in Brazil, India, Spain, Germany and sprints in Randa in Switzerland, Krita in the Netherlands, Marble in Germany, GSoC in the US, WikiToLearn in India, Plasma in Germany, Kontact in France, and sent representatives to OSCAL in Albania, FOSSASIA in Singapore, FUDCON in Cambodia, HKOSCon in Hong Kong and more.
  • Guest Post: Retired From KDE, by Paul Adams
    Long time no see, huh? Yes, I neglected my blog and as such didn't post anything since Akademy 2014... Interestingly this is the last one where my dear Paul Adams held a famous talk.  [...] During my PhD I was studying Free Software community productivity metrics. I was also working on research into software quality funded by the European Commission. KDE eV (the governance body1 for KDE) was also taking part in that project. At this time KDE was almost ready to release KDE 4. It was an exciting time to get involved.

Software and howtos

Ubuntu: Desktop Software Users' Feedback, Ubuntu Server Development

Games: Day of Infamy, Gravitation, and Patches From Samuel Pitoiset for Valve