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Linux still dominates the HPC arena

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Linux For some time now Linux has been the dominate operating system in high performance computing. For everything from IBM, with its rockstar status supercomputer Blue Gene, to NEC or U.S. HPC players SGI and HP–the bulk of the leading HPC clusters today are Linux-based.

Google Android Screenshots & Video

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cybernetnews: As expected Google released their Android Software Development Kit (SDK) today. It provides all of the tools needed to start creating applications that run on the next generation mobile operating system, and Google is getting their checkbooks out to help ensure that Android won’t be a flop…

ubuntu vs opensuse

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I was glancing through the top searches for my site and noticed one string I thought I'd try to answer it. That search was openSUSE vs Ubuntu. Now, I've avoided formally comparing Ubuntu to other distros such as openSUSE or Mandriva before because in my book it's like comparing apples to oranges, but for the sake of those searching, I will try.

1 Year Later, Just the Facts

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opseast.wordpress: It’s been a whole year since the ground-breaking Novell-Microsoft Collaboration Agreement was signed and announced. Despite the noise in the press, MANY customers have decided to take advantage of the many benefits that the agreement brings to the table. Here’s a list of all 46 of the customers.

some howtos:

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  • Burning CD and DVD ISO images with cdrecord

  • How-to Enable Anti-Aliasing in Quake Wars Linux
  • Check the bash shell script is being run by root or not
  • Using the AutoFilter: A useful if slightly twitchy tool
  • Create an extension the easy way with BasicAddonBuilder
  • Fix for Limewire blank beryl problem
  • How can I configure winbind to synchronize user and group IDs across multiple Red Hat Enterprise Linux hosts on Active Directory accounts?

Playing around with KWin 4

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smspillaz.wordpress: So, being bored as I usually am, I decided to fix my installation of KDE 4 and try out KWin 4 with Composite bling. Unfortunately, after beta 2, it appeared that openGL based desktop Compositing broke for most people but I managed to get XRender output working.

Fedora Core: out of range

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iTWire: One of the most curious things about Linux distributions is the markedly different way in which one or the other behaves when it comes to installation. This has been brought home to me over the past week as I've been trying to get a Fedora Core installation sorted out.

Also: Stuck with Blue Screen while installing Fedora 8?

NFS issues with Mandriva 2008.0

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Fabrice Facorat: Since I upgrade my auth and file server from 2007.0 to 2008.0, I noticed severals issues with my NFS server. Indeed, at one time, my client will just hang when accessing the NFS server.

baselayout is dead, long live OpenRC

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roy's: OK, a few people have been saying that Gentoo is falling apart, they will leave Gentoo too and the world will end as we know it. I can assure you that this is all lies.

Ubuntu 7.10 & Fedora 8 Performance Compared

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phoronix: Back in March we had compared the performance of Ubuntu and Fedora as we tested Ubuntu 6.10 and Fedora 6 along with development versions of Ubuntu 7.04 and Fedora 7. During those benchmarks, Ubuntu 7.04 Alpha 5 had a slight lead over Fedora but the race was extremely close. Now with the release of Fedora 8 last week, we have run a new set of benchmarks comparing it to the month-old Ubuntu 7.10.

DesktopBSD Day 9 - Fine Tuning

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BSD DesktopBSD uses the KDE desktop and since that desktop has the reputation of being a paradise for the customizer I started the task of fine tuning my desktop with an optimistic mindset.

One Laptop Per Me

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c|net blogs: I had to wake up early in the morning to do it, but I was able to order an XO laptop from the One Laptop Per Child Foundation (and donate another at the same time). I was prepared to discover the project's website was overloaded with visitors-- one observer predicted the alloted systems would sell out "in 30 seconds"-- but I had no problems.

Is success ruining open source?

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Dana Blankenhorn: The charm of the cash-poor open source movement was you couldn’t be fired. Everyone was a volunteer. You could take this code and fork it. But with corporate-run communities like Sun’s OpenJDK, even other corporations wonder if that’s the case any more.

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 228

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This week in DistroWatch Weekly:

  • Reviews: Fedora 8

  • Statistics: Release date page hits, IRC channels
  • News: Fedora 9 feature list, openSUSE Board, update on Mandriva vs Microsoft, interview with paldo developer, Linux Journal
  • Released last week: Fedora 8, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.1
  • Upcoming releases: FreeBSD 7.0-RC1
  • New distributions: PCFluxboxOS, Satux, Screamix
  • Reader comments

Read more in this week's issue of DistroWatch Weekly....

Five Desktop Blog Editors for GNU/Linux Users

beans: Ask ten bloggers at random what they use to compose their blog posts and chances are that you might get ten different answers to that. For the GNU/Linux users there are quite a few options and all of them fulfill certain blogging needs to near perfection. Below I am going to discuss five different ways.

Linux Media Player Roundup - Part 3

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raiden's realm: Welcome to part 3 of our Linux Media Player Roundup. Today we'll be covering even more media players that are available for Linux, and even touching on a couple that do more than just play music, they also play your movies and dvd's.

Can a small business afford not to run Linux?

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iTWire: As I was doing some research for another article, I ran across a forum in which small business users were discussing why they wanted a particular software product (Quickbooks) ported to Linux. One poster's comments caught my attention. What he said convinced me that all small businesses should be running Linux on their desktops.

Ulteo: What happened?

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the distrogue: Back on December 6, 2006, the Linux world was eagerly awaiting the first pre-release of Ulteo, a Kubuntu-based OS that would supposedly revolutionize how we computed. It came out, there were a few reviews, and the world kept spinning again. So here we are, almost a year later, and what's happened since then?

Preserving browser tab collections with Session Manager

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Moz/FF Firefox includes an option for bookmarking all open tabs, but heavy users of tabs will find that this option is hardly enough. When you are researching a subject, the particular combination of tabs matters as much as the individual ones -- and, besides, selecting the tabs to open individually can be tedious if you are dealing with several dozen. And what happens if your session crashes before you have a chance to bookmark?

An obstacle for Linux desktops: Windows applications

A discussion of one of the biggest obstacles facing a "Windows to Linux" transition.

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