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The saga of buying an Ubuntu Dell with Complete Care (tm)

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Ubuntu I go online to Dell's Website and go to the Ubuntu page. I choose the E1505n. I upgrade to a GB of Ram, I get the Nvidia 256 MB graphics card, I get the DVD burner optical drive. So far so good. Now, another driving factor is that Dell has the nifty cool complete care (tm) plan.

DreamWorks Animation "Shrek the Third": Linux Feeds an Ogre

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LinuxJournal: All the big film studios primarily use Linux for animation and visual effects. Perhaps no commercial Linux installation is larger than DreamWorks Animation, with more than 1,000 Linux desktops and more than 3,000 server CPUs.

Making Guidance-power-manager into a Wattmeter

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Nosredna Ekim: Ever curious how many watts your laptop is using while running off its battery? If you are using Kubuntu Fiesty, you can do it quite easily by making a quick modification to guidance-power-manager.

Xandros CEO Defends Microsoft Deal

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InformationWeek: Xandros CEO Andreas Typaldos says his company's deal with Microsoft will help increase Linux adoption rates.

Also: Xandros Migrators Prefer PCLinuxOS or Ubuntu


Use your iPod in Linux

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pimpyourlinux: Many people have Linux installed on their computers, but they are afraid of using their iPod on it. Perhaps corrupt files, or damage detour them from using the myriad programs that currently exist for the Linux operating system. There is good news.

Creative Commons retires two licenses

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LWN: Lawrence Lessig has sent out a message stating that the Creative Commons organization has decided to retire the Developing Nations and Sampling licenses.

Red Hat to assist open source adoption in Indian state

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LinuxWorld: Red Hat Inc. is to help the communist government of Kerala, in southwestern India, to deploy open-source software in its e-governance and literacy efforts.

Microsoft's Protection Racket?

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Forbes: Microsoft should have admitted that Linux matters sooner. For years, the Redmond, Wash.-based software giant seemed to be in denial as the open-source operating software made gains against its Windows franchise. But now a series of deals is finally allowing Microsoft to argue that it's ahead of the curve--with the entertaining upside of making some of the open-source community's truest believers even angrier.

How to add a user to your Ubuntu system the GUI way

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arsgeek: Adding new users to your Ubuntu install is a great way to get your friends and relatives into Linux. They’ll each be able to create a separate Ubuntu experience for themselves by customizing the look and feel of their desktops.

Novell appoints new UK head

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computerweekly: Novell has appointed Jacqueline de Rojas as country manager for the UK and Ireland as it strives to popularise its open source software offering.

Spice up Windows: replace it with Linux; part 1

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A Blog Of Gentoo: In my previous post I've stated that I'd like to help people to spice up their system by moving from Windows to Linux. But we all know that it cannot be done in an instant. I will explain step by step how are we going to do this so it will be easy for anyone to follow.

Why I no longer use Kubuntu

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The Ubuntu Labrador: I decided to install Kubuntu rather than Ubuntu. A first look even more impressed me, it was much better looking. But this was a shortlived experience. My applications crashed a lot especially Open Office and were very slow.

Experiment: first schools install Linux

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CNews: An experiment is underway in a number of St. Petersburg schools to install Linux OS in computer rooms with by September 1st. However, it is not clear so far who will be funding the program. A number of computers with Linux OS already appeared in Alexander Ponosov’s school.

Struggling Mandriva attempts to reduce costs

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CBR: Franco-Brazilian Linux distributor Mandriva is developing a new strategy designed to reduce cost and focus its attention following the closure of new investment and a poor set of financial results.

BMW bets on Linux, Xen

tectonic: Motor manufacturer BMW Group is using Novell's SuSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLED) and Xen virtualisation software in its data center.

Upload your photos in an instant with Kflickr

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HowTos Uploading pictures to Flickr via its Web-based interface is a hassle, particularly if you have dozens of shots to upload. Linux users have a better choice, though, in the form of Kflickr, a simple application for uploading shots to Flickr that will have your family photos online in no time.

Spin your own live CD

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freesoftwaremagazine: A few weeks ago, I promised to explain how to create your own custom live CD with Fedora’s new tools. Well, last week Fedora 7 was launched and all the tools you need are available in the repositories. This even includes a brand new graphical tool, put together by the people at Fedora Unity, called Revisor, which will allow you to spin your own live CD or installation material in an unbelievably user friendly manner.

The Perfect Xen 3.1.0 Setup For Debian Etch (i386)

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This tutorial describes how to install Xen 3.1.0 on a Debian Etch system (i386). Xen lets you create guest operating systems (*nix operating systems like Linux and FreeBSD), so called virtual machines or domUs, under a host operating system (dom0).

Defcon Review

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linuxgames: Computer-room four star generals are probably disappointed with the lack of Real-Time-Strategy games for Linux; the last commercial release worth playing was either Introversion's own Darwinia, Tribal Trouble, or Linux Game Publishing's Majesty. Before that, there was Kohan. In the commercial realm we are missing out on great games like Company of Heroes or Supreme Commander. The most recent indie RTS games of note were Gate 88 and Galcon. Is Defcon worth playing? Let's find out together!

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