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Story JIT Support Is Closer To Landing For GCC Roy Schestowitz 14/10/2014 - 9:45am
Story Rolling-release testing Roy Schestowitz 14/10/2014 - 9:16am
Story Open source streamlines pension system Croatia Rianne Schestowitz 14/10/2014 - 8:23am
Story GTK+ Gains Native Support For OpenGL Rianne Schestowitz 14/10/2014 - 6:01am
Story Meet on Open Source Software Rianne Schestowitz 14/10/2014 - 5:15am
Story 3.8 Million Raspberry Pi Linux Computers Sold - Oh My! Rianne Schestowitz 14/10/2014 - 5:01am
Story Now, Zen Mobile to launch low cost Firefox smartphone in October Rianne Schestowitz 14/10/2014 - 4:54am
Story Rolling Release Round-Up and GNOME's Comeback Rianne Schestowitz 14/10/2014 - 4:01am
Story Scientific Linux 7.0 Officially Released Rianne Schestowitz 14/10/2014 - 1:26am
Story KMyMoney 4.7.0 has been released Rianne Schestowitz 14/10/2014 - 1:22am

Xfe - Fast & Lightweight File Manager for the X Window System

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Xfe (X File Explorer) is a wonderful, fast and lightweight file manager for Linux built using the FOX toolkit with a customisable interface which can resemble the twin-panel style of Midnight Commander if needed.

Quod Libet - A Different GTK Music Player

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Quod Libet is a GTK music player written in Python with support for various audio formats, including Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, MP3, WAV, MP4 and WMA. Quod Libet has a different interface and a slightly different approach compared to players like Rhythmbox or Banshee, for example.

Linux Kernel Virtual Machine improves build performance

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Create a build service using the Linux Kernel Virtual Machine (KVM) for better performance

CentOS Pulse #0903

The CentOS Pulse Newsleter #0903 has been published.

This issue contains some general and security releated news, an interview with the CentOS developer Ralph Angenendt and information about 'The Definitive Guide to CentOS' which is a book available in both print and e-book format.

It also covers ELRepo - a community driven repository that claims to improve hardware support for CentOS.

You can read the newsletter at:

Intel claims No. 2 Linux contributor spot as hedge against Microsoft

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Linux In 2007 Red Hat stood on top of the Linux kernel contributor list with room to spare. At 12.7 percent of the Linux kernel contributed by Red Hat. In 2009, things get more interesting, with Intel making a serious challenge to claim the top spot in Linux kernel contributions.

Review: Rhythmbox 0.12.0 in Ubuntu 9.04

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Rhythmbox is the default audio player coming with the GNOME desktop environment, featuring a clean, typical interface which is so common for GTK audio players. I could say that Rhythmbox has little missing features and it is rather complete.

ASUS N10J - Netbook or Notebook?

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Hardware By sheer chance and very good fortune, I now own an ASUS N10J netbook. Or notebook. The N10J came preloaded with Windows Vistaster Business, it should be no surprise to anyone that it runs like a terminally ill DOG. I have installed a variety of Linux distributions on it.

Free "Really Cool" Stickers About Linux/FOSS Do you want to remove that Windows or Apple logo from your Linux-powered netbook or laptop? If you do then you may as well replace it with some cool graphics that would stand out.

The missing piece of every Linux distribution

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Linux There are many Linux distributions out there, nay hundreds of Linux distributions, ready and waiting for your computing pleasure. They all have one thing in common, one missing piece.

Linux Mail Storage Formats: Mbox vs MailDir The subject of standard Unix and Linux mail file formats came up as part of a recent article I was writing and I decided that it was something that needed to be addressed to avoid confusion when talking about it in the future.

doom and game evolution

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Gaming I just finished quake4, and I am playing (again) doom3 on Linux right now. It feels great – so if anyone wants to say that there are no games on Linux, I could just show the list of some of the games I played this year and found quite impressive:

It Can Now be Cheaper to Shop Using Firefox

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Moz/FF It can now be cheaper to shop using Firefox. Vouchers.Im Indicator for Firefox is a new add-on which will keep consumers aware of all promotions and discounts available on the websites they visit.

The Btrfs file system Btrfs, the designated "next generation file system" for Linux, offers a range of features that are not available in other Linux file systems – and it's nearly ready for production use.

Are You Afraid? You Will Be...

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linuxlock.blogspot: In the deepest, blackest parts of us, bad things exist... Things that we cannot touch, but we a momentary flicker of peripheral the dark room that takes its only light from the moon...shadows that move...that take shape.

today's leftovers

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  • PlayonLinux: Surprisingly Compatible

  • OpenOffice bug/feature stirs 'horde of angry chimps'
  • Don’t confuse Microsoft’s IP with Linux
  • Microsoft's Empty Promise
  • Red Hat Shares Fall Flat
  • Linux Against Poverty Installfest - August 1st
  • Opera 10 Beta 2+ Released
  • Kerberos fun
  • The Business Of Free
  • Omnipresent Search Interface GNOME Deskba
  • Linux Crazy Podcast 59 Robert Raitz (pappy_mcfae)
  • Linux Format wallpapers Updated
  • How to Choose the Best Web Browser
  • Migrating From WUBI to Full Ubuntu Install
  • Does Printing Work Well In Linux?
  • eBox Releases Version 1.2
  • Ubuntu Netbook Remix on AA1
  • Draco loves KDE3
  • On natural selection, evolution, and open source licenses
  • Google Chrome OS: I don't think so

OpenSuSE, Ubuntu, Fedora, Mandriva Benchmarks

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Linux With it being a while since we last compared many Linux distributions when it comes to their measurable desktop performance, we decided to run a new round of tests atop four of the most popular Linux distributions: OpenSuSE, Ubuntu, Fedora, and Mandriva.

the home desktop, the the work station and the school desktop, oh my!

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linuxgeeksunited.blogspot: It is the dream of untold OpenSource developers to have OpenSource and Linux dominate the home desktop market. To banish Microsoft Windows from the the 'adults' table over to the 'kids' table forever. What is it that Linux and OpenSource need to offer to accomplish even a portion of that dream?

some howtos:

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  • Wbar in Mandriva

  • SSH Attack Foghorn
  • 10 Free Resources for Splashy Graphics and Slick Photos
  • Using Spotify On Linux
  • Calc: The Mysteries of DataPilots Revealed
  • A gentle introduction to C# and Mono
  • Inserting Stored, Reusable Information in OpenOffice Writer
  • Over ride gnome-screensaver defaults
  • Changing the hostname in Linux
  • Howto: Flash on Google Chrome/Chromium for Linux now a Reality
  • How to create backup with tarball -tar- command
  • Using Built-in Policy Installer in Firewall Builder
  • LLVM powered Mono
  • Kontact: Check for New Email: Setting up a Global Shortcut in KDE4
  • Shell Script While Loop Examples
  • Howto: Share mobile broadband in Ubuntu using only the GUI
  • How to Contribute to Open Source (When You're Not Exactly Scott Hanselman)

Mozilla Firefox 3.5.1 Released

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Firefox 3.5.1 fixes the following issues:

* Several security issues.
* Several stability issues.
* An issue that was making Firefox take a long time to load on some Windows systems.

Open Source vs. Proprietary - Who Are The Real Zealots?

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OSS Linux is at war. Linux is under attack. Do you, dear reader, have any enemies? Who, pray tell? Your mother-in-law? That one manager at work? An ex-partner? You know who Linux's enemy is?

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today's leftovers

  • OpenRA C&C Reimplementation Gets New Stable Release, Here Is What's New
    Oliver Brakmann from the OpenRA project, an open-source and cross-platform initiative to offer a reimplementation of the popular Command & Conquer games, announced the availability of a new stable release.
  • Pisi-Linux-2.0-Beta-KDE5
  • Arch-Based arkOS Linux Being Discontinued
    arkOS, the Arch-based Linux distribution focused on "securely self-hosting your online life" with aims to make it easy to deploy servers for web-based services, is being discontinued. ArkOS since 2012 had been working to make it trivial to deploy your own Linux web server, your own personal cloud (ownCloud), and making it easy for other services to be deployed while being done so securely and easily. You probably haven't heard of arkOS making the news in a while and sadly now it's making news again, but only because it's being discontinued by its lead developer.
  • SUSE Hack Week 15
    Back in February the fifteenth SUSE Hack Week took place. As always this was a week of free hacking, to learn, to innovate, to collaborate, and to have a lot of fun. I didn't have the full time, so I worked on a couple of small things and a few projects I maintain. I did want to summarize that, so here you go.
  • How To Use SD Card As Internal Storage On Android | Adoptable Storage On Android
  • Anbox - Android in a Box
  • Your CEO’s Obliviousness about Open Source is Endangering Your Business [Ed: Jeff Luszcz says nothing about the risk of proprietary components with back doors etc. and instead 'pulls a Black Duck']
    But what caused these issues? Itis what happens when an open source component is integrated into a commercial software product and violates its open source license, or when it contains a vulnerability that was previously unknown. As technology evolves, open source security and compliance risk are reaching a critical apex that if not addressed, will threaten the entire software supply chain.
  • Mentor tips Azure IoT support and Linux-driven self-driving tech [Ed: Azure is a patent trap with back doors]
    Mentor announced Azure Certified for IoT compliance for Mentor Embedded Linux, and unveiled a Linux-based “DRS360” self-driving car platform.

Leftovers: Software

  • 3 signs your Kubernetes distro is built to last
    It's hard to turn around these days without bumping into a Kubernetes distribution. For example, Mirantis recently buffed its OpenStack distribution to use Kubernetes as an internal component and for container management. Major Linux server distributions include it now. For Kubernetes adopters, it's all good news. It means the most remarkable development in the container world since, well, containers themselves is enjoying strong uptake and acceptance.
  • Cockpit – An Easy Way to Administer Multiple Remote Linux Servers via a Web Browser
    Cockpit is a free and open source web-based system management tool where users can easily monitor and manage multiple remote Linux srvers. It is very thin and light weight utility & directly interacts with the operating system from a real Linux session and doesn’t require any difficult configuration so just install it, it is ready for use.
  • Some Useful Indicators: Ayatana, Clipboard-Autoedit, Diskstat, Files, Bulletin and Udisks
    Panel Indicators always comes in handy when you have to do some productive work on your desktop computer, to access quick functions of different applications these indicators saves you a lot of time, some indicator give you information you want to receive, it all depends on your needs. Today presenting you some useful indicators which may help you and makes your desktop experience much better. Following all the indicators are developed by just one guy and available through his PPA.
  • SRT Video Transport Protocol Open-Sourced
    In aiming to enhance online video streaming, the SRT video protocol has been open-sourced and an alliance forming around that for low-latency video. SRT is short for Secure Reliable Transport and is a low-latency video transport protocol developed by Haivision. The SRT protocol is being opened under the LGPL license.

today's howtos

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