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Welcome PCLinuxOS 2010

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pclinuxos2007.blogspot: Good news for all who are looking for a Mature "Just-Works" Desktop. PCLinuxOS 2010 bandwagon is released.

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 350

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This week in DistroWatch Weekly:

  • Feature: HelenOS interview and first look
  • News: On Fedora's desktop features and release delays, Debian's new project leader, uncertain future of MOPSLinux, moving to GRUB 2
  • Questions and answers: Process scheduling with "nice" and "renice"
  • Released last week: antiX MEPIS 8.5, MythDora 12.23
    Upcoming releases: Ubuntu 10.04 RC, Mandriva Linux 2010.1 Beta 2
  • New distributions: FreeSentral, Peppermint
  • Reader comments

Read more in this week's issue of DistroWatch Weekly....

Benchmarks Of GCC 4.5.0 Compiler Performance

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Software Last week GCC 4.5.0 entered the world with improvements. Over the weekend we decided to benchmark this major update to the GNU Compiler Collection to see how its performance compares to that of GCC 4.3 and 4.4.

A minty experience leaves a pleasant taste.

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Linux This is a story of a transition from windows to Linux. This person is one of your typical computer users. Very smart in many things. A respected English instructor at a well known University and very good at their work. Unfortunately, unwilling and unable to spend time learning how to properly care for their computer.

Returning to Linux, Round 2...Mint

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knolinuxguy.blogspot: I had reviewed Mint previous, way back with Bianca. I had a great interview with Clem. I did enjoy the package back then. I saw recently that the community edition of XFCE had been released, so I downloaded and jumped through the basics of installing via the standard Ubuntu flair.

Delicious Transblurency

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KDE Since every image you see on screen is ‘on focus’ by default, you can easily unfocus unuseful information. Blurring is the act of altering images so they appear out of focus.

few odds & ends:

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  • Migrating your Claws Mail to a new installation
  • Wolvix 2.0.0 beta Build 56
  • Desktop Couch View Editor
  • Improve KVM performance
  • Writing Terminator plugins
  • Fedora On The OLPC At LFNW 2010
  • Alsa Domain Scare, missing alsa git or website

Freedom and Informed Choice

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robinzrants.wordpress: There’s a lot of talk in the Linux and free open-source software (FOSS) communities about freedom and choice. It’s practically a mantra. Y’see, wonderful though they are, each of these awesome Linux distributions comes with a hidden price for all that ease and convenience.

What To Do After A Fresh Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx Install Script - New Version Released

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A new version of "What to do after installing Ubuntu? Run this script!" has been released. The script now has an actual name: "Ubuntu 10.04 Start".

A pleasant surprise: VortexBox

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Linux As a test for my new torrent slave, I downloaded an ISO of VortexBox, which is something I hadn’t ever heard of, probably because I don’t travel in Fedora circles very much. I had no rationale for grabbing that torrent; it just happened to be at the top of the stack at

The Ubuntu Software Center- An under utilized asset?

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  • The Ubuntu Software Center- An under utilized asset?
  • Where is Ubuntu going to ?
  • Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter #189

Open Source segment on PBS Newshour

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OSS On April 15 2010, PBS NewsHour ran a segment talking about the open source model and a few FLOSS-geeks from Washington, DC (maco and myself included) are featured near the end of the segment.

The Debian Democracy

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Linux Do you consider yourself to be fairly familiar with the Debian Linux distribution? I thought I was familiar with it enough to know its origin and history. There's one significant piece of the Debian puzzle that I didn't know about: Its Constitution.

First Contact Review: Ubuntu 10.04 Beta2

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cristalinux.blogspot: I recently downloaded Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Linx Beta2 for testing. I love what I am seeing, so I want to share some of my initial impressions on what seems to be a release that could mark a milestone in Ubuntu's history.

9 More OpenOffice Extensions

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OOo Below are several more extensions to help you tailor this opensource app to the way you use it.

Ubuntu: How to Measure Canonical’s Business Progress

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Ubuntu It’s sometimes difficult to measure Ubuntu’s business success. Canonical says Ubuntu now has about 12 million Linux users — up from an estimated 8 million users in 2007. That sounds impressive, but what does that really mean?

some howtos:

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  • Saving bandwidth by backing up with Rsync
  • Hidden Linux : Dropbox for KDE
  • Add Equalizer for Pulse audio in ubuntu
  • UNP a Universal File Unpacking Utility for Ubuntu / Debian
  • How to configure disk encryption on Sabayon 5.2
  • Clone or Copy a Virtual Disk in Virtualbox
  • Keeping Linux File Systems Clean

UbuntuOne Music Store: How a music service should be

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Ubuntu One of my biggest complains about Apple is iTunes. Why? Because everything the UbuntuOne Music Store is is what iTunes is not.

Digg Digs Open Source

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OSS Like many of it social networking brethren Digg is not only built on open source but is a big contributer to open source as well.

Nothing to scoff at: Arch Linux, 300Mhz Celeron

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kmandla.wordpress: This time I have no excuse. This time I went into the recycle shop with an eye for anything in the US$10-$20 range, specifically to serve as a torrent slave. And this is what I walked out with.

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6-Way Enterprise Focused Linux Distribution Comparison With An Intel Core i9, Dual Xeon Gold Systems

Here's our latest Linux distribution comparison with this time looking at the out-of-the-box performance of six Linux distributions while running a range of enterprise/workstation-focused benchmarks while using two systems. One system is a high-end Core i9 7980XE desktop system and the other a Tyan 1U Xeon Scalable server with dual Xeon Gold 6138 processors. Read more

Security: FOSS Versus Windows

Linux/Android hacker SBC with hexa-core Rockchip SoC debuts at $75

The Vamrs “RK3399 Sapphire” SBC is on sale for $75, or $349 for a full kit. Vamrs is also prepping an RK3399-based “Rock960” 96Boards SBC. Rockchip’s RK3399 is one of the most powerful ARM-based system-on-chips available on hacker boards, featuring two server-class Cortex-A72 cores clocked to up to 2.0GHz, as well as four Cortex-A53 at up to 1.42GHz and a quad-core Mali-T864 GPU. The hexa-core SoC has appeared on T-Firefly’s Firefly-RK3399 SBC and RK3399 Coreboard computer-on-module, as well as Videostrong’s VS-RD-RK3399 SBC and Theobroma’s RK3399-Q7 Qseven module. Now we have a new contender: Shenzhen based Vamrs, which built the limited edition Rockchip RK3399 Sapphire SBC as the official RK3399 dev board for Rockchip, is now re-launching the board, which features a 40-pin Raspberry Pi compatible connector, with “many in stock” for a discounted price of $75. Read more