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Story Android Leftovers Roy Schestowitz 03/11/2015 - 10:44pm
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Story In Memory of Telsa Gwynne Roy Schestowitz 03/11/2015 - 8:16pm

10 Web browsers for the Linux operating system

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Moz/FF If you’re using the Linux operating system, you can choose from among numerous browsers that range in scope and feature. But despite all the choices, most Linux users are familiar with only one or two.

Land In Sight! Final Firefox 4 Beta Builds Surface

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Moz/FF As Firefox 4 Beta 9 enters the freeze phase, Mozilla is posting the first nightly builds of Firefox 4 Beta 10 , which is expected to be the final beta of the new browser.

Zero Ballistics – a rather addictive native 3D tank shooter

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Gaming Zero Ballistics is a 3D tank shooter, a mix of FPS and “tank” (if that’s a genre) that is actually rather addictive, although unrealistic.

Mageia Alpha 0 Still on Track for January Release, Joins OIN

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Linux Initial release of Mandriva fork Mageia is still on track for release later this month. Numerous preparations continue behind the scenes to facilitate this highly anticipated release.

Kernel Log: Wonder patch merged, improved AMD and Intel graphic support

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Linux For Linux 2.6.38, the kernel developers have integrated the much-discussed patch which considerably improves the response time of Linux desktops in certain situations. The AMD developers have extended their open source graphics drivers to support various Radeon HD 6000 graphics chips.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6

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Reviews RHEL 6 offers greatly enhanced scalability and is well equipped to handle future technological advances. The switch to KVM virtualisation and server subscription tweaks may not be universally popular, but existing Red Hat customers and new Linux converts should still consider it.…

9 reasons why you should switch to KDE 4.5

Filed under
KDE There are two kinds of Linux users in the world – those who use Gnome and those who dislike KDE. Here are nine reasons why it's time to log off Gnome and switch to KDE.

Ubuntu's Unity Desktop: Tragically Ironic Product Name

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Ubuntu The criticism began instantly, and, given new life by the alpha release of Ubuntu 11.04 and articles about what to expect in open source software in 2011, has hardly stopped since.

London Stock Exchange delayed Linux system finally launches on 14 February

Filed under
Linux The London Stock Exchange’s delayed Linux-based trading system has finally been given a go-live date of 14 February, for the exchange’s main cash markets.

No Angry Birds For Ubuntu

Filed under
Gaming There were some rumors around arrival of the popular game Angry Birds to Ubuntu. We did not find any concrete evidence to back that rumor so we approach the company.

today's leftovers:

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  • on track despite floods
  • Russian Linux: The Push Continues
  • News – Scrolling RSS ticker for your desktop
  • On GPL Compliance, Android Tablets Get an 'F'
  • To Russia With Love
  • Design simplicity is an important element of open source security
  • Nexus S Boots Ubuntu
  • GIMP and the falling sky
  • The Long Slog Toward Advancement Of Linux
  • Real Help for your Network’s IPv6 Transition
  • PC-BSD 8.2-RC1 Available for Download
  • TIOBE: Python is the programming language of 2010
  • U.S. House of Representatives using Drupal
  • DRM Brings Some Fun To The Linux 2.6.38 Kernel
  • Sabayon Forensics Face Lift
  • Team Creates Open Source Data-Scraping Toolkit for Journalists
  • Youtube Music Player For Firefox
  • Reviewing the openSUSE Trademark Guidelines
  • Ubuntu Developer Manager Quitting To Join Google

some howtos:

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  • Pen & Pound- 2 Great Load balancing tools
  • Tips for Ubuntu 11.04 testers
  • Picasa on Linux
  • Create Bootable Live USB Drives of Linux Using UNetBootin
  • Turbo Charge Python Apps with Speed—Part 2
  • Tweak your Ubuntu with Ubuntu Tweak
  • 1000 Widescreen Wallpapers
  • Tips for Deploying Secure Shell in Linux
  • get caps / num / scroll lock keys notifyosd notifications
  • Introduction to Linux Cgroups
  • Install Half-left GNOME Shells On Ubuntu

Behind KDE with Patrick Spendrin

Filed under
Interviews Last week KDE 4.5.4 was released for Windows. It was a late Christmas present from the KDE on Windows team and we were immediately interested in learning more about the project.

Boot Issues Plague SimplyMepis 11 Development

Filed under

SimplyMEPIS 11.0 Beta 1 was released last week, but again is plagued by start problems for many people. All during this SimplyMEPIS 11 development cycle boot problems have stopped many users from testing.

Mickos and Eucalyptus lock arms with Red Hat

Filed under
Software Marten Mickos – the former MySQL boss who now runs build-your-own-cloud startup Eucalyptus Systems – has hitched his new wagon to Red Hat. In more ways than one.

The truth about Banshee’s photo support

Filed under
Software “Will Banshee support Photo management?“ This is a common question both in the comments here but also in my private mails so I thought I would address it on OMG! Ubuntu!

Sounds in The Board

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Software So, The Board 0.1.0 was released a couple weeks ago with a good set of initial features. The 0.2.0 release will come with a couple of interesting new features. Here’s one of them: sound.

When open-source projects go commercial

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OSS Open-source software has been about two things: passion and need. But today, a growing share of the open-source universe has been commandeered by large software organizations looking to commercialize an open-source project.

Red Hat to keep headquarters in Wake, add jobs

Filed under
Linux Red Hat will keep its corporate headquarters in Wake County and add more than 500 jobs in the next five years, officials said Monday.

The limits of evangelism

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OSS I should know better, but every now and then I make the mistake of trying to explain why people should use free and open source software (FOSS).

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Android Leftovers

Tidelift Backed by Former Red Hat Chairman and CEO Matthew Szulik

  • Open source startup Tidelift snags $15 mln Series A
    Boston-based Tidelift, an open source startup, has secured $15 million in Series A funding. General Catalyst, Foundry Group and former Red Hat Chairman and CEO Matthew Szulik led the round. In conjunction with the funding, Larry Bohn, managing director at General Catalyst, Ryan McIntyre, co-founder and managing director at Foundry Group and Szulik have all joined Tidelift’s board of directors.
  • Tidelift raises $15M to find paying gigs for open-source developers maintaining key projects
    Tidelift wants to give open-source developers a way to earn some money for contributing to important open-source projects and while helping the companies that are using those projects in key parts of their business, and it just raised $15 million to build those connections. General Catalyst, Foundry Group, and former Red Hat CEO Matthew Szulik co-led the Series A founding round into the Boston-based startup, the first time the 17-person company has taken financing, said Donald Fischer, co-founder and CEO of Tidelift. The other co-founders — Havoc Pennington, Jeremy Katz, and Luis Villa — share a wealth of open-source experience across companies like Red Hat and organizations like The Wikimedia Foundation and the Mozilla Foundation.
  • Tidelift Raises $15M Series A To Make Open Source Work Better--For Everyone

today's howto

Linux and CPU Security

  • 22 essential security commands for Linux
    There are many aspects to security on Linux systems – from setting up accounts to ensuring that legitimate users have no more privilege than they need to do their jobs. This is look at some of the most essential security commands for day-to-day work on Linux systems.
  • CVE-2018-3639: Spectre Variant 4 Vulnerability Affects the Linux Kernel
    A Spectre variant 4 vulnerability has been identified in the Linux kernel and represents a very dangerous threat to all affected machines. All system administrators are urged to apply the latest updates as soon as possible to mitigate any possible impact.
  • Spectre Number 4, STEP RIGHT UP!
    In the continuing saga of Meltdown and Spectre (tl;dr: G4/7400, G3 and likely earlier 60x PowerPCs don't seem vulnerable at all; G4/7450 and G5 are so far affected by Spectre while Meltdown has not been confirmed, but IBM documentation implies "big" POWER4 and up are vulnerable to both) is now Spectre variant 4. In this variant, the fundamental issue of getting the CPU to speculatively execute code it mistakenly predicts will be executed and observing the effects on cache timing is still present, but here the trick has to do with executing a downstream memory load operation speculatively before other store operations that the load does not depend on. If the CPU is convinced to speculatively execute down this victim path incorrectly, it will revert the stores and the register load when the mispredict is discovered, but the loaded address will remain in the L1 cache and be observable through means similar to those in other Spectre-type attacks.