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Quick Roundup

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Story FreeBSD 9.3-RC3 Now Available Rianne Schestowitz 07/07/2014 - 8:15am
Story Linux's DistroWatch site stumbles Rianne Schestowitz 2 07/07/2014 - 8:11am
Story Android L unofficial ROM available for Nexus 4 Roy Schestowitz 07/07/2014 - 8:09am
Story Linux Kernel 3.4.97 Arrives with Updated Drivers and PowerPC Improvements Rianne Schestowitz 07/07/2014 - 8:08am
Story Operating System U Now Solicits Community Ideas Rianne Schestowitz 07/07/2014 - 8:00am
Story Best Custom Icon Packs for Android Rianne Schestowitz 07/07/2014 - 7:56am
Story SystemRescueCd 4.3.0 Officially Released with GParted 0.19.0 Rianne Schestowitz 07/07/2014 - 7:46am
Story New Linux Kernel Vulnerability Patched in Three LTS Ubuntu Distros Rianne Schestowitz 07/07/2014 - 7:35am
Story Plasma Next Accessibility Rianne Schestowitz 06/07/2014 - 11:07pm
Story Linux 3.16-rc4 Kernel Brings More Fixes Rianne Schestowitz 06/07/2014 - 9:27pm

Faces behind Linux — Part #1

Filed under
Linux What/who you imagine when you hear the names “Ubuntu”, “Debian”, “Slackware”, etc? Is this tux, penguin, disribution logo? Have you ever wondered who is behind certain Linux distribution?

Shuttleworth: Windows 7 Is an Opportunity for Linux

Filed under
Ubuntu Microsoft might be betting big on Windows 7, the next version of its flagship operating system, but to Ubuntu Linux founder Mark Shuttleworth, the upcoming release is really an opportunity for Linux to shine.

!Rant: Desktop Effects? Hell, yeah!

Filed under
Software Last year I wrote a rather strong blog when I was frustrated, titled Desktop Effects? Never more. I officially apologise for my words and retract all I said. I have been running desktop effects for months now, without a hitch.

CentOS 5.3: This Works

Filed under

jehurst.wordpress: All I can say is “WOW!” No, not the fan-boy stuff; it has to work the way I work.

Debian 5: Lenny

Filed under
Linux After Etch, it's time for Lenny to prove what Debian can do. The new release includes lots of updates, security enhancements and better hardware support for you.

Which Ubuntu Derivative Is Right For You?

Filed under
Ubuntu If you’re interested in Linux then most likely you have taken a look at Ubuntu. And if you have taken a look at Ubuntu then you know there are a lot of derivatives out there that specialize in one cross section of society or another. But which one is right for you?

New Ubuntu Linux server is for business On April 20th, Canonical, the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu, will be releasing Ubuntu Server Edition 9.04 along with the new Ubuntu Desktop Edition and the Ubuntu Netbook Remix. That's great news for Linux fans, but what I want to talk about today is why that's also great news for business.

Linux game console ready to ship

Filed under
Linux Envizions announced that it is taking orders for an open-source Linux gaming system, and will start shipping beta units to game developers, resellers, and software partners on April 10.

Compiz is an evil dying hack

Filed under
Software Often I said that Compiz was an evil hack as it was replacing the native and eventually well tested desktop windowmanager with a new code unstested and unstable. Now Compiz is at an important point of its life, and some decisions may make it become irrelevant in the future.

Build simple photo-sharing with Amazon cloud and Perl

Filed under

See the benefits and drawbacks of the Amazon Cloud S3 storage options and SimpleDB

KDE 4.2.2 Released

Filed under
KDE The KDE Community today announced the immediate availability of "Cano", (a.k.a KDE 4.2.2), another bugfix and maintenance update to KDE 4.2.

Compiz 0.9.x - Where are we now, and where to from here

Filed under

smspillaz.wordpress: Compiz 0.9.x started in december when onestone announced his core rewrite on the mailing list. Currently, we are in the process of porting plugins to the 0.9.x branch.

Is Linux Bad for the Economy?

Filed under
Linux I read a Newsweek* article titled, Stop Saving Now!, a cover story that actually encourages you, the consumer, to stop being so darn frugal and spend some money.

Linux Needs Critics

Filed under
Linux I am not a programmer. What I am is a journalist and author. In other words, I'm an end-user. I've spent a lot of time "reverse engineering" the culture of Linux. What's interesting about the world of Linux is that there aren't many critics within the community.

Review: Nova Linux 1.1.2

Filed under
Linux I recently heard that Cuba had created their own Linux distribution, Nova. Like many other countries with a rocky relationship with the USA (Russia, China, Iran), Cuba is wary of running their entire computer infrastructure on software developed in the USA.

Fedora 11 beta beefs up Linux security

Filed under
Linux The latest beta of The Fedora Project's Linux includes new security, desktop and developer features that offer a glimpse of the direction Red Hat could take with its enterprise Linux distribution.

Planning for GNOME 3.0

Filed under
Software During the first few months of 2008, a few Release Team members discussed here and there about the state of GNOME. So let's go to the core topic and discuss what the GNOME 3.0 effort should be. We propose the following list of areas to focus our efforts on:

10 File Managers for Linux

Filed under

Here's a review of no less than 10 file managers for Linux: Nautilus, Dolphin, Konqueror, Thunar, PCManFM, Krusader, Xfe, ROX-Filer, Midnight Commander and Vifm.

The Perfect Server - Fedora 10 [ISPConfig 3]

Filed under

This tutorial shows how to prepare a Fedora 10 server for the installation of ISPConfig 3, and how to install ISPConfig 3.

VMware Workstation 6.5.1 build-126130 and Linux kernel 2.6.29

Filed under

With the attached patch you can persuade your VMware Workstation to work on the newest Linux kernel 2.6.29. There are no guarantees, but it works for me(tm).

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  • GCC 7 Moves Onto Only Regression/Doc Fixes, But Will Accept RISC-V & HSA's BRIG
    The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) is entering its "stage four" development for GCC 7 with the stable GCC 7.1 release expected in March or April. Richard Biener announced today that GCC 7 is under stage four, meaning only regression and documentation fixes will be permitted until the GCC 7.1.0 stable release happens (yep, as per their peculiar versioning system, GCC 7.1 is the first stable release in the GCC 7 series).
  • 5 ways to expand your project's contributor base
    So many free and open source software projects were started to solve a problem, and people began to contribute to them because they too wanted a fix to what they encountered. End users of the project find it useful for their needs, and the project grows. And that shared purpose and focus attracts people to a project's community.
  • Weblate 2.10.1
    This is first security bugfix release for Weblate. This has to come at some point, fortunately the issue is not really severe. But Weblate got it's first CVE ID today, so it's time to address it in a bugfix release.

Intel Kabylake: Windows 10 vs. Linux OpenGL Performance

For those curious about the current Kabylake graphics performance between Windows 10 and Linux, here are some OpenGL benchmark results under each operating system. Windows 10 Pro x64 was tested and the Linux distributions for comparison were Ubuntu 16.10, Clear Linux, Antergos, Fedora 25 Xfce, and openSUSE Tumbleweed. Read more

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