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Story Xfe - Fast & Lightweight File Manager for the X Window System Chris7mas 17/07/2009 - 9:53pm
Story Quod Libet - A Different GTK Music Player Chris7mas 17/07/2009 - 8:26pm

PC Collective Cracks 2nd Enigma U-Boat Message

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A distributed computing project has cracked another 63-year-old message encrypted with the German navy's vaunted Enigma machine, the M4 Message Breaking Project has announced.


Book Review: Linux In Easy Steps

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As implied by the title, Linux In Easy Steps is an introduction to the open source operating system and is targeted very clearly at new users. In fact the cover proudly proclaims that it can take the reader from 'from NEWBIE to GURU', in full colour as well. That's a tall task, particularly as there are only 240 pages to go from absolute beginner to the heights of gurudom.

TW My sysadmin toolbox

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My list of tools is aimed at non-professional system administrators who manage Linux machines in a home or small-office network. On my network, I use a number of security-related programs that I usually run as cron jobs. None of the programs are mentioned in the Top 75 Security Tools list, but I like them because they are easy to install and configure, and they work well. I also have a few recovery tools that I use when a system is having problems.

Will Suse 10's cool looks be enough to win hearts?

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It has a clean and has immaculate look about it with enough eye-candy to make it a hit with both Linux enthusiasts good desktop design fans. But does the forthcoming vesion 10 of Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop (previously called Novell Linux Desktop) really have what it takes to make the real inroads into the desktop OS sector Novell so badly needs to make?

Knoppix 5 Review

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Knoppix, the founder Klaus Knopper, created with what could be mentioned today as maybe one of the first LiveCD distributions. Knoppix had a great following when people found out that they could finally try out Linux without configuring their system to work with both Windows and Linux.

Review: GNOME 2.14

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The GNOME desktop has come a long way since a study sponsored by Sun Microsystems in 2001 raised usability issues. Since then, GNOME has learned to take usability seriously, developing its Human Interface Guidelines and making strong efforts to apply them more thoroughly with each release. The GNOME 2.14 release continues this tradition.

Also: Deskbar 2.14 screencast

Imagining the Maximum Net

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Here's a question: should the decision to build the Net to maximum capacity--the broadest we can make broadband--be based on whether or not today's carriers can think of a way to pay back the cost of building it?

While we're answering that, let's ask if the Net should be private at all. Are the rivers and seas private? How about the Interstate Highway System?

Repeat after me: No more Linux desktop forks

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Sokulla said SimpleKDE's goal "is to create a KDE based (which can be the best base in my opinion), enterprise level, simple, easy to use, secure desktop environment. So we want to make something between Gnome and KDE. Some people consider our relationship with KDE [similar] to the one between Gnome and Xfce. But this is not true; we are not that far to KDE, we are forking KDE."

Oh. No.

Gael Duval: Fired, simply fired.

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Fired. Yes. Simply fired, for economical reasons, along with a few other ones. More than 7 years after I created Mandrake-Linux and then Mandrakesoft, the current boss of Mandriva "thanks me" and I'm leaving, sad, with my two-month salary indemnity standard package.

Six relations between Sex and Linux

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Ravi, you seem to like Linux so much. But did you know that there is relationship between Sex and Linux ? Having successfully caught my attention and obviously having piqued my curiosity, he went on to state six relations between sex and Linux.

French Bill May Drive Away Open-source Developers

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French Deputy Frederic Dutoit accused the government on Wednesday night of "signing the death warrant for open-source software" in France, as the debate in the National Assembly over a new copyright bill lurched towards a conclusion.

Beranger Plays in Traffic - PyTraffic that is

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PyTraffic is a Python version by Michel Van den Bergh of the board game Rush hour, invented by Nob Yoshigahara. The goal is to remove the red tractor out of the grid through the slot on the right.

When Your Boss Fears Open Source

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Does your network and app infrastructure contain open source products? Chances are they do. It's equally likely that those at the top of the IT org chart may not know the full story, given how ubiquitous -- and handy -- many open source offerings have become. Learn what to do when your boss fears open source.

Samba: Coverity Bugs Down to Zero

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The Samba Team is happy to report that Samba is now free from Coverity reported defects! In a week and a half, Samba Team developers have fixed all 216 reported bugs.

SOX and the GPL: no "special" risk, but ordinary one bad enough

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This guest column by Wasabi VP and General Counsel Jay Michaelson responds to a reaction from Free Software Foundation General Counsel Eban Moglen to a Wasabi whitepaper that discussed potential interactions between Sarbannes-Oxley (SOX) legislation and the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Weighing Open Source Management Tools Vs. Proprietary

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To date, "open source versus proprietary" discussions have focused pretty narrowly on acquisition cost / comparison and TCO. But according to a recent InfoWorld blog by GroundWork Open Source CEO, Ranga Rangachari, we're going to start hearing more about the feature set give-and-take between open source versus proprietary management tools.

Kubuntu on an old PC

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I recently purchased a used computer over the Internet to replace a secondary computer, and my plan for this machine was to set it up as dual boot computer between some version of Linux and Windows98. I had been thinking about which brand of Linux I wanted to put on this computer for sometime. I had never tried Debian or one its variants, but was eager to do so. After reading the reviews, I decided to go with Ubuntu.

Installing the latest PostgreSQL on Stable Debian

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If you want use PostgreSQL 8.1 on your stable Debian 3.1 it is not a problem. Here is a quick walkthrough of the required steps of rebuilding the Debian package for Sarge.

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