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Ubuntu Indicators in openSUSE?

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Ubuntu Ubuntu takes a lot of punches from time to time for its marketing and even its interface. Some feel Ubuntu is dumbed down and oversimplified, while many others think it's innovative and user-friendly. Where ever you fall in the debate, one developer thinks some elements of Ubuntu should land into openSUSE.

Debian Squeeze Kernel to be Completely Free

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Linux Non-free software has long left a bad taste in Debian's collective mouth and developers have now taken steps to reduce the cruft for their next release. The project announced this morning that Debian 6.0, codenamed Squeeze, would ship with a completely free kernel.

Is 2011 the year of open source in the public sector?

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OSS As budgets tighten, governments around the world are firming up their open source pledges. Rory MacDonald investigates if 2011 might well be the year open source breaks into the public sector…

Primo PM Apps: Planner's Solid, TaskJuggler Scales, KPlato Simplifies

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Software Project management applications are a popular inroad for winning business converts to the Linux desktop. The software category provides some well-endowed tools to maximize business knowledge and techniques for project planning and progress monitoring.

Have yourself a very Linux Christmas

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Linux Whether you cut your teeth downloading Linux 0.x source code or you want to give Linux a try for the first time, we've got presents for you.

Fedora needs an architect

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Linux I read yet another thread about Fedora randomly changing the way UNIX has done things forever and it reminded me that I’ve been saying for a while that Fedora urgently needs an architect.

Firefox UI man quits Mozilla

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Moz/FF Mozilla user-interface guru Aza Raskin is leaving the open source outfit to start a new venture called Massive Health.

Novell Celebrates Year of Innovation With Record Number of New Products

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SUSE Novell's leadership in intelligent workload management brings new levels of flexibility and IT control across physical, virtual and cloud environments

Red Hat to pay $20 million

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  • Red Hat to pay $20 million to settle lawsuit
  • Red Hat’s New Strategies For Enterprise And SMB

today's leftovers:

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  • Official open source driver for Kinect
  • True Combat Elite
  • Linux Embeds Itself Yet Further
  • Unigine Contest Winners
  • Chrome Store Soon Open to All Browsers
  • EU group to map advantages of using open source
  • Experimental addon offers new email addresses within Thunderbird
  • Dutch Magazine Linux Starter Available
  • More fun with the My Photos screensaver
  • Google’s Newest Patent: The Browser Search Highlight Button
  • Some experiences editing video in Linux
  • NVIDIA 260.19.26 Linux Driver Released
  • GTD, Linux and Remember the Milk

some howtos:

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  • How to Change MySQL Storage Engines
  • Create an easy to use Linux calendar sharing server
  • Create a local Fedora mirror system and get blazing-fast updates
  • Escaping and Quoting in Bash
  • Create a Christmas Wallpaper in 10 Minutes
  • Installing Debian Squeeze from Hard Disk
  • How to boot Ubuntu on a Cr-48
  • Quick Tips for Speeding Up Mozilla Firefox
  • Boot Multiple ISO from USB via Grub2 using Linux
  • Fix the Script: Limiting Output
  • Eva's Great Guide to Ubuntu – Part 3
  • Remove all unused kernels with 1 command in Debians
  • Working with Colors in Scribus
  • ftp and Download files with a UNIX Shell Script
  • How to Backup a Linux Directory/Folder Using rsync
  • Shell scripting for system administrators: advanced techniques
  • How To Install Skype On Ubuntu Linux

Government Backdoors in OpenBSD?

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BSD We've all heard rumors of backdoors for governments or rogue elements of governments in Microsoft Windows systems, but did we ever think we might find it in the Open Source world? Well, according to Theo de Raadt, renowned Open Source developer, that just might be the case.

Another good reason to use 64-bit installations: Large File Support headaches

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Linux A couple of months ago I wrote about why I made my router a 64-bit install listing a series of reasons why 64-bit hardened systems are safer to manage than 32-bit ones, mostly because of the feature set of the CPUs themselves. What I didn’t write about that time, though, is the fact that 64-bit installs also don’t require to deal with the curse of large file support (LFS).

Alternative Games Is All About Linux Gaming

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Gaming Frozenbyte's Trine 2 would likely be coming to Linux and that this work for Frozenbyte was being done by Alternative Games, a company we never heard of. We have now received an email from Tapio Honkonen, the CEO of this company that's said to be all about Linux gaming.

Linaro signs up HP and Canonical

  • Linaro signs up HP and Canonical to give advice
  • LiMo Foundation Joins Linaro Technical Steering Committee as Advisor Partner

Waiting for the rapture

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OSS have been involved with free and open source software (FOSS) for the better part of twelve years. For ten years of that time, I have made my living from FOSS, either as an employee or as a free-lance writer. But sometimes, I have to admit, I get tired of waiting for FOSS to fulfill its potential.

Netflix touts open source, ignores Linux

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Linux Last week's post from Netflix on its use of open source has gotten a lot of coverage from the tech press. Too bad nobody's called the video giant out on its hypocrisy: They benefit greatly from open source, but really don't care to let their customers do the same.

Gnome Shell Won't Be In Ubuntu 11.04 Repos

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Software A bug submitted @ Launchpad points out that Gnome Shell might not be available in the official Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal repositories.

Opera 11.00 Release Candidate 1

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Software Thanks to the heavy testing being performed both internally at Opera, and by all of you eager testers out there, we now have a very good overview of the quality level of Opera 11.0.

Alan Clark new openSUSE Board Chairman

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SUSE As you know, Michael Loeffler has left the openSUSE Board to pursue new opportunities. The election rules state that the Chairperson be appointed by Novell and yesterday Markus Rex, General Manager of Novells Open Platform Solutions, presented Alan Clark to us as the new Chairperson.

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