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gOS 2.0 "Rocket" To Blast Off Next Week

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Linux We've just been notified that gOS 2.0 will be released next week at the 2008 Consumer Electronic Show. This Linux distribution started making news two months ago as the conceptual Google Operating System and shipping on a sub-$200 (USD) Everex PC.

Voting for the 2007 Members Choice Awards is Now Open

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OSS I just opened the polls for the 2007 Members Choice Awards. There are 27 polls this year, more than even before. The polls close on February 21st. This is your chance to help quality Open Source projects get the attention they deserve.

Linux vs Windows: operating system security

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paulsdigitalworld.blogspot: The problem of security should be considered at two levels, user level and system level. An operating system can be at most as secure as its user. An uninformed user has every possibility to put an operating system under risk.

5 tips every new Linux user should know

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Linux We're taking a departure from the norm this week and not discussing a specific piece of software. Instead, we've been thinking about what we most wished we'd been told on our first foray into Linux-land. These tips run the gamut from installation planning to how to best ask for help.

Apple is Killing Linux on the Desktop 2008 is upon us and we’re greeted with the news, from NetApplications, that Apple Macs running OS X account for 7.3% of computers used to access the web.

The tricky task of supporting Photo CDs on Linux In the photography world, a prominent proprietary file format is Kodak's Photo CD (.PCD). Once the premiere format for film scanning, it is now a difficult-to-work-around relic. Recently I set out to resurrect some old PCD images on a Linux system -- a challenge that serves as an object lesson in the importance of open standards in any kind of digital archive.

Building A Linux Music Studio Part 2

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LinuxPlanet: Last week we made a music CD from a live digital recording the easy and simple way. Today we're going to fix volume levels and do graceful fades and transitions using Audacity and normalize.

2008: Not the year of the Linux desktop

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iTWire: The new year is less than a week old but the talk has already begun. Yes, we are hearing that hackneyed old saw again - this will be the year of the Linux desktop. Some so-called pundits say it directly, some in an indirect manner but they aren't holding back.

Review: Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta 1 Web browser

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Moz/FF The first beta release of the much-anticipated Firefox 3 Web browser offers some nice enhancements over the previous version, such as additional security and new tools for storing and accessing bookmarks and browsing history, but it doesn't differ much from Firefox 2 in looks or functionality.

A Linux pragmatist, not an evangelist

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Ubuntu Six months into using the Ubuntu distribution of Linux, Kevin Anderson says its ready for advanced computer users, but not most mainstream users.

Earning Your Linux Diploma

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LinuxInsider: IT professionals looking to be Linux certified have two types of programs to consider. One certification track is vendor neutral, concentrating on core Linux programs and command line skills that apply to all Linux distributions. The other certification track is aimed at computer engineers specializing in a major Linux enterprise distribution such as Novell's Suse Linux or Red Hat Linux.

Distro hopping all the way back to Windows XP

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Linux This past week I have evaluated five Linux distributions to see if any of them would make suitable replacements for Windows XP so that I could avoid Vista. Sadly, Linux proved to be far more finicky and troublesome than I expected.

PCLinuxOS Day 2 - Bringing the System Up-to-Date

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PCLOS Any linux distribution is part of a continuous proces of development, updates and upgrades. When you install a freshly downloaded distribution you can expect at least a few updates waiting for you. For that reason I decided to run a full update before taking a closer look at the system as a whole.

Linux 2.4.36 Stable Release

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kernelTRAP: "New year, new kernel: Linux 2.4.36 is finally ready and has been checked long enough to be released. Quite a bunch of bugs, build errors and security issues have been fixed since 2.4.35, but all of those fixes were merged into 2.4.35-stable," 2.4 maintainer Willy Tarreau stated.

Securing Joomla! installations

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HowTos Joomla! is a well-known content management system, mature enough to be used by thousands of amateur and professional Web portals. Installation is a breeze and consists of six click-next steps. However, a default Joomla! installation is not necessarily a secure one, so let's see how we can protect our portal from potential attackers.

Dual-boot Windows and Ubuntu Linux (part 2)

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c|net blogs: Running Linux from a CD in Windows doesn't get you much closer to computing in a Windows-less world. To make Windows and Linux and either-or proposition, you have to set your PC to dual-boot.

today's leftovers

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  • Open source funding plunged in Q4, FY07

  • A reverse engineer finds Kindle's hidden features
  • VirtualBox on Fedora 8
  • Howto Install vmware tools in Ubuntu
  • Suspend to disk with disk encryption
  • Is Linux Worth the Effort?
  • VectorLinux 5.9: Nice, but...
  • Maltego mines the Internet without violating TOS
  • nmap - how to scan hosts of networks for open ports
  • Mandriva in 2008
  • Dusting Off the 0.01 Kernel
  • Burning a Linux ISO image on CD
  • How I Spent My Christmas Vacation
  • Ubuntu giving back to Debian: facts and numbers
  • Yes, OSS does Innovate

7 Months with Ubuntu

Filed under
Ubuntu In early June 2007, I finally got around to giving Ubuntu another look (using a bootable Live CD) and was pleasantly surprised. I found myself thinking that I could quickly install Ubuntu along with all the tools I need and take the OS for an extended long-term test drive. And that's exactly what I did.

Microsoft Making Millions Off Novell Linux

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Paul McDougall: Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer once called Linux a cancer. Now, thanks to his company's alliance with Novell, he's probably labeling the open source OS as something much more benign. Like, say, "Cash Cow!"

KDE 4.0 RC2 much better, but still not perfect

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blog.arun-prabha: You might have read my personal experience with KDE 4.0 RC1 3 weeks back. I installed RC2 in my Kubuntu system and used it intermittently for the past 2 weeks. RC2 was much better than RC1, though it was not perfect. There were few bugs that popped out during that time.

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