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Quick Roundup

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Story The State of Open Source Gaming on Linux Rianne Schestowitz 11/11/2015 - 9:54am
Story You can now try Firefox OS 2.5 on your Android smartphone Rianne Schestowitz 11/11/2015 - 9:48am
Story Arch Linux 2015.11.01 Is Now Available for Download Rianne Schestowitz 11/11/2015 - 3:52am
Story Fedora 21 Reaches End of Life on December 1, Please Upgrade to Fedora 23 Now Rianne Schestowitz 11/11/2015 - 3:49am
Story Open source software gains traction in federal IT Rianne Schestowitz 11/11/2015 - 3:45am
Story Leftovers: KDE Rianne Schestowitz 11/11/2015 - 1:22am
Story GPL Enforcement and the Trans-Pacific Partnership Rianne Schestowitz 11/11/2015 - 12:57am
Story Applying the Free Software Criteria Rianne Schestowitz 11/11/2015 - 12:27am
Story today's leftovers Rianne Schestowitz 10/11/2015 - 11:10pm
Story Leftovers: OSS Rianne Schestowitz 10/11/2015 - 11:05pm

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Startx I got up bright and early on Wednesday last in anticipation of performing some computer projects that I had set aside to do. When I glanced up, the monitor was black. Hmm… that’s not good.

Three little zillas from Taiwan

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Software There are so many excellent projects around the world based around Linux that many go unnoticed, despite years of development and achieving what they set out to do.

Samsung is backing Linux (SLP)

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jeffhoogland.blogspot: With Nokia's recent news of jumping off the Linux bandwagon, it makes this Linux user wonder if a couple years down the road if we are going to have any choice other than Android. Samsung is developing their own Linux platform - Samsung Linux Platform or SLP.

The Latest Details On The State Of Qt & MeeGo

  • The Latest Details On The State Of Qt & MeeGo
  • Ingredients
  • Qt will not be ported to Windows Phone 7 says Nokia

Cuba Announces Migration to Open-Source Software

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OSS More than 8,000 computers at the University of Computer Sciences (UCI) will be migrating to GNU/Linux open-source platforms, according to Abel Firvida, who is heading the open-source software project there.

First Stable Release Of Mageia In June: Exclusive Interview

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Interviews We have not yet seen any ISOs to try and test. What is the road-map of Mageia? When will we see the first stable release? What caused the fork? How sustainable is the project? How many developers are working on it? T

Free and completely Ubuntu

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mok0.wordpress: The other day, I reported here that Tuesday evening (Feb. 8.), the popular tech-review program on danish public television channel DR2 “So Ein Ding…” dedicated an entire episode to Ubuntu. A commenter asked for a translation, so here it is.

A few useful Ubuntu utilities

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  • A few useful Ubuntu utilities - getlibs & apt-fast
  • 10 programs to be used from the terminal
  • Pulse-audio equaliser
  • Tux Math – Educational game for math

Revisited: KDE 4.6

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dasublogbyprashanth.blogspot: I recently tried reviewing KDE 4.6, and it didn't turn out so well due to the combination of my installing KDE 4.6 in a live session and my using Linux Mint to try it out.

openSUSE Weekly News 162 is out

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Can Free, "Open-Source" Software Bridge the Gender Gap in Technology?

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OSS If girls are taught computer skills in school from an early age, then there will be just as many female computer programmers as male ones ... at least, in theory. But when computer classes involve being taught to use products from Apple, Adobe and Microsoft -- and include activities like field trips to the Apple Store -- who's benefiting from them? The girls, or the corporations that sponsor their classes?

The coming of GNOME 3

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Software It seems there is some strife in the Fedora community over the upcoming GNOME 3 / GNOME Shell in Fedora 15. Some people see it as a dumbing down of the user interface and others don't.

My Photography-Centric Linux Migration

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Software I’ve been a Linux user for many years; since 1999 if I remember correctly. Some use has been extended usage, but it’s been on-and-off for various reasons. I still missed Linux, and vowed to get back. Now I’ve been able to. What was the tipping point?

Microsoft KDE?

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KDE I was a Nokia fan at some point and was still hoping to see the N9 on MeeGo. But then I thought about Qt and its acquisition by Nokia... Then I remembered the MySQL acquisition by Sun...

A brief visit with Linux Mint 10 KDE edition RC

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Linux So I saw in the news that Linux Mint 10 KDE edition is at the Release Candidate stage. And they’re using KDE 4.6. Wow, I thought, maybe KDE 4.6 will be it – the release that makes it all work for me.

Nokia & Microsoft – And what it means for QT and MeeGo.

jedibeeftrix.wordpress: This post has been filed under politics for a reason; because it is widely believed that there can only be three mainstream smartphone platforms, in addition to niche platforms such as RIM, and with Android and Apple IOS occupying two of those positions the race to be the third depends massively on the perception of momentum.

today's leftovers:

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  • Workspaces come to Unity 2D
  • Linux Supercomputer is a Contestant on Jeopardy
  • Some UNIX tools I love
  • Power Supplies
  • Better Shadows coming in Unity/Compiz
  • GIMPing Along is now available as a book
  • Firefox 4 moves Url Info from Address Bar to the Bottom
  • Slideshow
  • KDE Commit-Digest for 9th January 2011
  • Unity meet XChat-GNOME
  • Unity 2D gets workspace switcher
  • Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The Creative Commons...
  • Linux Outlaws 191 - Special: FOSDEM Coverage

some howtos:

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  • How to Setup Passwordless SSH to a Linux Server
  • Convert Photos to Black and White with digiKam
  • Tip: Single Purpose Password-less SSH Key
  • How to install Webmin in Debian Squeeze
  • Install Gstyle Gnome Theme Manager On Ubuntu 10.10
  • Protect MySQL Database from SQL injection attacks - GreenSQL
  • Get your tumblr on from the Linux desktop with Grumblr
  • Movie Making With Linux
  • Create a Multi-boot USB Stick with MultiSystem

Open source guru Miguel de Icaza "psyched" about Microsoft/Nokia deal Miguel de Icaza, founder of the open source Mono and GNOME projects, says he is "psyched" about Microsoft's new Windows Phone 7 partnership with Nokia.

5 Factors for Open Source Success

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OSS In 2001 Germany was in an economic slump — the country’s economy had been flat for several years. Just as government budgets were cratering, Microsoft Corp. upgraded its operating systems from Windows NT to Windows XP, forcing IT directors like Bräuner into a difficult choice: retain an outdated operating system without support from Microsoft, pay for the new operating system, or find an alternative.

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Android Leftovers

today's howtos

Doxyqml 0.4.0

After almost two years, here comes a new version of Doxyqml, the QML filter for Doxygen. This new version adds a new command-line option: --namespace to wrap the generated C++ in a namespace, and makes the parser more robust. Nothing ground-breaking, but some nice changes nevertheless. What's interesting with this project is that I don't use it these days, but it still receives contributions from time to time. This puts me in the unusual position (for me) where most of my contributions to the project are reviewing code, cleaning things, a bit of infrastructure (I just added code coverage checks: 88%, not too bad) and release management. Surprisingly, I like doing this, I am happy to see this little tool remains useful enough that others keep it alive. Read more