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Projects that make GNOME rock!

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OSS With my GNOME Foundation hat on I thought that, rather than taking the easy way out by plugging a bunch of our rocking applications, it might be cool to show off some of the projects that make GNOME rock:

KDE4 reviewed

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KDE I’ve been able to download the KDE4 LiveCD by now, so I wanted to give it a test ride and write a basic KDE 4 review. These are my findings.

Also: Is KDE 4 a Huge Step Backwards?
And: KDE 4 Vs KDE 3.5: KMix - Volume Control

Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) Alpha 3 Screenshots

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Ubuntu Ubuntu 8.04 (codename Hardy Heron) Alpha 3 has been released. This release includes Linux kernel 2.6.24, Xorg 7.3, PulseAudio, PolicyKit, Firefox 3 Beta 2 and so on.

introduction to the linux world

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Linux Linux, just the mention of that word can spark an endless debate between Microsoft Fanboys and Linux Junkies. This debate or as it has more appropriately been called, war of words, has been going on ever since the inception of Windows, and will most likely continue until one completely abolishes the use of the other.

psmisc: a closer look to a standard package

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DPotD: The psmisc package is probably installed on almost all Debian and Ubuntu installations and contains a number of small tools related to process management on Unix systems. Namely, these are pstree, killall, fuser and peekfd.

Bye Bye Windows

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freewargamesrules.blogspot: Well I finally made the decision at home to switch from Windows XP on my main machine. The decision was whether to do a complete re-install or look at the alternatives. Vista refuses to install on my machine, unfortunately, even though I received a free upgrade disk when I purchased the machine 12 months ago.

Not using Ubuntu yet? Well I bet you cant do this.

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Ubuntu Since dumping Windows I have learned a lot about Linux. Ubuntu to be specific. You should really try it if you are still using Windows. There must be 100’s of apps I might be missing here which is great. i just wanted to point out these that I really like and did not have in windows as standard or as updates.

KDE 4.0

Distro Review: Vector Linux 5.9

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adventuresinopensource.blogspot: Another fresh distro for me this time in the shape of the Canadian offering Vector Linux. It's another lightweight Slackware based distro and often gets compared to Zenwalk and Wolvix. With Zenwalk fresh in my mind and Wolvix fresh on my hit list I spent a few days with Vector. Here's how I got on...

howto: beat firefox’s ui fonts into submission

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kmandla.wordpress: If I understand the Mozilla help pages correctly, Firefox ignores your GTK settings for font size, preferring instead to calculate the appropriate sizes against the dimensions given in your xorg.conf file.

The Linux Operating System

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Linux The Linux project is a flagship leading the current trend toward open source and free (as in freedom, not free beer) software within the computing industry. A rock-solid operating system because of the model under which it was (and continues to be) developed, Linux represents much that is good and pure in software development.

KDE's New Licence Policy

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Jonathan Riddell: KDE's licence policy was created some years ago and has worked well in specifying what is for the most part pretty obvious, all KDE code should be free. With the new GNU GPL it was time to update the policy to ensure all code can link to GPL 3.

Tweaking Everex's $199 TC2502 Green PC and gOS

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Groklaw: There has been quite a bit of press about the Everex TC2502 Green PC. So, I was at Wal-mart the other night and noticed they had two gPC's on the shelf, and decided it was time for me to buy one of them to evaluate.

odds & ends

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  • OLPC turns cranky

  • Your wallet-sized photos are going digital
  • An oral history of LinuxCabal (video)
  • Mitch Kapor and Mozilla
  • Compiz Updates
  • Disabling SSH connections on ipv6

The Root of it All: The meanings of the folders in the / directory

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HowTos Most linux users know about the root directory, but many of the folders contained in / are a mystery as to their purpose. I hope this article will better prepare you better for managing your linux system, no matter what you use it for.

Paul Frields to be Fedora project leader

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fedora-announce (LWN): Outgoing Fedora leader Max Spevack has sent a goodbye letter of sorts from FUDCon and announced that the new project leader will be Paul Frields.

Get More Space Out of Your ext3 Partition

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HowTos I have just discovered that ext3 defaults to reserving 5% of its partition exclusively for root, as a precaution measure that your system does not get FUBAR when you use it for your root partition. Thankfully this is easy to fix:

KDE 4: It'll be even better soon

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distrogue.blogspot: KDE 4.0.0 was released on Friday. For the KDE team, it represents a huge leap forward in many areas, one of them being that they didn't add a K onto the name of every new app. For once. But elsewhere, KDE 4 brings huge enhancements both on and under the surface.

Also: Initial Impressions of KDE 4.0

PCLinuxOS 2008 ‘MiniMe’

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fareast.linuxdiary: Is a minimal version of PCLinuxOS that comes with just the bare bones, allowing you to install exactly what you need; the liveCD is a very fast boot, and true to its Mandriva roots is extremely easy to configure through the Control Centre.

few howtos:

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  • Howto: GnuPG

  • How to Change your Computer Name in (K)Ubuntu
  • Taking a Look At Expect on Linux and Unix
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