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Free software will win. Eventually.

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OSS Free software (eventually) works better than proprietary software; why? It depends on which angle you take, which area, and what your comparison terms are. However, I would like to add an important keyword to that sentence: “Free software works better than proprietary software”.

GoblinX 2.6 RC1: when beauty is kinky

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Linux Now that GoblinX 2.6 RC1 is out and that Caraibes suggested that I should try it, well... I tried it. And this reminded me why I decided to drop it after having tried GoblinX 2.5 RC1 "Mini" sometime in October.

Top 10 Linux FUD Patterns

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linuxfud.wordpress: The following is my Top 10 list of themes used by anti-Linux FUD campaigns. This list is based on observations made over my years of following the Linux market.

SSH: Best Practices

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HowTos The goal of this document is to kick in the new year with some best practices for SSH: why you should use them, how to set them up, and how to verify that they are in place.

Acer Laptops with Ubuntu Now Available

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Ubuntu I think this is a temporary offer only, and I don't have many more details than what is in the product page, but it looks like Acer is making a limited laptop series available now with Ubuntu Linux pre-loaded.

Free/Open-source P2P File Sharing Software

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junauza.blogspot: File sharing typically follows the P2P model, where the files are stored on and served by personal computers of the users. Generally, people who engage in file sharing on the Internet both give (upload) files and receive files (download). There are plenty of excellent free/open-source P2P file sharing software available today. Here’s my list:

The Making of KDE 4.0

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KDE How do you produce a major update of a popular desktop for GNU/Linux? Following the release of KDE 4.0 last week, I talked with Wade Olson, the press contact for KDE in North America, and a member of KDE e.V., the German non-profit organization that is the financial and legal arm of the project.

Also: KDE 4.0.0 release rocks the Linux world

SE Linux--a great open source success story

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Linux I just read an excellent summary of the top 10 SE Linux stories of 2007, and it reminds me that I owe the world a blog posting about the amazing vision and accomplishments of the SE Linux project.

Interview: Michael Meeuwisse

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kernelTRAP: Michael Meeuwisse started Project VGA in September of 2007. The project aims to develop a simple, low budget, open source, VGA compatible video card available this year. In this interview, Michael explains his inspiration for the project and talks about the first development cards that will be functional by the end of the month.

Open source on the big screen: Matt Ebb tells tales of Elephants Dream

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Interviews Lead artist from Elephants Dream speaks about what it is like to make your own open movie using open source tools and the power of the community.

PCLOS Day 9 - Wrapping up the Control Center

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ruminations: I am enjoying these days with the control center, but it’s time to wrap it up and move on. There are plenty of other things that need attention.

Novell's One Big Thing

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Glyn Moody: We have found our hedgehog concept. It is enterprise Linux and enterprise management as the two key areas required to bring together the open source world and the world of proprietary software.

Gentoo 2007.1 Cancelled, Foundation & Newsletter discussed

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This morning Christina Fullam states that it was decided just before Christmas to cancel the 2007.1 release and roll all the effort into Gentoo 2008.0 since there was little possibility of getting a well-tested 2007.1 release out before 2008. In other posts the status of Gentoo Foundation and the weekly newsletter were discussed.

today's leftovers

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  • Open season on OSes

  • How to Disable Internet Access on Linux
  • Look Tux, no wires
  • PC to PS3/Linux game streaming launches
  • Ulteo Watch: It's alive!
  • KDE 4 Installation Guide for Gentoo
  • Set up a basic web cache with Squid
  • Video: Alan Cox on community and the enterprise.
  • Hands on with the XO Sugar OS
  • Linux: Further Oops Insights
  • MODx: A promising open source CMS

How low can you go and still run Linux?

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Hardware I remember when getting a decent PC would set you back at least a grand. Then it was $500. Now, it's $150!? That's the story that small vendor LinFX wants you to buy along with its PC with pre-installed Linux. hardware failure

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opensuse-announce (Adrian Schröter): I am sorry to inform you that we have currently a bigger hardware failure of the raid system, which provides the content of and

Microsoft's OOXML: The No vote

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OSS In this first part of a two-series story, Computerworld presents a summary of the key discussion points made by industry players who do not support the bid to standardize Microsoft's OOXML format.

Hey Dell…Wanna sell some Classmates? Now that OLPC plans to distribute OLPC XOs in the States through OLPC America, I sent Agnes Kwan, Intel spokeswoman, an email asking if Intel planned to compete in this market with their Classmate PC.

Hans Reiser Murder Trial Resumes After Three-Week Recess

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wired blogs: The Hans Reiser murder trial resumed here Monday after a three-week holiday recess. On the stand throughout the entire morning was Oakland Police Department technician Bruce Christensen.

The Technical-Critique of gNewSense

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lispmachine.wordpress: I am posting a Critique of gNewSense from technical viewpoint. I am strictly in agreement with RMS on the concept of Free/OpenSource Software. I was happy when after a long time, finally, a 100% Libre distro named gNewSense was released.

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