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Quick Roundup

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Story first experience with Archlinux srlinuxx 18/10/2009 - 11:46am
Story Closed Design or No Design? Something is better than nothing. srlinuxx 18/10/2009 - 11:47am
Story some howtos: srlinuxx 18/10/2009 - 3:52pm
Story some odds & ends: srlinuxx 18/10/2009 - 3:58pm
Story few more howtos & stuff srlinuxx 18/10/2009 - 5:41pm
Story Review: Parsix GNU Linux 3.0 Kev srlinuxx 18/10/2009 - 11:29pm
Story Ubuntu Linux powers up srlinuxx 1 19/10/2009 - 9:16am
Story 10 things to do after installing Linux srlinuxx 1 19/10/2009 - 9:18am
Story today's leftovers & howtos: srlinuxx 1 19/10/2009 - 9:20am
Story Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter #164 srlinuxx 1 19/10/2009 - 9:28am

Ubuntu, Perl 6, Compiz-fusion

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  • can Ubuntu survive the desktop?

  • One view of "here's what we've done" in Perl 6
  • KDE in Ubuntu is not dead
  • Quick HowTo: Install Compiz-Fusion on Gentoo
  • Disappointed by Segate; Can't Trust hdparm.

More KDE4 Performance, XO Laptops in Peru, and Linux still fill a need?

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  • Has GNOME finally killed off KDE in the Ubuntu interface wars?

  • Does Linux Still Fill a Need?
  • KDE4 performance and Qt 4.4
  • SAMBA, Microsoft and the real Issue
  • Two scripting languages refreshed
  • In Peru, a Pint-Size Ticket to Learning

Howtos recalled, YaKuake, Faster Ubuntu Upgrades

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  • Jono Bacon: 2007 in Review, 2008 on the Drawing Board

  • 2007 Highlights of Linux by Examples
  • Yakuake - terminal in a Quake-style
  • Howto: Accelerate Ubuntu upgrades with an ISO
  • Convincing the Military to Embrace Open Source
  • Linux-based Operating System In OLPC XO Not Friendly

Ubuntu, distributions, commercial multiplier?

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  • 7 reasons why you should use Ubuntu?

  • Linux Distribution of Preference
  • Turn one PC into two for free

Zenwalk, Ubuntu is not Linux, Asus EeePC & Everex gPC

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  • Zenwalk 5 Beta Screenshots

  • Dr.Web for Unix is included in OSMandriva Linux 2008
  • Where is
  • You use Ubuntu, not Linux
  • Hands On with Two Ultra-Cheap Linux Systems

RIP Netscape, gOS Complaints, Firefox 3.0

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  • it's about time. r.i.p. netscape browser

  • Dell XPS M1330 && Ubuntu
  • More reasons gOS is nowhere near ready for use by just about anybody
  • Upgrade timing demotes KDE variant of Ubuntu Linux
  • Firefox 3.0 Beta 2 better than Firefox 2.0 and Internet Explorer 7
  • IBM to make massive Ubuntu server play?
  • How Microsoft (and Apple) will respond to very-low-cost Linux systems

trying to avoid M$ tax, XO Laptop Accounts

Filed under
  • Trying To Dodge The Microsoft Tax

  • Popular Unix and Linux forums
  • My Very Own OLPC XO Laptop
  • Glub, glub: SCO drops off the Nasdaq
  • Hands-on with the OLPC XO laptop -- and loving it

This morning's headlines

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  • BSD and the GPL
  • People of openSUSE: Rajko Matovic
  • Free software in Polish schools
  • Firefox Combines Baidu Search Engine
  • 3Com is setting a US-Asia trend, says CEO
  • Hands on: Change your PC's graphical look
  • How to install Epiphany web browser in Ubuntu
  • Open source’s new commercial strategy
  • Getting around the Gnome network manager
  • Linux is not an Operating System

debian updated, syncing your blackberry, tech cold war

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  • Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 Updated

  • Tech Cold War 2007!
  • Syncing Your BlackBerry On Linux
  • 9 Tips for the aspiring Emacs playboy

Debian Old Laptop, 5 Firefox Add-ons, Asus Eee Tips

Filed under
  • KDE 4.0 install on OpenSUSE

  • A cacophony of ASUS Eee Linux PC tips and tricks
  • Debian on my old laptop, keeping it light
  • 5 essential Firefox add-ons for productive web work
  • 2008: Linux’s year on the desktop
  • Tech predictions for 2008 AD

some other stuff:

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  • Get the Correct 60Hz Refresh Rate with nVidia Driver on LCDs

  • Prevent Ubuntu asking for the CD to install packages
  • ThinkPad X61 Tablet and Ubuntu Hardy Heron
  • Top Tech of 2007: Ubuntu Linux
  • 2008: The Year that MS Loses the Notebook Wars?
  • GnuPG Celebrates 10 Years
  • The migration of a fussy Windows user to Linux
  • Linus Torvalds: Linux Put Open-Source in the Spotlight
  • Oxygen Cursors in Action!

more stuff

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  • Building A Linux Music Studio

  • After torrents? Try Deluge!
  • Angst over Kubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron
  • The Deprecated “Smoke Screen” of MS Office Open XML (OOXML)
  • Ubuntu linux - Gimpshop - Picasa

other odds & ends

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  • A First Look at aMule 2.2.0 CVS

  • checkin out gentoo 2007
  • Ubuntu - Restore wireless / bluetooth / battery icon back to Top Panel
  • OOo: Starting a new database: spreadsheet or native Base database?
  • Vietnam Ministry encourages open source software
  • Some KDE 4 Reminders

Power browsing with the best Firefox add-ons

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tectonic: At Tectonic we love Firefox (and so do most of our readers). Over the course of 2007 we reviewed many of the best Firefox extensions available and now, as the year-end closes in, we offer the top-five of these that we could simply not live without.

Linux for everyone

Filed under
Ubuntu Ubuntu Linux's Mark Shuttleworth talks of free software for the masses, cultural tidal waves and building rockets.

Bruce Almighty: Schneier preaches security to Linux faithful

Filed under
Interviews Schneier is one of three keynote speakers at 2008 and speaks with Dahna McConnachie about his presentation, books and thoughts.

odds & ends

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  • Compiz Fusion Community News for December 27th, 2007

  • KDE Commit-Digest for 23rd December 2007
  • Novelty value of new XO laptop comes in loud and clear on eBay
  • 5 Things You'll Love About Firefox 3
  • Will change of CEO hit Red Hat?
  • Winning by not competing at all
  • OpenSUSE 10.3 - Excellent Live Performance
  • HowTo Install Gentoo on a Toshiba Satellite A100-847

The Year the GPL Went to War

Filed under
OSS For developers, the open source world of 2007 was all about updates and interesting new projects. From a new version of Eclipse to a new scheduler in Linux, developers around the world contributed their free time to make their lives and the lives of others collectively easier. But in hindsight, the significance of 2007 may well be that the GPL finally grew some teeth.

Christmas gifts in Cooker

Filed under

Fabrice Facorat: Lately there were many things in Mandriva Cooker. So here just a quick summary : GNOME 2.21.4, PulseAudio everywhere, and New ATI/AMD driver 8.443.1 and Nvidia driver 169.07.

Linux Mint: A Newbie's Perspective

Filed under

animelinuxgamer.blogspot: I finally decided it was time to give Linux Mint a try. Overall, Mint is like they say: Minty fresh. Any beginning user could jump in with some help from Google and install Mint with no problems.

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GNOME News: Black Lab Drops GNOME and Further GNOME Experiments in Meson

  • Ubuntu-Based Black Lab Enterprise Linux 11.0.1 Drops GNOME 3 for MATE Desktop
    Coming about two weeks after the release of Black Lab Enterprise Linux 11, which is based on the Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS (Xenial Xerus) operating system using the HWE (hardware enablement) kernel from Ubuntu 16.10 (Yakkety Yak), Black Lab Enterprise Linux 11.0.1 appears to be an unexpected maintenance update addressing a few important issues reported by users lately.
  • 3.26 Developments
    My approach to development can often differ from my peers. I prefer to spend the early phase of a cycle doing lots of prototypes of various features we plan to implement. That allows me to have the confidence necessary to know early in the cycle what I can finish and where to ask for help.
  • Further experiments in Meson
    Meson is definitely getting more traction in GNOME (and other projects), with many components adding support for it in parallel to autotools, or outright switching to it. There are still bugs, here and there, and we definitely need to improve build environments — like Continuous — to support Meson out of the box, but all in all I’m really happy about not having to deal with autotools any more, as well as being able to build the G* stack much more quickly when doing continuous integration.